Beard Conditioner: What are the Benefits?

A healthy dose of facial hair is enough to completely change the way you look. In fact, it can make a man look stylish and confident. For those who have recently started growing beards, it is a bit hard to go through the grooming process. It is important to take proper care of the beard because, you will face problems for it. One of the many problems you will face because of it is beard itch. So, to get rid of problems like this, you need to use a beard conditioner.

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What are Beard Conditioners?

Beard Conditioner: What are the Benefits?

Of course, this is the first and natural question that will come to everyone’s mind. The answer tends to vary from person to person simply because of how they perceive a beard conditioner to be. You can consider it as a balm or oil for beards. The concept of a beard conditioner will seem simple if you use or have prior knowledge about hair conditioners.

As for beard conditioners, they are usually products that you can apply to beard to make them smooth. There are quite a few other reasons to use it. A lot of these conditioners are present in the market with the same consistency as a cream has. The same can be said when you compare a basic beard conditioner with a lotion.

Why Are The Benefits of Using Beard Conditioner?

Beard Conditioner: What are the Benefits?

When you grow a big beard, you will feel itchiness and skin dryness. One of the reasons for this dryness is due to shortage of hydration within the skin and facial hair. The skin around the beard hair may become really tight if you don’t take proper care. In addition, your beard can suffer because of dandruff among other things. 

The primary role of a beard conditioner is to nourish the skin using nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, beard conditioners have the ability to lock in carrier oil. As for the carrier oil itself, the oil locks in the moisture. So, your beard is bound to become softer and you will find it easy to manage the beard hair.

What Else Can A Beard Conditioner Do?

Beard Conditioner: What are the Benefits?

As mentioned before, a good beard conditioner has many benefits. For now, let us have a look at some of them:

Removes Pollutants from the Beard

When you go out, you are bound to face some form of pollution. Even if you try to stay clean, there is always some way in which pollutants stick to the body. For instance, if you work on fixing your car exhaust it can lead to some pollution. On the other hand, crumbs from a lunch can stick to your beard as well.

If your beard is of decent size then there is no way to avoid these events from taking place. However, you can clean up the beard hair with a beard conditioner. 

Maintains the Natural Oils

Your skin normally produces natural oils even around the part surrounding the beard. When you use an ordinary shampoo on them, you automatically strip the beard of those natural oils. It should be clear from all the emphasis shampoos get. The main reason for people to invest in shampoos with all the important components is exactly the same.

Whether it is your head or your beard, using cheap shampoos strips them of natural oils. For this very reason, you need to use a beard conditioner that does not bring harm to the natural oils. As such, you will be able to clean the beard without damaging it in any way.

Makes the Beard Lush

Beard’s conditioner is responsible for making your beard feel softer than before. In addition, it helps your beard become lush and gives it a shine. Moreover, your beard will seem healthier when you use a beard conditioner.

There is one question that keeps circling around when it comes to beard conditioners:

How Many Times Should People Wash Their Beard?

There is a common saying that is applicable to this situation. The saying goes, “Excess of anything is bad”. If you use the beard conditioner on a daily basis that would mean that you are using it excessively. Even though you take a shower every day, using the beard conditioner just as much has its side-effects.

Over the years, many experts have shared their views on the use of beard conditioner. According to them, you can use the conditioner twice a week at best. So, in a way shampoos and beard conditioners have to be used in a similar dose. 

As for washing the beard, there are a few components to keep in mind. These components determine just how many you should wash the beard:

Type of Your Beard

This actually refers to the thickness of the beard and also thinness. The thinness or thickness of your beard can reveal a lot of information that you may not have known before. For instance, if the beard is short or scraggly then it becomes really oily. If you have a beard like this, it is actually okay to wash it on a daily basis.

The same cannot be said for a thick beard. In most cases with a thick beard, the oils take quite a bit of time to build up. As a result, it is best to wash a thick beard every two or three days. However, if you choose not to follow through with it then the beard will become dry.

Type of Your Skin

Skin type is important for a number of reasons. You can either have dry skin or oily. The skin type lets you know how often you can wash the beard. If you have an oily skin you should definitely wash the beard on a regular basis. As for dry skin, it is actually okay to wash the beard twice a week at best.


The environment you live in also plays a big role. For instance, if you live in a dry weather condition, it produces less moisture. So, the people who live in a dry weather condition have to allow the moisture to build up. It takes about a couple of days at least for that to happen.

So, if you live in such a condition then you should wait for 2-3 days between washing your beard. With that said, you need to know the right way to apply the beard conditioner.


By lifestyle, it refers to the type of work you have to do every day for a living. If you have a job that requires getting dirt on your clothes and your face then it is a problem. In fact, it can lead to a lice invasion or even beard itch. The best way to do with that situation is by washing your beard regularly.

On the other hand, people who tend to sweat profusely are in a similar situation. For instance, if you constantly work out at the gym for long hours, it naturally forms a lot of sweat. In a case like this, it is best for you to wash the beard on a regular basis.

How Should People Apply the Beard Conditioner?

The whole process of applying the beard conditioner is not rocket science. However, it involves quite a few steps that you should really follow:

At first, you will need to clean the beard with a beard wash you love. Then you need to rinse the beard as neatly as possible. Now, you need to take a very small amount of beard conditioner in your hand. The amount should still be enough for you to cover your palms and easy to rub.

It is important to use a small amount because there are certain consequences that can take place without it. In addition, you will be able to properly distribute it to all parts of the hand. After that, you need to gently massage the area in which there is are scraggly hair left.

Furthermore, you should also apply the beard conditioner to the skin below your beard hair. While you do this, you also need to cover up the tips of the beard hair. 

There is no need to wipe it off from your beard hair in quick time. In this case, you have to allow your beard to remain this way for 2-3 minutes. The conditioner keeps on absorbing within this short span of time. When a couple of minutes pass by, it becomes okay to rinse the beard.

Should I Really Use Beard Conditioner?

This is one question that circles around quite a lot and you can finally put it to rest. There are a handful of advantages to using a beard conditioner that everyone should know about. When you use a great beard conditioner, it can penetrate far inside the uppermost layer of your skin. After it is done penetrating into the uppermost layer, it starts nourishing your hair at the very core.

A lot of the companies use ingredients like castor, argan, macadamia etc. Now, some of the ingredients are responsible for restoring the elasticity of your beard. There are others that soothe the skin. However, these properties and factors depend on the type of beard conditioner you are going to use.

There are some companies that use unimpressive ingredients for making a beard conditioner. One of the main reasons for it is to produce them in large volumes given their popularity. After all, beards really have been fashionable for quite some time now. In this case, you need to look out for the synthetic fillers because some beard conditioners might have them.

There are certain beard conditioners that lack a bit of moisture and that is not a really big problem. If you happen to use one like that then you can apply some beard oil to even it out. In this case, the beard oil can help with smoothening your beard. Since beard conditioners lack essential oils, they have no fragrance on them.

However, beard oils clearly contain essential oils. As such, if you need to use these two in a combination, you need to wary of the fragrance. Fortunately, there are a number of different beard oils to choose from and each have a unique fragrance.

How Can I Take Care of My Beard?

No matter what size your beard is, you should always take good care of it. As mentioned before, it’s best to wash the beard twice a week. This is important because, your beard “picks up” certain things while you are active. For instance, if you have a long beard, it is easy for beverages to spill onto it.

Now, it does not mean that you are sloppy. However, it doesn’t take much for the beverages to “latch” onto your beard while you are drinking them. It will take little time for your beard to have an uncommon smell and it can leave a bad impression.

Furthermore, if your job requires you to get sweaty then there is every chance that you smell bad. In this case, you need to use a beard conditioner and let it work its own magic. It is always a good idea to keep the conditioner applied for a couple of minutes. After that, you need to be gentle while patting the beard dry with a towel.

Can You Color the Beard?

The short answer is yes but, there are a few side-effects of coloring them. There is nothing wrong in general with coloring the beard if you think it’s necessary. In fact, people who go through premature balding tend to get grey patches on their beard. It is harsh condition and the best solution is to color them.

After all, nobody should look a lot older than their actual age because of a grey patch. There are people who use regular shampoos after coloring the beard and that are where the problem lies. By using a standard shampoo, there is every chance that they take out the sebum oil. In addition, it decays the coloring they use.

There is yet another simple solution that you can use in conditions like these. The answer here is a beard shampoo and conditioner. It means that by using this product you can increase the time your beard retains the coloring effect. Moreover, there are specific beard shampoo and conditioners that can be of help to your cause.

As mentioned above, the coloring process strips out the sebum oil. So, in order to restore the sebum oil production, you can use beard oil.

From the time since beard conditioners were introduced to the market, there have been some queries left unanswered. For others, it is all about reaffirming certain facts.

Common FAQs:

Does Beard Conditioner Help with Beard Growth?

The short answer to this question is no. There are no beard conditioners that can influence beard growth. The main purpose of this product is to keep the beard looking great. In addition, it keeps the beard and the skin underneath in good health.

Can Standard Hair Conditioners Be Used for the Beard and Moustache?

The answer to this question would be yes. It is okay to use a standard hair conditioner on your face and specially the beard hair. When it comes down to the formulating both the products, there is hardly any difference between the two. After all, the idea with both of these products is the same.

The job of a hair conditioner is to provide nourishment for the skin and hair. It is also responsible for locking in all of the moisture. When manufacturers create a beard conditioner, they make it safe for use on the sensitive parts of the face. As a result, it is a very little chance of causing irritation to the skin.

Is It Okay To Use Beard Balm With a Beard Conditioner?

As mentioned above, there is no problem with using beard oil with a beard conditioner. The same can be said for beard balms as well. In fact, by using these products together you can have a healthy-looking and comfortable beard. A beard balm is really good at holding the moisture inside. On the other hand, a beard conditioner is the answer cure for redness and itchiness of the skin.

If you have only just started growing a beard then the beard balm will be of little use. So, when your beard grows to a decent length you will be able to use that balm. In fact, a beard balm is really good at styling all of that facial hair.

Can a Beard Conditioner solve Beardruff?

This is the ultimate question that a many guys want answers to. The leading cause of beardruff is related to sebum oil production. While your beard grows long, the sebum oil production does not change. As such, the skin’s dryness increases and starts to get flaky. 

In such a case, what you really need is beard oil. However, using a beard shampoo and conditioner provides an additional layer of protection in the fight against beardruff.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, you have all the right tools in front of you to keep your beard stylish and well-groomed. With that said, you need to decide if want a beard conditioner to keep your beard looking healthy.

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