Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this day and age, growing a beard can be quite interesting. A healthy and well-groomed beard sets you apart from others. While you are it, you will have to face certain challenges. In order to overcome those challenges, you may make some mistakes. There are a few beard mistakes that you just cannot avoid. On the other hand, there are some mistakes that are just really common and you should avoid at all costs. It does not mean that you should be ashamed of making one but, there is an easy out. You can check out exactly what these common beard mistakes are and avoid them from now on.

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Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

7. Using Bar Soaps

7 Common Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bar soaps are good for the body. The purpose of this soap is to wash away all the dirt from your body. More importantly, it aims to keep you clean after you have done a lot of hard work in the day. So, a bar soap is naturally harsh for the face and the beard.

There is a common misconception that you can use bar soaps on your entire body as well as the beard. The problem lies in the skin itself. It’s because the skin on your body parts is different from the skin on your face. As a matter fact, the skin on your face is thinner than other parts of the body.

So, if you wash your face and beard with a bar soap it can have a damaging effect. In fact, it can cause the skin to itch and have an irritable feeling. Moreover, if you are trying to grow a beard, the growth rate will slow down quite a lot. It is not enough to avoid using the bar soap on your beard as you should obviously clean it.

So, you need to buy a really good beard wash instead. Keep in mind that you need to buy one that is completely natural. After all, the best ones can provide a deep cleanse and does not dry out the skin.

6. Using Plastic Combs

7 Common Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

You may know by now that there are varieties of the same product based on quality alone. The same can be said for beard combs as there are different versions of it. One of the most damaging ones among beard combs is the one made with cheap plastic. So, if you are using a plastic beard comb right now, you need to know about its harmful impact.

The process of making a plastic comb involves the pouring of plastic inside a giant mold. After that, the plastic is left to dry and then harden. When the plastic hardens, it is snapped out from the mold as it leaves craggy imperfections. You can actually see it when you take a closer look at the comb’s teeth.

Now, what these plastic combs do is rip and create a damaging effect on your beard hairs. Moreover, the plastic comb is responsible for causing static shock while you use it on the beard. As a result, your beard is going to become frizzed out and get quite unruly.

However, there are ways to avoid these beard mistakes. You can search the market for combs that have anti-static properties. These combs can easily spread the beard oil across each region perfectly.

5. Trimming Too Much or Too Little

7 Common Beard Mistakes You Must Avoid

You may hear many people say that growing a beard takes time. As such, they will tell you to just let it be. However, you should only follow it for the initial 6-8 weeks only. When this time period is over, you will have to start a trimming routine. This is because not trimming and shaping the beard has its own consequences.

There are people who lack a dense beard growth. If you are one of them then you need to be alert of the time span and trim in due time. However, there is an opposite scenario in place for those who trim their beard a lot.

There are countless instances in which a guy has trimmed his beard a whole lot. The problem with doing it too often is that this can slow down the growth. Now, if you want a really long beard, you need to stop trimming for 3 months. During this phase, a few wild hairs can pop up from nowhere that you can trim.

However, you also need to remember that you should not trim too much. When the three-month period ends, you can slightly shape the beard and even everything out. In order to grow an even bigger beard, you have to undergo this process quite a few times.

4. Not Maintaining a Proper Top Line


The top line is an integral part of the beard. There are quite a few instances in which a guy shaved it the wrong way and ruined his look. It is completely fine to maintain a natural top line. However, you can also shave it as it helps with defining your beard.

While shaving, a lot of guys have a tendency of lowering this line. In fact, some guys lower the line each time so that it is a perfect match for a complete look. If you choose to take this route, then it will not take long for your beard to shrink. The outcome is simply bad as your beard can end up resembling a chin strap.

If you do not want to end up like this, you can maintain the top line in a natural way. You can connect your mustache with the sideburn in a high position. So, you will have to shave the line in a place that produces the majority of your beard hair. On the other hand, you still need to shave off the rogue hairs that grow on the cheek.

3. Not Taking Care of the Mustache

While everyone likes the beard and cares for it, the moustache does not get enough attention. This can happen to anybody but you really need to avoid this mistake. After all, the moustache plays a really important role in making your beard look healthy and complete. So, in order to take care of the moustache you can do a few simple things:

Choosing a style

There are a lot of styles you can choose from. All you have to do is pick one.

Using Moustache Wax

It is not easy to tame the moustache hairs in a natural way. If you do not keep it under control, it can give people a wrong impression about you. So, you have to buy and start using a moustache wax. With it, you will be able to style the moustache in any way you want to.

Using a Comb

There are beard combs not just for the beard itself but your moustache as well. You can comb the moustache to make it look tidy. 

Trim it

One of the best ways to tame your moustache is by trimming it. Whether you use beard scissors or trimmers, you need to keep the moustache looking good.

2. Trimming a Wet Beard

While it may look easy to trim a moustache, the same cannot be said for beards. There are problems with trimming a beard that a lot of people are not aware of. For instance, you may trim your beard when it is wet and that can cause problems. Even when the beard is damp, it is still a mistake to trim it.

Whether it is wet or damp, your beard hairs get straightened out. As a result, they become longer than usual and only returns to its normal size after drying out. Moreover, your beard will settle in nicely after it becomes dry.

While the drying period can vary, it is imperative that you wait it out. When your beard becomes dry, you should apply certain styling products. These products will help as you comb the beard into a nice position.

1. Being Impatient

Growing a beard can end up being the best decision you make. After all, a fully grown beard has its benefits. Not only does it make you look confident but it also gives you protection for your face. The problem lies in the growth rate as not everyone can grow a beard really quickly.

It may take you a little while to grow the beard but for others, it can be a lengthy process. While a lot of men take this challenge on with a lot of enthusiasm, some grow tired really quick. Within a few weeks, you will enter the itchy beard stage that can seem troublesome at first.

There are plenty of instances of men trying to shave and shape the beard before the right time. If you fall into this category, you may accidentally cut off more than necessary. After that, a lot of guys get tired and shave it off entirely. In this stage, you will need to be patient and wait for a minimum of six weeks before doing anything.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the common beard mistakes that some people make. With that said, if you can avoid them then there is every chance that you can grow a healthy beard.

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