Beard Oil: What is It and How Does It work?

Beard Oil: What is It and How Does It work?

Over the years, men’s grooming and lifestyle tips have taken on the form of “life hacks”. It has also gone on to receive mainstream media attention with journals such as, GQ, and Esquire covering the topic. One other topic that is completely related to men’s grooming is “beard oil”. By now, you have heard of it but, you also may not have a complete grasp on this issue.

There is no real problem with that and this article is here to let you know all about it. You can also take a guess as to why beard oil has become such a hot topic. Well, there are two inter-related reasons for that.

First of all, the sales of shaving materials have met with a gradual decline. As for the second reason, the whole world and its people really likes men’s facial hair. It is probably not enough to say that people like facial hair. In fact, people really love strong facial hair these days.

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What Aura does Beards Create?

Beard Oil: What is It and How Does It work?

In order to understand why beard oils have become so popular, you have to know all about the supposed hype. Men have turned heads around with a beard for years before they received mainstream media attention. The society as a whole seems to appreciate and respect a man who follows proper grooming tips. After all, it reflects the man’s desire to take care of himself and maintain proper hygiene.

Nowadays, a well-groomed man can create a special aura in any room he enters. It is also said to represent just how charismatic he truly is.

History of Beards

Beard Oil: What is It and How Does It work?

When you look at a man with a proper beard, you are inclined to think he is financially well off. Even if it does not cut an imposing figure, having a beard will make you seem quite respectable than others. However, no matter how you feel about beards today, things were different back in the day. When you roll back the years and probably a couple of centuries, a lot of issues will seem different.

After all, the history books show that beards belonged to the working-class people. When you take a look at the last three decades before this, that picture remains unchanged. So, when a person would enter a public place with a beard, they would be subjected to unfair treatment. Moreover, having a proper beard meant that you would be associated with the bikers, “coffee shop hipsters” and other stereotypes.

A change did eventually come about when many influential people of the civilized society started sporting beards. The shift began when a number of popular athletes started to sport beards in public. After all, celebrities like Bryce Harper and Adam Clayton could easily sway the general public into appreciating beards. With time, prominent actors in Hollywood began appearing with a cool beard at award functions.

This really had been the turning point that made people realize and appreciate fully grown beards. However, as much as a lot of people wanted to grow facial hair, the process proved to be difficult. A lot of small and medium corporations noticed the opportunity they had to manufacture products for beard grooming.

It brings us to a wonderful product that supports the growth of healthy facial hair: beard oil.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil: What is It and How Does It work?

The very first impression that a lot of people have about beard oil is that it has lots of chemicals. There are some others who believe that it involves a magic formula. As a result, there is also a misconception that it transforms men with little facial hair into lumberjacks quickly. However, it is much more than just a magic formula and the ingredients are not actual chemicals.

The final product includes a few ingredients and these compounds are: argan, mixture of jojoba as well as castor oil. These compounds are accompanied by an aroma.

What Other Components are There?

The list of components can somewhat vary from company to company. After all, there is no specific hard-and-fast rule of only mixing specific ingredients to make beard oil. For instance, there are beard oils that contain completely organic fruit extracts. These fruits extracts are mostly pomegranate and avocado.

There are other companies that take a slightly different approach to producing beard oils. For instance, there are manufacturers who use almond oil and also coconut oil. There are rare occasions in which a manufacturer might use glycerol. The main reason for using glycerol is to enhance the smoothness of the oil’s texture.

Why are Jojoba oil and Argan Oil Used?

It is natural for you to ask why beard oil includes argan and jojoba as the primary ingredients. First of all, jojoba is actually carrier oil that has a number of benefits. In fact, the carrier oil is present in a very high amount (more than 85%) because of it. At the base of the beard oil, you will find carrier oil.

This carrier oil is responsible for providing the beard with the most important nutrients that the beard does not get. There are a few things that can happen if you decide to grow out a long beard. For instance, the skin on your face finds it difficult to match the demand to produce sufficient sebum oil.

You should also know that your skin naturally produces this oil. However, when you start growing a long beard, the sebum oil production is halted. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is by using carrier oil such as, jojoba. This jojoba acts a method of supplementing the natural oil production of your skin.

While many manufacturing use jojoba for producing high-end cosmetics, it can also help to produce sebum oil. In fact, some researchers say that jojoba oil is as close as manufacturers can get it to replicating the oil. As for using the beard oil itself, it is best for you to use one that contains jojoba-filled carrier oil.

There are quite a few other noticeable benefits of using jojoba oil. One other misconception is that you should not use beard oil on an oily skin. However, the case is quite the opposite because; the jojoba oil can balance out oil production on the skin.

There is another ingredient in beard oils. It is argan oil that has a few similarities with jojoba oil. For instance, both of these oils are a form of plant extracts. As such, both of them are organic.

Are Essential Oils included in Beard Oil?

Not only is essential oils part of beard oil but also one of the most important ingredients. Some of the working mechanism for essential oils is similar to jojoba oil. As for essential oils such as, tea tree they provide benefits as well. The primary role of tea tree is that of an antiseptic.

It acts to make beards healthy and look great. In addition, tea tree plays a significant role in clearing up acne from the face.

Beard oils tend to have a very strong fragrance. This strong fragrance is made by using pine, sandalwood and cedar. As a result of using these components, beard oils are able to help you create a rugged bearded appearance. With beard oils and scents, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

In What Other Ways Does Beard Oil Help?

As mentioned above, some guys tend to believe that beard oils contain a magic formula. While it certainly does not have any such formula, beard oils help you become mentally determined to grow a beard. It is common knowledge by now that growing a well-groomed beard is a time consuming process. So, it is natural for you to come across certain issues while you undergo the entire process.

One of the biggest reasons why some guys cannot commit to growing a proper beard is “beard itch”. It is very dreadful and produces an irritable feeling around the skin on your face. The beard itch is enough to make a lot of guys take up the razor within a month. There are two obvious reasons for beard itch to occur just when you are about growing a manly beard.

One of the reasons for beard itch shows itself inside the very first month. The other reason for beard itch to develop is dryness. In the case of dryness, it can occur at any given moment and can influence men to shave.

Now, the first reason for beard itch to develop is new growth of facial hair. As you start to shave, it results in you slicing facial hair into this sharp point. After a certain point, beard hair tends to get curly because of its sheer size. As a result, it pierces the skin along the face.

It is the starting point for all the itchiness to occur. In addition, it leads to a feeling of irritation for the skin beneath it.

There is a simple solution to this problem: beard oil. Beard oil is responsible for conditioning the hair. So, the facial hair becomes soft and quite gentle for the skin. Furthermore, beard oil is responsible for moisturizing the skin underneath your bead.

When this skin becomes moisturized, it also leads to a soothing feeling. Moreover, it gets protected from porcupine needles, well not the real one but mostly against blades.

Beard oils contain a wide range of essential oils and it primarily depends on the manufacturer. For instance, some manufacturers use essential oils that consist of anti-bacterial properties. Other than that, there are essential oils that include anti-inflammatory properties. Both of those properties play a significant role with helping to lessen the irritation.

There is another huge factor that causes beard itch and that is dryness. As mentioned before, when you grow out your bead your skin cannot produce as much sebum oil. While the production of sebum oil remains the same, it tends to create certain problems for the skin. For instance, your skin will start to feel less hydrated as well as the facial hair.

This is the leading cause for men to have dry and itchy skin. In addition, this leads to dry beard hair. When your skin starts to feel this way, you need to apply beard oil. Once you do apply the product, it brings moisture and the necessary nutrients back to the beard hair. This also has a profound impact on the skin below the beard hair.

Now, your skin is bound to look and feel healthy. In addition, beard oil revitalizes the skin to quite an extent.

So, the next question is quite obvious.

How Should People Apply Beard Oil?

For starters, it is just oil after all so, it the entire process is going to be relatively simple. When you are two months into growing the beard, it is a time as good as any to apply it. At the start, you need to pour out this beard oil, taking it on the palm of the hand. However, you have to careful so as to pour a really small amount of it.

After that, you need to rub the hands together. The rubbing is necessary to make sure that the oil is evenly distributed between your hands. So, your face will get equal amount of beard oil when you apply it.

When you are done rubbing the hands with beard oil, the real process will begin. At first, you need to apply it at the base of the hair follicle. The best way to go about this is to gently massage them with the fingertips. While you are it, you should also rub the beard to the end of the follicles.

As you continue to apply the beard oil, you should also reach the base of the beard. If you do that then you will be able to let you skin receive important nutrients. The best way to distribute the beard oil evenly across the face is by using a beard brush. While some people use beard combs, it does not necessarily provide a satisfactory outcome.

When Should You Apply Beard Oil?

You cannot apply beard oil when you feel like it because; it does not work that way. There is a specific time for it and that is after you take a shower. While you are taking a shower, it is best to apply shampoo the beard hair. In this way, you can set up a really good time to apply the product.

Moreover, you can also wash your face thoroughly instead of showering. It can be applied in this manner because the pores in your face remain open during this period. As a result, the skin absorbs all of that beard oil quite efficiently.

Why Are Some People Applying Beard Oil Regularly?

It is quite natural to come across people who use beard oils on a regular basis. There is a saying that, “Excess of anything is bad”. While it is bad to use beard oil excessively, there are certain benefits of using it regularly. So, here are a few reasons for it:

Taming the Beast

You should take a short break to grab a bit of the hair on your head. Now, grab some of that bead hair and compare between the two. They will feel different and even rough. So, people tend to use beard oil as the ultimate solution to this problem.

The oil is known for softening the beard hair. Moreover, it provides some shine to the beard hair. Beard oil is also the best product to use when you have scraggly hair. It helps to make the complete beard look neat.

Makes the Beard Look Complete

If you are tired of having a scraggly beard despite trying to grow a full beard, then use beard oil. The beard oil will inevitably give your beard a complete look.

Makes Beards Smell Good

As mentioned before, the scent surrounding beard oils is quite strong. So, it can be used in place of cologne. These beard oils have their own distinct smell so, you will have a lot to choose from.

Common FAQs

Over the years, a lot of people have been curious about the effectiveness and side-effects of using beard oil. So, here are a few common FAQs:

Will it turn my face greasy?

There is always a certain limit to how much we can use any product. The same goes for beard oil. As for making your face feel greasy, the answer is no! However, you should check the contents of beard oil before you buy one.

Can it control my beard?

The main purpose of beard oil is to provide the necessary nutrients to your beard. However, you cannot use it for styling the beard under any circumstance.

Final Thoughts

As a cosmetic product, beard oil is really good at improving the appearance of your beard. In addition, it helps the skin below the beard hair regain the softness. With that said, you need to decide if you want to grow a lush, healthy beard or not.

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