20 Beard Styles Every Man Must Know

Beard Styles are multifaceted and adaptable forms of changing a man’s appearance thereby, completely altering how he looks based on different attires. Even the simplest beard styles have a way of adding a hint of maturity in a man’s face especially if they are young. The radical difference can only be seen if you see a man’s face with and without a beard.

Beard Styles Men Must Know

Beard Styles Men

Although beard styles have a magical way of transforming a man’s semblance, the right style must be chosen based on the facial structure. To help you find the perfect style, we have listed down the must-know beard styles below.

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1. Full Beard Styles

A full beard is naturally achievable by men who are blessed with thicker hair growth as it helps to create an even distribution of facial hair. Besides, it’s a gradual process where for some men it might take longer to grow a full beard than others. A full beard may add age to the look if not groomed correctly therefore if you want to obtain a youthful look make sure you opt for a modern full beard style.

2. Natural Beard Styles

A natural beard is quite similar to the full beard, depending on how long you let it grow. The trick is to trim and shape the beard routinely because this will lead to a fuller beard. In the case of a natural beard, the genes take full control of the length, density, and volume of the beard. Also, a natural beard will look the best with a short hairstyle such as a buzz cut.

3. The Balbo Beard Styles

This beard style, similar to a short boxed beard, features a beard without the sideburns and a floating mustache. To achieve the perfect Balbo style, keep the length of the facial hair on the neck and the cheeks a little shorter than the rest of the beard. After creating the ideal shape, make sure you clean shave the rest of the face. Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo DiCaprio have sported the Balbo beard style for years.

4. Mutton Chops

This is a dramatic beard style that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but could be worth a try if you are daring. The mutton chops style features a full-grown beard covering your face from ear to ear but keeping the chin area bare. Yes, that’s the catch! To create the perfect mutton chops, you must trim the hair on the chin with defined lines. Besides, a defined clean line should be made along the jaws. This unique beard style is usually suitable for rounder faces.

5. Verdi Beard Styles

The name of this beard style has originated from the late Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. The Verdi beard style comprises of a neatly trimmed mustache and a beard that stretches symmetrically across the chin, the jaw, and beyond, till it merges with the sideburns. Besides, this beard style requires the mustache to be always impeccably groomed.

6. Tweard

A tweard is an equally extended version of a full-grown beard yeard (which is a full year of uninterrupted beard growth). It is ideal for men who want to sport a beard but do not care about putting that extra effort to groom and style it. However, a Tweard still requires the occasional trimming of split ends and flyaways. From the look of it, you can understand that this beard still is in no way acceptable for professionals as it portrays a care-free look.

7. Whaler

The Whaler is a long, full beard that is also known as the Amish beard. This beard style does not include a mustache as the Amish believed that violent people especially those involved in the war, used to wear mustaches. Therefore, even if they kept a mustache, they made sure that they were trimmed and neatly groomed. The Whaler is mostly a long, full beard that is shaped and trimmed occasionally to prevent it from growing in all directions. Also, another name for the Whaler is The Shenandoah.

8. Circle Beard Styles

A circle beard is a type of goatee with a mustache that is trimmed in a circular shape in the chin area. It’s a common beard style that suits men of almost all ages and professions as it features a trimmed look. The main focus in this beard style is growing facial hair around the mouth therefore if you are someone who has patchy hair growth on the cheeks, you can get away with this beard style.

9. Hollywoodian

This beard style dates back to Hollywood’s Golden Age. The Hollywoodian is a vintage beard style that men can choose to fashion something slightly different from the usual beard styles. To achieve this, you must clean shave the facial hair on the upper parts of the cheeks and create a defined line. Also, two vertical strips of hair should connect the chin beard and the mustache. Then, create a rectangular soul patch just below the lower lip, using an electric trimmer.

10. Van Dyke Beard Styles

The Van Dyke, although sometimes mistaken as a goatee, is a combination of mustache and chin hair that comes to a point. The unique beard style was popularized by a Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyck. To create a focus on the beard style, the rest of the face is clean shaved. Although it might not seem too professional, this beard style is a better option in comparison to full-grown Yeard or Tweard.

11. Lumberjack Beard 

A lumberjack beard is often assumed to be fashioned by a hipster or people with similar personalities and styles. However, anyone can sport a lumberjack beard irrespective of the clothes he wears. It’s a long beard that might need help to grow if you have generally slow hair growth. A healthy diet including citrus fruits, broccoli, eggs, and raisins, may significantly promote hair growth. Besides, regular use of beard oils will also accelerate facial hair growth. Since a lumberjack beard features a long and luxurious-looking facial hairstyle, it’s important to groom it routinely to maintain the look.

12. Crusader Beard Styles

The Crusader Beard is comparatively less obvious than a full beard, and it covers the jawline and the cheeks fully. To achieve this look, you must let your beard grow for at least 2 weeks. Then use a trimmer to form a defined line right across the cheekbones while making sure that the hair from the jawline is connected to the sideburns. Also, you may keep the hair around the mouth and the chin slightly longer than the rest of the beard.

13. Viking 

From the name, you can take a wild guess on how a “Viking” beard must look like. The Vikings are known for their extraordinary skills in battles, and of course, their beards. However, you should make sure that although the Viking beard resembles wildness, you must tame the beard with proper grooming methods. It’s one of the most masculine-styled beards that is ideal for men who are blessed with thick facial hair growth.

14. Corporate Beard Styles

This is another beard style that is ideal for men who can naturally grow a full beard. The corporate board requires you to grow out your facial hair for several weeks or more. Also, as the name suggests this is a beard style that you can fashion formally as well. Therefore, you should take extra steps to maintain how it looks which includes trimming the neckline and cheek line as soon as short hairs start sticking out.

15. Terminal Beard

This is a type of beard that requires absolutely no sense of direction, as there’s no right or wrong way to grow it. The term “terminal” refers to the extensive growth of the beard until it stops. This is to represent the maximum length of beard a man can grow. As you can already understand that this is by no means a beard style that can be sported in professional circumstances (or at least it shouldn’t). Also, it might not be a great idea during summertime. However, it’s just facial hair and you can do whatever you want to do with it as long as it’s comfortable for you.

16. Goatee

A goatee is one of the most popular beard styles that had gained its potential in the 1990s and is still favored by many. It features facial hair on the chin connected to a soul patch right under the lip. Nowadays, men also prefer sporting a mustache with the goatee to create a more uniform look. The versatile beard style can be trimmed into various lengths, shapes, or volume as per your preference. Also, there are different options for goatee styles that are suitable for different face shapes. You just need to find the right one for you and rock the style.

17. Chin Curtain 

As the name suggests, the chin curtain covers the jawline and the chin with facial hair to accentuate the features, not to hide them. To achieve this, you must clean shave your entire cheeks. Then, use a trimmer to form a defined line starting from the sideburns, continued to the jawline and the chin. Besides, you must not fashion any soul patch with this beard style so that the entire focus is on the chin “curtain”.

18. Triumph Beard Styles

The triumph beard is quite similar to the chin curtain except that it has an additional vertical patch of hair growing from the chin to the lower lip. In this beard style, you should follow the same instructions to achieve a chin curtain but make sure you leave out a patch of hair below the lip so that it is connected to the chin beard.

19. Short Boxed Beard 

For those who find a full beard overwhelming, a short boxed beard is the right choice for you. The short boxed beard takes the shape of a natural full beard but with a shorter length. Since the look requires a clean line across the cheeks, you must use a trimmer two to three times a week to maintain the defined line. Also, what’s great about this beard style is that it suits almost all face shapes including, oval, round, heart-shaped, or triangular.

20. Tight Beard Styles

This is a beard style that requires attention when you grow it to prevent it from growing out too long. It features facial hair connecting from the cheeks to the chin and mustache. This may not be ideal for someone who has very fast hair growth. However, men with patchy hair growth can sport this look.

The Right Beard Style for Different Face Shapes 

Beard Styles

Often, men take inspiration from their favorite celebrity figures for beard styles. They put the extra effort to achieve the style just to realize later that it doesn’t look as great on them as it does on the person they admire. However, that has nothing to do with them getting the beard style wrong. It’s just that, not all beard styles are meant to fit every facial structure. This necessitates fashioning beard styles that are suitable for your face shape.

Round Face 

For rounder facial structures, the key is to keep the focus on the jawline and the chin, not the cheeks as they are fuller, to begin with. The length of the beard will create a longer appearance and provide a more ovular shape for the face.

Also, you must refrain from keeping bushy sideburns as it would just extend the width of the face making it look rounder than it is. Beard styles such as a natural beard, a corporate board, or a whaler will ensure a slimming effect that you may want to achieve if you have a round facial structure.

Oval Face 

An oval face is considered to be the most ideal face shape which allows it to fashion almost all sorts of beard styles. However, the best ones would be short beards that have neatly defined lines. A classic goatee, a short boxed beard, a chin curtain, or a full beard will look great on ovular facial structures. However, if you would like to sport longer beard styles, you can go for a Verdi or a Yeard as they would accentuate the features of an oval face significantly.

Diamond Face 

A diamond shape or a rectangular face has wider jawbones and an overall longer face shape. This can be emphasized by beard styles that make your face look fuller, or by sporting a mustache to vertically segment the face.

Multiple beard styles will enhance the facial features of a diamond face shape, but the top ones include a Van Dyke beard, a goatee, or a natural beard. As mentioned before, you can also include a mustache with any of these beard styles (even if the authentic style does not feature one) to vertically break the face and make it appear less oblong.

Square Face 

The most prominent feature of a square face is the strong jawline. To achieve the ideal beard style for such a face shape, the idea is to keep a short beard that also highlights the chiseled jaw. To create a more ovular look, you can keep the hair on the chin and the jaw a little longer. A simple beard style like stubble will look great on a square face. But if you want to take it up a notch, you may opt for a circle beard or a balbo.

Triangular Face 

The chin is the most prominent feature on triangular face shape and it comes to a point. To take all the attention away from it, you must go for beard styles that help to widen the chin and the jawline to create a more symmetric look. Besides, you must refrain from growing facial hair on the cheekbones as they are already broad. The hair on the chin must be kept short as well otherwise it would just elongate the face.

For a triangular face, you can opt for beard styles such as a whaler or a natural beard. A beard stache or just elongated sideburns would look good as well.

Style Tips for Different Colored Beards

Beard Styles

Dark-colored Beard

Men with dark-colored beards (brown or black) can get away with almost any beard style as well as clothing. You might assume that brunettes should not opt for dark color clothing as it would take the focus away from your bearded prestige. Well, you’re almost right.

To be honest, you can choose whatever you want to but colors that are on the opposite side of the spectrum might benefit you more if you want your beard to stand out. Choose lighter colors from the closet if you want your beard to pop, and select the opposite if you want a more subdued look.

Grey Beard 

Previously, a grey beard was something men weren’t comfortable with. But over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of shiny grey beard that helps to provide a polished appearance to middle-aged or older men.

To create a sophisticated appearance, it’s better to avoid bushy beard styles or stubble as they look a bit unkempt naturally. You may go for shorter or longer beard styles based on your preference and face shape. In terms of clothing, you must refrain from opting for similar shades of grey. However, darker colors and brighter colors (not lighter) would create the perfect background for your grey hair.

Blond Beard 

For your blond facial hair to shine, darker clothes provide the perfect background especially if you have a long beard style. However, that does not mean light-colored clothes defeat the purpose of your bearded glory.

That being said, you must stray away from the color grey when it comes to clothing at least on the upper part of the body as it would merge in a not-so-great way with your dirty blond beard. In the case of blond beards, the idea is to create a spotlight on the facial locks, and a darker background does an excellent job to do so.

Ginger Beard

Styling a ginger beard requires more thought in comparison to dark or blond beards. This is because you would need to avoid wearing all the colors that would clash with the crimson color of your beard.

A great contrast with the orange-toned beard would be darker shades of green. However, you must avoid bright green at all costs as it would just make you look like a Christmas character (unless that’s what you’re going for!). Besides, you must steer clear from bright reds as well as it would just underline the orange tone of your beard. Maroon, however, works great with ginger beards.

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Previously, beards were known to portray a sign of wealth and status. However, over the past several decades, they have been incorporated into a man’s fashion essential. Besides, with the right beard style for your face, you can enhance your appearance to a positive degree that just fashionable clothes would not. Therefore, go ahead and try out one of the beard styles featured in this article, and make sure to groom it routinely.

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