Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

When we wake up in the morning, we indulge our feet in a comfortable pair of best slippers for men, and we do the same when we return home. Slippers have become an essential part of our life.

Starting from school and ending with workplaces, people rely on standard shoes to go with the flow. But, generally, wearing shoes all the time can make your feet sore. So, people rely on different kinds of slippers to comfort their feet. Slippers are normally lightweight and made of breathable material for giving the feet a cozy feeling. After a long tiring day, slippers become the home of the feet. They also greatly help to warm the feet in the winters.

Men don’t have a lot of ways to beautify their way of life. But a stylish pair of slippers surely boosts their confidence. To get a better idea about slippers for men, here are some things you need to know along with a great list of best slippers for men!

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Slippers for Men

With one look at the suitable pair of slippers, you can instantly recognize comfort that it is bound to provide. Once you find the right pair of slippers for you, you will find that you rarely want to take them off. But before buying them, there are certain factors that should be considered. These include the following points:


We should not buy a random pair of slippers without checking its type. It can depend on seasons, styles, weight, and other things that matter to you. Try to choose a pair of slippers that complements your style and needs. Generally, you should go for the slippers that promise you great comfort.


One of the prominent factors that should be considered is the size. Slippers that offer a great fit automatically cushions and relaxes the feet. So, before buying slippers, look for the sizing guide.

If you think the width of your feet is on the bigger side, go for a slightly bigger size. Different brands offer different sizing units and they also vary from country to country. So, always check the measuring guidelines offered by the brand.


Good slippers always maintain good stability. An anti-skid sole is very much effective for maintaining that stability. We often go to the washroom, poolside and walk on slippery surfaces wearing our slippers. The anti-skid sole gives us protection from unwanted slips and accidents. The sole should also be soft and steasy so that it can prevent horizontal and vertical heel movement.


Good craftsmanship along with top quality material is what provides durable and rigid slippers. We want slippers that don’t fall apart and last long. And a good quality sole is a crucial part for slippers to ensure such durability.

Better stitching is also needed to hold the slipper in a strong base. You should look for easily washable slippers as well. Washable slippers are easier to maintain since it remains comfortable and wearable for years.


This factor is not a mandatory consideration. But it has importance since the outer layer of slippers can get wet easily when we wear them in washrooms or spill water accidentally. And nobody likes wet slippers.

Generally, the sole of the slippers is made with waterproof material. But if the outer layer of the slipper is built with water-resistant material, it adds am extra shield. Then, we don’t have to worry about sudden splash or drizzle of water.

Design & color

Well-designed slippers allow you to make a statement with your feet! The collar can be flurry, the exterior can be fashionably designed to go with every outfit or the style can be simple but effective – whichever you prefer.

Everyone wishes for comfortable slippers but a great design also makes users happy. User-friendly slippers that are easy to wear are the best. A good color that doesn’t fade away is a must too. We should choose slippers which are not light in color. Ash, black, navy blue, brown, chocolate colors are very much favorable for slippers. They don’t look that dirty even if we don’t get the opportunity to frequently wash, which isn’t the case for light colored slippers.


Price may not be a major factor for you but we can’t completely avoid it. We have to check the materials of the slipper and compare the price. No one wants to spend a significant amount of money on an average pair of slippers. The price should be proportionate compared to quality, material, and durability. To find a fair deal, you can compare several brands that provide similar sorts of slippers and their offered prices.

Product specification

Buyers obviously have their own preferences about what they need. Type, material, height, and many other features in the product specifications can help you buy the suitable slippers according to your preferences. So, product specifications should be read carefully to have an overall view of the product.

Review & ratings

This factor can both motivate and demotivate you to buy your desired slippers. But it is recommended to go for the slippers with a good amount of ratings and reviews on the positive side. Then, decide whether you will purchase it or not. Bad reviews for some units can put you in a dilemma. But read the good ones too to have a clear view.

Policy check

Some brands provide guarantee, warranty, or after-sale service benefit. You have to read the policies to clearly understand the terms. Brands also mention the duration of the terms in the policy section. Some of the units may be faulty when you order them online. This is not likely to happen with maximum buyers. But having the option to return the slippers if found to be faulty is definitely a relief.

People sometimes buy expensive slippers without even checking them for different factors that affect the way the slippers will work for you. But it is important to know your slippers before buying them. And these factors might help you to get the perfect duo for your feet.

Different Kind of Slippers

The basic attributes of the slippers are the same. They are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear. But depending on different kinds of situational needs, they differ from one another. Here are some varieties of the slippers that you should know about:

Open-Heel Slippers

These slippers are easy to wear for hours on end, and so its good for use on the go. The back and sides of open-heel slippers are open and free. The upper part of these slippers may be made of different kinds of fabrics. These fabrics can include cotton, suede, wool, and also jute. Many hotels, resorts, and airplanes also offer very basic kinds of cotton or synthetic open-heel slippers to their customers.

Closed Slippers

The backsides of these slippers are not open. A closed slipper generally includes a heel guard. The heel guard helps the foot stay intact in the slipper and prevents it from sliding out. People who tend to wear slippers for a longer period of time prefer this kind of closed slipper.

Slipper Boots

Slipper boots are built with the shape of boots but they are far more comfortable. These slippers normally have soft lining or fleece. Because of the use of materials like wool, knit fabric, suede, or faux fur, slipper boots are great for winters. So, they offer unique style and warmth both.

Clog Slippers

Clog slippers normally include closed upper covering with an open back. But some of them provide excellent arch support. The upper of clog slippers may be built with suede, knit fabric, cotton, and the list goes on. They are very stylish.

These slippers are perfect for spending a lazy day in the house. You can also style your feet and go for a casual hangout with these slippers. They are the ultimate relaxation tool for stressed feet.

Moccasin Slippers

These slippers are inspired by Native Americans who wear traditional slip-ons. They look like loafers but the features are different. They are lightweight and built with soft soles. Its beautiful craftsmanship attaches the top sole with midsole in moccasin slippers. The cozy lining and lightweight construction make them a great casual wear in and around homely places.

Medicated Slippers

Medicated slippers are rare to find but they are great for your feet. Generally, the top surface of the sole is uneven in these slippers. The resing nehind that is that these slippers help to increase the blood flow of the body. Acupressure slippers are one of the wellknown medicated slippers. It is recommended that you should consulting with a doctor before using them.

The purpose of every slipper is not the same. People like to put on cozy slippers in their office, hotels, parks, adventures and almost everywhere they can possibly imagine.

Slippers have different characteristics according to the need. Some are only great for indoors and some manage to pull off both indoors and outdoors use. But they don’t promise the same comfort compared to the specialized indoor slippers. So, depending on your need, you have to choose a suitable pair.

Features To Look Out For in Best Slippers for Men

Slippers are home for relaxation for the feet. There are different types of slippers in the market but some basic features make them perfect. Here are some of the features that should be in a good pair of slippers for men!

Skin Friendly Material

Slippers are all about comfort. And Skin-friendly materials are what make them comfortable and user friendly. Cotton, leather, wool, suede are some of the skin-friendly materials to look for. Usage of memory foam, better padding, and soft sole also makes good beading for the feet. A hard sole without proper cushioning can take away the relaxation that the feet need.


Weight varies from one slipper to another. But being lightweight is a very good feature of an excellent pair of slippers. After a long tiring day, we don’t want our feet to carry the load of some heavy shoes.


We use slippers for a good amount of time at home. So, we must not forget that the slippers we use must protect our feet. The sole should be capable of protecting the foot from rough flooring, little sharp objects like glass and edgy rocks.

We sometimes clean broken glass indoors or cross a bumpy path outdoors. We tend to rely on slippers and think they will keep our feet safe from harm. So, a well-built pair of slippers must have some sort of protection from these things.

Easy to wear

Men like easy slip-ons for quick movement. Open-heel slippers are easier to wear than other slippers. But every slipper should have this quality. Since the purose of slippers is to relax our feet, they should be roomy and comfortable to wear.


Washable slippers are a great addition to the features. Most of the slippers attract dust and they get dirty over time. If you want to maintain your slippers in top condition, you should routinely wash them.

Clean slippers are always soft and give the perfect warmth. Generally, most of the slippers are machine washable. But some are not suitable for machine wash, like leather and suede slippers. Hand wash is a good option for cleaning these. The slippers with these kinds of materials should also be air dried.

Depending on personal choice, men like different kinds of features in slippers. Some men want slippers which are great for both indoors and outdoors. On the other hand, some want them to be perfectly cozy in slippers that thjey can simply wear in the house. But every kind of slippers should have the above features to deliver the most satisfaction.

Our Top 15 Picks of Best Slippers for Men

1. Zigzagger Men’s Comfort Suede Fabric Memory Foam Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020 

You don’t have to compromise the comfort of your feet when you have Zigzagger Men’s Comfort Suede fabric Slippers at your need. These slippers are beautifully crafted with skin-friendly fabric which gives your feet the perfect warmth. The open-back design, rubber sole, and the fashionable wool-like collar make these slippers amazing for a relaxed walk both outdoors and indoors.

  • Zigzagger gives 24/7 after sale service
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Thick foam with breathable material for maximum comfort
  • Machine washable and made with comfortable suede fabric
  • The fit surrounding the feet may not stay with time
  • The fabric attracts dust and soft particles

2. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Comfort Knitted Cotton Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

Make your feet smile because ULTRAIDEAS is here to introduce its ultra-lightweight slipper with style. These slippers are made with premium cotton along with a waffle design. This design along with its lightweight feature helps to soak up the sweat from the feet and give effortless comfort.

These are perfect indoor slippers for people who want a built-in waterproof sole. The rubber sole helps to give anti-slip protection. People usually look for lightweight and comfortable slippers for office and home purpose. And these slippers will surely make the feet happy.

  • Easy to wear, lightweight and available in standard sizes
  • Comes with soothing neutral blue, navy blue, and dark gray colors
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Some users may find the quality of the sole to be not up to the mark
  • May not be suitable for rough users

3. Wishcotton Men’s Moccasin Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

If winter is here, all you need is Wishcotton slippers. These classic moccasin stitched slippers with cloudy collar keep your feet warm. Its durable rubber sole comes with an extra high back and so, it gives the perfect stability.

These slippers are also very stylish. And the design displays excellent craftsmanship. The microsuede upper portion combined with the insole that contains premium memory foam gives excellent relaxation.

  • Contains memory foam which reduces foot stress
  • Thick non slip rubber sole
  • Combination of style and comfort
  • Some users may find this slipper stiff from the inside
  • Users may face size issues

4. LongBay Men’s Memory Foam Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

LongBay Men’s Foam Slippers surfaces your feet with the perfect cushioning. These are house slippers for men tht come in a fascinating loafer style. The soft plush fleece and the upper woolen cloth guarantee exquisite quality.

LongBay slippers are also great for giving as a present. They ensure good style backed up by good quality rubber soles. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like you are walking on clouds when you have these on because its soles is made with high density memory foam.

  • Foot friendly insole relaxes common foot pain
  • Waterproof non-slip rubber sole
  • Machine washable
  • Some users may find stability issues
  • Some may face size issues

5. Acorn Men’s Moccasin Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

Acron Men’s Moccasin Slippers give the perfect comfort according to your feet with its cloud cushion memory foam. Stay with comfort indoors or step outdoors with confidence with these classic slippers!

The premium suede sidewall and waterproof outsole make these slippers more durable than most other ones in the market. Its moisture soaking premium fabric keeps the feet dry and warm. The style and versatility factor allows you to wear them with various outfits.

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Cozy & versatile
  • Multilayer memory foam cushion support
  • More suitable for indoors rather than outdoors

6. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Memory Foam Moccasin Suede Slippers 

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

Greet your feet with ULTRIDEAS Men’s Memory Foam Moccasin Suede Slippers for ultimate coziness. The rubber sole complements the microfiber texture of the slipper. These easy to wear slippers are lightweight and they allow you to walk effortlessly.

These Moccasin Suede Slippers have anti-slip rubber soles. So, anyone can wear them even on the wet tiles of the bathroom or poolside. They are great for use on the go, at home, or even on a walk outside.

  • 24/7 after sale service with one year warranty
  • Stylish moccasin suede upper with fur collar
  • Both machine and hand washable
  • May not be suitable for those who have sweaty feet
  • Some look for better arch support

7. HomeTop Men’s Cozy Fuzzy Wool Fleece Memory Foam Slippers 

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

HomeTop Men’s Memory Foam Slippers are made with cozy wool to keep your feet relaxed and cool. These simple yet stylish slippers include terry fabric and wool for enhanced support in addition to the perfectly placed memory foam cushion.

These slippers don’t compromise the style for durability. They are made with rigid outsoles, and the soft wool upper makes a stylish exit with embroidered stripes. They can also be an ideal gift for your loved ones.

  • Breathable, fuzzy and machine washable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with style and comfort
  • They offer 100% no risk money-back opportunity
  • May not be suitable for rough usage
  • The sizes may be an issue

8. Zigzagger Men’s Micro suede Moccasin Slippers 

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

Zigzagger introduces its fleece lined slippers for the comfort of your hard working feet. The excellent craftsmanship of the upper microsuede fabric prevents ugly wrinkles from forming. Help your feet to a nice dive into the cloudy plush lining backed up by thick memory foam.

These classic slippers have a non-slip rubber sole and nicely closed back heel to provide a steady surface for your feet. They are also available in multiple sizes to comfort the feet.

  • Quite stylish compared to most other slippers
  • Excellent slip-resistant feature and waterproof sole for outdoor use
  • Maintains a classy and cozy attitude
  • Some men may find these slippers stiff

9. HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Memory Foam House Slippers 

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

HomeIdeas Men’s Woolen Fabric Slippers are close to perfection when it comes to coziness. They are beautifully designed to fill the needs for happy feet. These slippers also offer organized ventilation for the feet.

Without compromising the style, these slippers feature 5mm elasticity sponge, memory foam, and 7mm of elastic sponge for the heels. The odorless material of these slippers complements the woolen comfort. The synthetic sole helps to cut the noise and the open back design makes it easy to wear. As a result, these slippers are the right choice for using in bedroom, hotel, airplane, roaming around the garden, or fetching the emails.

  • Comfortable steps without noise
  • Both machine and hand washable
  • Versatile, comfortable & stylish
  • The memory foam could be of higher quality

10. VONMAY Men’s Fleece Memory Foam Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

These slippers of VONMAY come with well-built fleece lining and suede mudguard. They offer style and comfort with a breathable design. For superior comfort, the insole includes layers of memory foam.

These fleece memory foam slippers beautifully mold to the feet. The increased back height gives more stability than other slippers. These slippers also include non-slip durable rubber soles. So it’s more than an average indoor slipper as you can push the home boundaries with it.

  • The insole is built with three layers of memory foam and sponge
  • Beautiful color & material combination with craftsmanship
  • The sole includes shock absorption EVA material
  • Some don’t find them great for the summer season

11. Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Best Slippers for Men

Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Slippers has a timeless style. And these Minnetonka slippers reflect American heritage! These slippers are built in a way that stretches to the contours of the feet. So, these get more comfortable with every new step.

With a classic moccasin design and evergreen style, they go with every kind of outfit. Minnetonka moccasin slippers also have a versatile sole that allows you to wear them both indoors and outdoors. In fact, these slippers can keep your feet warm in chilly weather.

  • Every step is cushioned with thick pile lining
  • Carries the required comfort for indoors and the look for outdoors
  • Premium quality and craftsmanship make it an ideal gift
  • The price range is on the higher side 

12. UGG Men’s Ascot Best Slippers for Men

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper brings class to your slipper collection. They give a manly vibe to the feet, and ladies will surely notice these first. They are as compact as a loafer along with the softness of slippers.

UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers are wholly lined with genuine wool. These slippers include a rigid rubber sole, which provides the perfect grip in every step. They also provide a smooth suede upper, which is water-resistant.

  • Natural wool lining
  • Provides water-resistant suede upper
  • Great for both indoors and outdoors
  • For some, the support of the sole may not be adequate

13. ULTRAIDEAS Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Best Slippers for Men

UlTRAIDEA knows how to make the feet of men look cool and feel cozy. The memory foam slippers of ULTRAIDEA are lightweight and they have low back heels. So these are pretty great to wear on a comfortable walk. The topnotch quality of wool-like insoles keeps the feet warm too.

After a long tiring day, these slippers give the feet a cloudy relaxation with its thick memory foam. They are also very trendy and suitable for most of the seasons.

  • Thick & resilient memory foam
  • Anti-slip rubber sole with waterproof feature
  • Good craftsmanship with breathable knit upper, which eradicates the sweaty feeling
  • The sole of the slipper is not effectively designed for outdoor use 

14. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Camper Moccasin Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

For those who love leather, Tamarac brought out Camper Moccasin Slippers made with 100% leather upper. They have the classic whipstitching at the toe area, which makes them look more stylish than most indoor slippers. The cushioned memory foam inside provides the perfect combination of style and comfort.
These trendy slippers have a nice faux-fur lining that makes the feet feel more relaxed while the thick synthetic sole allows them to be free in the outdoors.

  • Features moccasin style stitching with suede leather upper
  • The collar lacing includes raw leather
  • Versatile and goes with every standard outfit
  • They are not machine washable.

15. RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Best Slippers for Men

Best Slippers For Men | 15 Best Of 2020

RockDove Men’s Memory Foam Slippers hold the number one position among the best slippers for men, and for good reasons. They are simple but effective and versatile. They are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

For pillow-soft comfort, the memory foam insole comes with a waffle knit upper. It has a perfect and durable rubber sole that allows you to go outdoors and enjoy the casual time with style.

  • Anti-slip traction and waterproof feature prevents falls and slips
  • Lightweight and built with breathable fabric
  • Helps in the reduction of foot odor
  • The padding may get compressed with age for some units 

Best from the Bests 

Starting from the comfort and ending with price, RockDove Men’s Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper is one of the  best slippers for men in our eyes. We definitely support an all-season slipper with a simple but effective style. These slippers have got the perfect design with memory foam comfort that will last you a long time.

Some slippers uniquely specialize in providing warmth. And, many slippers concentrate on stylish faux-fur that keeps the fashion up to date. But these slippers from RockDove mix up everything to outperform every other product on this list. These slippers obviously need to pass design and quality inspection. And we found that these slippers don’t give excessive warmth that can make the feet sweaty. The breathable material keeps them sweat- and odor-free. They also have a very easy-to-wear style  with the low heel collars.

The anti-slip grip allows you to roam effortlessly even on the tiles when you have these on. They are also machine washable, which makes them easy to keep clean. And good hygiene prolongs the lifespan of slippers

Besides that, the insoles of these slippers come in different colors and peek out when you wear them. Considering all these simple but important factors, RockDove hits the number one position. You may choose any of the slippers from the list based on your prefernces. You can look for a slipper that is more stylish. You can also find a slipper that gives you better warmth in the winter. But you can never go wrong with these versatile two-tone memory foam slippers for whatever purpose you want it for.

Final words

In this fast-paced modern world, everyone needs comfort and flexibility. And in that, a slipper is the answer you’re looking for! We need to take care of our feet and buying a beautiful pair of cozy slippers is the first step towards that. People also love pairing their outfits with a classy yet comfortable pair of  best slippers for men. So, no matter what your perferences are, cushion your feet with a nice pair of slippers from our list of best slippers for men and transfer your weight to the cloudy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Slippers for Men

Should I buy slippers in a bigger size?

The answer is no. Like shoes, we should buy slippers that fit perfectly. Generally, slippers are made with comfortable material and roomy features for a relaxed feeling. Slippers that include open back can feel large. So, for these slippers, you can order half a size smaller from your original size. Moccasins-like slippers wholly surround your feet. So, you need to order the exact size for these kinds of slippers.

Getting the perfect fit is very important. So, it’s always good to follow the sizing guideline. Having excessive space can make your steps shaky and unstable. It may also lead to foot injuries. Besides, your foot can slip out from the slippers if they are too big. But don’t try to tightly adjust with them. If the size feels small, it can generate sweat, resulting in bad odor.

How can I wash my slippers and keep them clean?

Machine wash is ideal if the material is cotton. Try to machine wash them with warm or cold water but not hot water. Airs dry them after the wash. You can air dry them with a blower but sunbath is a safer option. Hand wash is the safest option to clean maximum kinds of slippers.

Suede and leather slippers are not machine washable. Try to clean them with a towel. Soapy water should be enough to rid from the stains. These slippers should be air dried. Sunlight is also a good option to dry them.

Other than that, don’t just shift from shoe your to your slippers as soon as you take the shoes off after wearing them for hours. It can transfer germs and make your slippers dirty. Try to cool down your feet and wash them before putting on your cozy slippers. You can also wear a nice pair of socks with them.

How to prevent slippers from smelling?

It’s very normal to develop an odor when you are constantly wearing your slippers. But odor is a big hygiene problem and you should take precautions. Dryer sheets can be very helpful to cut the odor. The scented dryer sheets should be an ideal option.

Place these sheets into your slippers. Overnight, they will help to dry the slippers and prevent the unwanted odors from building up.

You can also use a little bit of baking soda to cut the odor. Sprinkle some in the inner lining and get rid of the germs. You should also wash your slippers every month to get the best results.

For leather and fabric materials, you can use baby wipes. If you are in a hurry or want to avoid the hassle, it can be suitable to use one or two baby wipes to clean the inside until the dirt vanishes.

When should I replace my slippers?

With time, slippers stretch out. And the cloudy foam and cozy fleece lining gets worn out. Generally, a durable pair of slippers lasts more than a year. Sometimes, the footbed gets flattened and replicates your compressed foot marks. Also, with age, the upper fabric gets deep wrinkles. These are the indications to go for another pair of slippers.

The sole is an important part of durability. If it completely loses grip and also gets deep dividing cuts, help yourself to a new pair. Heavier slippers with fleece and wool are normally for winters and comparatively lighter ones are for summer. You can undoubtedly have multiple pairs of slippers. But you should treat your feet with one new slipper every year if you don’t like the old one anymore

Which slippers are most comfortable?

Slippers are made for the comfort of your feet. So, if you are wondering which slippers are the most comfortable, you may need to get an indepth overview of the characteristics of different slippers to figure out which one would provide you with the most comfort. The above reading material will surely help you to pick the right slippers. It ultimately depends on what kind and what style of slippers you are searching for.

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