Body Sprays for Men: 15 Best of 2020

A decent part of modern civilization was built on the proper appearances of human beings, how they look, how they talk, how they act, and how they smell. Be it male, female, or any other gender, smelling bad was never an option. Since the very beginning of mankind’s race, natural perfumes were used to make sure their precious body doesn’t smell bad. There’s no better thing than taking a proper bath and using a decent deodorant that will make you smell nice and feel good. Having said that, as a man who prefers body sprays, you need to be extra careful while choosing the right one for you, because it’s not just a body spray- it will either take a negative or positive effect on your personality and appearance- the choice is yours!

But, why would a man pick body spray over other choices? What makes these body-sprays so special? Time to figure that out!

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Body Sprays or Cologne?

Body Sprays or Cologne?

Fun Fact: A good lot of people still believe that body sprays, deodorants, and colognes are all similar products. While the sole purpose of these three might be similar, it’s safe to say that they are quite different from one another.

Now to the debate, Cologne or Body Spray- the answer is pretty obvious. Cologne is grander, more long-lasting, more alluring- so if I had the option to choose one from them for free, I would probably go for cologne. But there’s a catch-The price.

Cologne doesn’t scrub off easily, nor does it go away, but it does scrub off your wallet pretty well. These things are made from high-standard materials, so good cologne is quite expensive, compared to the body sprays. Another thing is the scent. You don’t want something as overpowering as a cologne in all kinds of ambiances, sometimes that decent, lesser-lasting body spray is actually what you need. Oh, and last but not the least, you can never combine one cologne with another, but with body sprays such custom fragrances can be your game.

So if you are looking for a fragrance that is economic, combinable, and easygoing- Body spray is the one to choose.

Why Choose Body Sprays over Deodorant?

This here is another misconception, that deodorant and body spray do the same job. While both of them are spraying products, the similarities kind of end right there. Bodysprays are products that are designed to last for a standard amount of time and to provide excellent fragrance. Deodorants often do not even have any fragrances, for their sole purpose is to remove the body odor from human bodies.

Now there are a good lot of body sprays that do both the job of a deodorant and a body spray- so the debate kind of ends right there. But to raise the stakes a bit, there are also some deodorants with artificial fragrances, so some might prefer them to body sprays as well!

What we need to understand here is the preference. Normal body sprays do not replenish foul body odor. In fact, the combination of body spray scent and body odor can turn out to be a disaster. So, if you don’t have body odor issues, there is absolutely no need for a body spray. If you do have them, worry not, the 2-in-1 body spray cum deodorants can save you.

We do have another option for you, that is to carefully combine the two of them and get the perfect action. But when there is the two-in-one option, would you want to settle for anything less?

Key Features to Consider before Buying a Body Spray for Men:

Body Sprays or Cologne?

Before settling for a single body spray, you need to consider your preferences. Truth be told, most of the features we will be showing are preference-based. For example, it’s entirely your choice what sort of scent do you prefer or how strong you want them to be. Having said that, we have figured out a few features that a good body spray must-have.

1. Fragrance:

Well, isn’t it obvious? You’re in it for the scent, for the enchanting smell, so the first thing you must consider is the fragrance of your body spray. Now, this is no easy task since you will be amazed to find a wide variety of scents- all up for taking. For your help, we have sorted the most common fragrances into a few groups:

  • The floral kind: This is one of the most common fragrances within ladies, but quite surprisingly, there are a good lot of body sprays with floral yet masculine scents like gardenia.
  • The oriental kind: A very musky, heavy fragrance. These scents, oozing of cinnamon and spices, are relatively more lasting and set a heavy note in your outlook.
  • The clean and fresh kind: One of the most common scents, this is the best option for starting your day off fresh. With a breezy note, the citrus-based fragrances will make your day better!
  • The woody kind: If you’re looking for a rather rowdy, rough n’ tough look, then there’s no better option for you than the woody fragrances. Be it Cedarwood or Sandalwood, this scent is a standalone choice that is definitely not for everyone.

Since this is the single most important feature to start with, we believe apart from liking a scent, you also need to reciprocate to your requirements and look for such features. For example, if you need a body spray for dinner dates, the musky fragrances would be a killer choice, but it certainly will not be a good one for your office meetings. So you need to know your preferences and act accordingly- one body spray is never enough. 

2. Scent Durability:

Now, this is a feature that entirely depends on your needs. We generally use body sprays as welcome notes, they wear off gradually but leave that good first impression. When you spray it on your body, it can either evaporate off you or your skin may well absorb it. Either way, body sprays aren’t meant to last as long as the colognes.

The usual durability of your body spray depends on a few factors like your body temperature, humidity, and the formula used in production. In most cases, the scent properly wears off in eight to ten hours. There are exceptions, but the time frame generally does not exceed twelve hours. Having said that, you need to figure out how long you want the fragrance to keep.

Here’s why the preference is important. Say, you use a regular eight-hour lasting body spray for your daily work life. If you use the same spray for late-night parties, you’ll probably not have a comfortable sleep- because you needed to use sprays that lasted less for such parties. So settle for something that fulfills your needs.

3. Scent Strength:

No, not all body sprays are of similar scent strength. Some might try to adopt the more spray-stronger scent mechanism, but rest assured, that certainly isn’t the case. The strength of your body spray depends on a few important factors.

Firstly, it’s fragrance. Musky or woody scents are stronger than the usual citrus scents, so it depends on your choice of fragrance. Secondly, it’s adaptability. Not everyone has similar skin tones and types, and while some skins just naturally adjust with body sprays, some don’t. Last but not least- it’s your personality. If you’re an executive working for some multinational companies and you choose a strong scent for an official meeting- there goes a chunk of your professional persona.

What suits your friend may not suit you, so we would recommend you to try a few brands and fragrances first and then settle for your type, should the budget not be a problem, that is.

4. Deodorizing Ability:

Body odors- who would have thought two words can turn out to be such a nightmare for most of us men out there? Due to hormonal differences, men face these odor issues far more than women, and deodorants are a necessary option to survive this.

Now it’s much more economical for someone to buy a body spray that can deodorize instead of keeping one that can’t and having another deodorant. Some decent products in the market can do both, and we have given the extra privilege to body spray cum deodorants in our top 15 list in the latter part of this write-up.

Even if you don’t get this two-in-one combo, with good research you can customize your body spray-deodorant combo according to your choice. All you have to keep in mind is that the two different fragrances do not make the smell worse than it already is.

5. Amount and Price:

As expected, there is a positive correlation between the amount and the price in a body spray product. There is a calculation method where people measure the true value of the body spray by the ounces. Some best-quality body sprays provide very little in quantity but are quite expensive.

But that doesn’t mean all the expensive body sprays provide a little amount, it usually depends on the brand and their ways of manufacturing. Some relatively cheaper body sprays also provide excellent performance, so cheaper means low quality- the fact isn’t justified here. Then there is your taste and preference, which has to be taken into account as well.

One of the sole reasons why people choose body sprays over colognes is the minimalistic price, and from the following list, you would be surprised to find premium quality fragrances at a quite affordable price.

15 Best Body Sprays for Men in 2020

1. Jack Black Body Sprays

Jack Black Body Sprays

When life gives you lemons in a body spray can, you should just spray it all over your body and see what good comes of it, no? This one by Jack Black comes with a natural citrusy scent with hints of refreshing mint. Use it after a nice, refreshing shower and it’s sure to uplift your energy. If you’re dealing with sensitive skin; the good news is that the formula doesn’t have harsh ingredients.

  • Won’t last throughout the day.

2. Bod Man Fresh Guy Body Sprays

Bod Man Fresh Guy Body Sprays

Oftentimes you may have found yourself looking at your roommates with absolute disbelief. Or you have questioned yourself already- Am I living with human beings or skunks? While “malodorous” might be a word of the formal sort you can relate them to, that by no means should say the same about you. This body spray will make you smell fresh and manly even when you’re stepping out of a grotty lodging to start your day!

  • Lasts longer than an average body spray 
  • A whopping 8 oz. bottle

3. AXE Iced Mint & Leather

AXE Iced Mint & Leather

If you want a shot of arctic breeze straight up your nose, this one by AXE is the one for you. This body spray is a premium blend of mint and leather notes that make you smell not only good but also masculine. And if you have your heart broken by a minty body spray before, it’s safe to say that this one will do exactly what it says.

  • Lasts long hours of the day
  • Stimulating notes of mint and leather
  • Might be overpowering for some.

4. Dude Products LA Coast

Dude Products LA Coast

If you’re one of those zestful men who regularly take part in vigorous physical exertions (we mean sports, of course), this body spray will have you covered. Its deodorizing effect will help you ward off any unpleasant smell all through the day. The freshness of California will waft around you wherever you go with its striking appeal and intensity. Peppermint, cedarwood, and grapefruit fuse together to make it a cool blast of coastal ecstasy. 

  • Contains no paraben, phthalates or aluminum
  • A long-lasting smell even in hot climates
  • Substandard spray can
  • Faulty spray nozzle.

5. Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water

You might not be a fine specimen of a man, but you can sure as hell smell like one! After the huge success of Cool Water cologne, Davidoff hits it off with the body spray version of the same signature fragrance. It’s not so strong as the cologne but gentle and compelling enough to make a good impression on anyone; anywhere you stop by for a talk. You can also save a few bucks if you settle for a body spray. Now, isn’t that a good deal?

  • Subtle yet energizing scent 
  • Gentle on the skin
  • You can’t recognize it when you start to sweat.

6. Guess Night

Guess Night

Are you reeking of shattered dreams, a stinking beast, and everything in between? Then your regular body spray isn’t fit for the job. But we know what is. Behold, an invigorating blend of cedar, vetiver, elemi, and pepper notes offered to you by Guess. You’ll be fond of it ever since the first use. It won’t overpower your senses but it will keep your body odor in check. So, you can be confident all the way even when an opossum is your spirit animal.

  • Grapefruit notes for extra freshness
  • Long-lasting fragrance 
  • Size is small for the price.

7. Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity

There can be a hundred and one reasons as to why your life is miserable these days, but we assure you that smelling bad will never be one of them once you bring this body spray into your life. After the sensational Eternity cologne, Calvin Klein once again comes to your rescue with this body spray under the same name. You can now enjoy the identical fragrance at a budget-friendly price.

  • Aromatic heart notes of sage, basil, and geranium 
  • Mandarin and lavender top notes
  • The smell is not as distinct as the cologne.

8. Old Spice Wolfthorn

Old Spice Wolfthorn

Ever wondered what it was that made your grandfather a total hotshot of his time? Smelling great has its advantages and that’s why Old Spice, a brand older than time itself, still prevails in the fragrance market. Your father has used it; probably your grandfather too. So, you can go for one and chances are you’ll get what you’re looking for. Get ready to earn compliments from people near and far once you have it on!

  • A refreshing citrusy scent 
  • Masculine base notes that last a day
  • The strong smell of alcohol.

9. Axe Essence

Axe Essence

Are you tired of being called an average Joe boyfriend behind your back? It’s time to settle the score and take your sweet game of chivalry up a notch. This exhilarating body spray by AXE will not only give you a head start but also let you have an everlasting impression on the ladies. Its oriental spice notes won’t linger for long but the woody aroma will stay with you till you come back home a winner.     

  • Warm, woodsy base notes 
  • Comes in a small, handy can 
  • Might irritate your skin.

10. Bath & Body Works Teakwood

Bath & Body Works Teakwood

You might not be the boss at work, but nothing is stopping you from feeling like one! This Teakwood body spray brings you the ultimate woody notes you look for in a fragrance that falls largely on the masculine side. You might be intimidated by your co-worker Bert all day but there’s still a place where you can assert dominance- your bedroom. The smell will linger with you there and will undoubtedly be a cherry on top if not the initiator.

  • A strong, masculine scent 
  • It’s great as a gift
  • A little pricey for a body spray.

11. Nautica Blue Sail Body Sprays

Nautica Blue Sail Body Sprays

Are you sitting in your cubicle craving for a cruise? Is the sea calling out to you now and then? This Blue Sail body spray by Nautica is the closest you can get to feel the vibes of the ocean. Its zesty orange, bergamot, sandalwood, and blue Cyprus notes take you on a walk along the shore. The brand draws its inspiration from the sea. So, you know that you’re in for an oceanic adventure.     

  • Base notes of Musk, Amber, and Moss
  • Attractive spray can
  •  Might be too gentle for some.

12. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Body Sprays

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Body Sprays

Do you know what you might have in common with the canned tuna that’s sitting in your fridge ever since the birth of Jesus? Yes, it’s probably your smell. But, don’t worry at all. This high-end body spray will have your back no matter the type of day you’re having. Whether you’re thinking about hitting the gym or playing video games on your couch, at the end of the day you’ll still smell fresh and spunky.  

  • Good deodorizing action
  • The scent isn’t that sharp 
  • Too mellow to notice.

13. Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Body Sprays

Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Body Sprays

After being introduced in the early ’80s, this signature scent has been a favorite of sophisticated men all over the world. Its woody undertones with a hint of calming lavender bring out the best in you and give you a nice boost of confidence that lasts all the tedious hours of the day. Its citrusy top notes blend with spicy heart tones to complement the poise you need at work and finally finish it off with woody notes that accentuate your masculine energy for that sensational date night. Your girlfriend will be head over heels for you!  

  • Distinct and prominent notes 
  • Its sensual sandalwood base lasts a whole day
  • It’s too common
  • Not suitable as a deodorant spray.

14. Tommy Bahama St. Barts Body Sprays

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Body Sprays

Anxious about that date night? While you’re busy googling the best pick-up lines, don’t forget to get yourself a few good shots of Tommy Bahama, the body spray that never fails. Guava nectar and sea vine notes mingle with intoxicating blue agave tequila to make you the ultimate babe magnet you dream to be. And if you’re married already, good luck explaining to your wife why all your female co-workers are huddled around only you in the group photo.  

  • An island-inspired fragrance 
  • It’s stimulating aroma stays put
  • Might irritate your skin.

15. Kenneth Cole Black

Kenneth Cole Black

Your stock’s price might drop in the market but you know what’s never dropping again? The chances of a second date! If you’re fed up with your love life, we’d suggest that you hang in there a little longer and befriend this seductive body spray. Its smoky incense and pulses of exhilarating lotus make up the heart notes while ambergris and black suede give it a sexy punch of masculinity.    

  • Basil, ginger, watermint and mandarin top notes
  • Sensual musks for a compelling fragrance  
  • Comes in a glass jar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Sprays 

If you have a bunch of questions regarding body sprays, don’t you worry! We’ll help you sort them out! Go through the FAQs down below to find your answer.

1. When is the best time to put on body spray?

We’d say the best time to apply any sort of fragrance is right after you get out of a hot shower. The same goes for body spray. A shower opens the pores of your skin and gives your fragrance a chance to mingle with your pheromones. If you want to experience all the heavenly notes starting from the very top to the lingering sensual base, we suggest that you spray on your bare chest, armpits, and neck right after you dry yourself up. 

These are the areas where your body odor produces naturally. So, you’ll be masking that with your favorite scent. It’s best not to put on your spray in the bathroom since the humidity there will have a role to play to alter the persistence of your scent. 

2. Can body sprays irritate my skin?

Sadly, yes. Bodysprays can irritate your skin and that is why you need to have a good look at the ingredients in the spray formula before you purchase a jiffy. If an area of your skin turns red or itches after being exposed to the new body spray, there’s a high chance that there’s an allergen your body reacted to. 

The good news is- there are a ton of body sprays in the market that are free from harmful chemicals. You’ll find a few great ones on our list as well; they smell amazing while being safe for your sensitive skin. After all, you don’t want to be seen violently scratching your armpits on your first date like a monkey on the loose.

3. How to make my body spray last longer?

The fact is your body spray won’t last as long as a cologne or perfume. But you can get a closer result if you play it smartly. After you’ve stepped out of your shower, quickly pat yourself dry with a towel, and then you can move on to the next bit. But you already know this, right? The trick we’re about to give away will save your bucks and your day! 

Apply some unscented body lotion on the areas you normally spray on. After it sinks into your skin, spray the scent on your body from an approximate distance of one foot. You’ll love the long-lasting effects it’s bound to bring you. Bet you didn’t know about this one!

4. Can I substitute body spray for deodorant? 

The answer is, no. We understand that the terms body spray, deodorant, antiperspirant, cologne, and perfume sound confusing altogether. But it’s not a business scam to rob you of your hard-earned money. Each serves a different purpose with varied intensity. A deodorant protects you from natural body odor. It stops you from smelling bad; it doesn’t necessarily make you smell better. While a body spray has fragrant ingredients, it won’t contain your natural odor. If you want to skip deodorant, you might come out as a blast of franken-smells- we’re sure your other half won’t be very happy about it!

5. How much body spray is too much?

You’ll know when it is. But you can’t go back once you’ve overdone it, right? We can’t stop you from texting that one toxic ex (Seriously, stop), but count on us when it comes to the right spraying techniques! We advise you not to hold the spray-can too close to your skin as it will create a concentrated scent you’d rather avoid. Bodysprays are meant to stay subtle and even. Don’t spray on any area for more than a second. If you do, you’re most likely done for.

Time to declare the winner…

It’s time we concluded our tales of the best body sprays out there. We’ll tell you about the one that intrigued us the most. If you’re guessing that it’s Black by Kenneth Cole, you’re right. It’s a rare delight in the sea of fragrances and it’s a body spray that’s meant to make good memories with. 

We couldn’t have enough of its cool splash of mint and mandarin from the very first sprinkle. At the heart, it has cedar leaves, florals, vetiver, and nutmeg for a playful drama that slowly settles in musk, leather, violet, and synthetic yet earthy ambergris. Ten to the one you’re not going to find a better body spray for the price. 

The reason why St. Barts by Tommy Bahama and Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche have to make do with second and third places is that they aren’t nearly as long-lasting as Black and the scents are just not compelling enough to come back for more. While they both are good body sprays you can get your hands on, Kenneth Cole will come in to steal their thunder. If you’re in for an olfactory treat, grab a bottle of Black and you’d thank us later; no two ways about it!

Bottom Lines

Take a moment to think about the man you know who always smells good. Our two cents is that you’ll outshine him once you put your new-found body spray knowledge into action. Before we wrap it up, we hope that we introduced you to some of the most tantalizing body sprays and that it was an enjoyable read for beginners and fragrance enthusiasts alike.

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