Body Wash for Men: 15 Best of 2020

In a dust-filled world with all sorts of dirty particles flying about that can pile up on your skin, a restorative shower after a hard day’s work with a paradisiacal body wash for men is the next best thing to taking a swim in heaven. And in this regard, we must say without hesitation that body wash for men has been one of the best inventions of the last few centuries. Gone are the days when soap bars were the only option for cleaning your body in the shower. With multiple toiletries fighting for the spot in your life, we look at some of the best body wash for men in 2020. 

But of course, we begin with a question, why body wash over soap?

Here’s a scenario. Imagine multiple users in a household sharing the same soap bar, it is surely not the most hygienic practice to have at home.

Despite being a soap, it doesn’t do cleaning too well itself, and staying in the bathroom has its own consequences. It can accumulate all sorts of bacteria over time. Not to mention, it can so easily slip from your hand during use. 

So, soap bars around the world are quickly being replaced with bottles of body wash for men. And they are exactly what you need to ensure a relaxing shower with a mind and body cleansing therapy, the heights of which the soap bars had never taken any consumers to. 

However, there is a lot more to Body washes than its aromatic characteristic. So, before you can seal your deal with just about any body wash for men, read our complete guide on the best body wash for men to buy in 2020.

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Benefits of Body wash or Men

Body Wash for Men

A body wash is, in fact, a generic term for liquid soap. While serving the same purpose, it is not the same entity at all. With a new form, it undertakes a slightly different purpose in taking better care of your skin. Besides skin care, there are some other benefits that it has too. Let’s have a look at what those are.

1. Ease of use

There is no doubt that using a bar of soap is quite inconvenient. Can you carry it when you go on a trip? Not exactly. So, with portability out of the question, it makes it quite difficult if you’re a frequent traveler. 

Here is the first notable convenience of body wash – you can carry it wherever you are.  The extent of the convenience is also obvious when you consider the neatness and ease of use in the shower, which makes it a better choice of toiletry than a bar of soap. It is very easy to drop a bar of soap while using it. And you don’t need to consult a doctor to tell you how unhygienic it is to pick up soap for use once it is dropped on the floor.  Body wash, on the other hand, comes in a bottle, and you only take out the amount you need. This method results in a much better lather and shower experience than a slippery soap bar. 

2. Multipurpose 

Body showers have multiple purposes. Some of the body washes are very diverse and come in a combined package of body wash as well as shampoo. This is especially useful if you’re traveling and have space for only one bottle.  The versatility doesn’t end there – unlike soap bars, a body wash can also be a good substitute for bath tub bubble baths or a very good hand-wash. 

3. User-friendly

Body showers can be shared by as many users as there can be. While bars of soap can accumulate bacteria when it is used by one person to another, this problem doesn’t exist when the soap is poured in from a bottle. So body wash has the benefit of being able to be shared among multiple users. Moreover, you don’t have to leave the body shower in the open. The bottle protects it from whatever is outside. This keeps its contents clean and effective.

Body Wash or Soap Bar: Which one is better?

The choice between the bar and the gel lies primarily on your skin type and, of course, on personal taste. 

There is no doubt that both a body wash and a soap bar will carry out their primary roles quite wonderfully – which is to clean your body. But whereas bar cleansers are somewhat harsh and can accidentally remove important proteins and fats from the body, it can also significantly change the skin’s pH level, which can result in irritation. 

Body wash or shower gels, on the other hand, interact far more delicately with your skin. So if you have dry skin, a milder product such as a body wash is probably the best way to go, unless you’re looking for a quick wash or if you have oily skin. We would recommend using soap bars in that case. 

Soap bars are also considered to be more eco-friendly due to its less intensive packaging compared to bottles.  But be careful about sharing these toiletries. When they’re shared shower to shower or person to person, bacteria can build up, and that’s not something you want – so, make sure to regularly wash the bar of soap after every use to avoid such kind of bacteria build up.

On the other hand, since shower gels come out of their bottles, it’s safe to say that it is a much more hygienic option. To sum up – body washes offer better hygiene and more mildness whilst soaps offer a quick and affordable solution. If you have sensitive skin, then you will mostly benefit from the body wash. 

Difference Between Body Wash and Shower Gel

Did you know? A body washes and a shower gel are really not the same things. Take, for example, identical twins – whilst they look alike, are they really the same person? 

So, while they are very similar, shower gels and body wash have a very distinctive difference. Both will form lather on top of your skin to soften it with its mild surfactants, but shower gels have a prominent fragrance and are generally much thicker inconsistency.  In contrast, body wash offers more of a hydrating and moisturizing experience. This is extremely helpful if you live in cold regions, as your skin generates cracks, opening up for the damage. 

So, which one do you get? As a rule of thumb, if you’re in a hot climate, shower gels will give you the best experience in terms of skin therapy. If you’re living in colder climatic zones of the world, give your skin the best moisturizing experience with a body wash. Each one has its unique pros and cons and it is up to you to determine your needs and preference to come to the right choice. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Body Wash

Things To Consider Before Buying A Body Wash

Picking up the best body wash in the market today is an art you have to master with experience, but our guide will get you started with the most essential things to keep in mind. 

With hundreds of body washes out there with so many combinations of ingredients, it can feel like rocket science when choosing the one among the crowd. But check out these factors to consider and it will make your decision a bit easier. 

1. Your skin type

Your skin type is the first step of narrowing down the best purchase you’re going to make. The soap you will use in your body must keep your skin soft, and help to keep it healthy. But before it can do that, you need to know what type of skin you have. Not all soaps or body washes will be compatible with your skin. 

If you can’t self-diagnose your skin, then take a dermatologist appointment for the best consultation. Using a product your skin disagrees with can lead to undesirable consequences. 

So, the first step is not to the market, it is to your doctor’s. 

But here’s our quick rundown.

If you have dry skin, you should not think about any alternatives other than a moisturizing body wash gel. Such a moisturizing gel contains adequate oil particles to lock hydration into your skin, making you feel wonderful after the shower. 

If you have normal skin, you are in a world of comfort. You can use a range of products without your skin having to suffer from any measurable consequences. Anybody wash will suit you just fine. Go crazy!

But if you have oily skin, you can apply almost every shower gel, but it is recommended that look for a cleansing shower gel. They can remove excess oil from the body and maintain suppleness.

2. Fragrance

Once you have figured out your type of skin, you now have established the ingredients you need your body wash to have. It’s time to select the fragrance. 

Admit it – if you’re going to bathe in shower gel, then you definitely want to smell as good as you possibly can. You want a scent that not only agrees with but also amplifies your persona. So do you want a fruity fragrant to represent your hyperactive and bubbly personality or do you want something musky that makes you smell as bold as you feel? 

The fragrance is very important – and underestimating its importance can result in you choosing the wrong body wash, and you’ll end up wearing a fragrance that just doesn’t go with you.

The aroma you’ll smell while lathering will also heavily influence your mood. So choose very carefully! 

For a relaxing experience in the tub, we recommend something floral scented. But if you want a refreshing feeling, a fragrance that will make you feel as if you’ve been reborn, find something minty!

3. Price

There is no reason why you should be breaking the bank for any kind of toiletries. Chances are, if something is overly expensive, it’s more due to the brand value the item carries rather than the actual worth of its content. So you don’t have to go all in to buy something just right.  

Decide on the maximum budget you want to spend and then look for the one with the right one that ticks all the boxes! 

15 Best Body Wash for Men in 2020

1. Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

Designed specifically for dry skin, this body wash has all the right ingredients you need to ensure that your body is chock-full of essential oil. Applied at regular intervals, it will prevent excessive dryness of the skin and maintain the right balance of pH level for a fresh feeling.

  • Includes moisturizing agent
  • Can be used as a bubble bath 
  • A bit on the expensive side.

2. Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash with Glycolic Acid, Keratosis Pilaris

Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash with Glycolic Acid, Keratosis Pilaris

This product we tested is formulated with a high concentration of Glycolic Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. It forms a generous amount of lather and smoothens rough bumps for soft skin. It is recommended that you use a soft bathing towel to massage over the body gently to form the rich lather. 

  • Has all the right ingredients for a good skin therapy 
  • Fragrance Free.

3. Lancome Tresor Perfumed Shower Gel

Lancome Tresor Perfumed Shower Gel

If you want one of the best fragrances to shoot up your nose when you’re taking a shower, then the Lancome body wash for men is for you. Its aroma provides a smooth and refreshing experience every time you get in the shower to lather with this outstanding toiletry. It lathers so easily that you don’t require a lot of it in your hand. For the best experience, we recommend the use of a good loofah or a shower towel. 

  • Fragrance last several hours
  • Top quality cleansing
  • Expensive.

4. Caress Daily Silk Silkening Body Wash

Caress Daily Silk Silkening Body Wash

Product Review: 

Sophisticated and classic are the words that can be best associated with the Caress Daily Silk body wash. The soothing aromatic is perhaps its biggest selling point apart from the rich lather it generates, providing the most skin delicate shower possible. 

  • Best cleansing experience
  • Relaxing aroma
  • The brand is not that well-known.

5. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

Don’t let the name throw you off. It’s not only for baby skins. If you’re looking for a moisturizing effect from a body wash, then this may be what you need. Especially if you have dry and itchy skin, there aren’t many products in the market that can probably live up to your expectations. In that case, you may really want to give Aveeno relief creamy wash a try if you want to keep your skin healthy and in control. Besides, this product is Highly recommended by users.

  • Moisturizing effect 
  • Good for eczema patients
  • No special aroma.

6. BeeCology Natural Body Wash

BeeCology Natural Body Wash

Are you seeking a fragrant sea of calming lavender that has a moisturizing effect without the chemical side effects? This body wash is the answer you’ve been searching for. These special products are made in small batches and so are high in demand, and rightfully so. It is 100% preservatives free. With subtle hints of fantastic aroma, it doesn’t stick too much on the skin but just enough to put you into a zen mode when you’re lathering – and boy, does it lather well, leaving you clean and refreshed. 

  • Preservatives free 
  • Size is small for the price.

7. Murad Acne Body Wash

Murad Acne Body Wash

We love the Murad Acne body wash because of the dermatological benefits it provides. It features fine-grained seed powder to exfoliate deep clean pores to provide a fantastic cleaning job as well as protect your skin against acne. Its patented triple-action formula is clinically proven and works best for oily, sensitive skin. So if you’re someone who frequently suffers from body acne, this is what you want to try out. 

  • Prevents acne breakout 
  • Best cleansing body wash in the market
  • No aromatic characteristic.

8. Method Body Wash

Method Body Wash

There is nothing better than a relaxing shower with a rose-scented body wash, naturally derived gel liquid gently cleansing your body. We have tested so many body wash and not many offer the same level of hydrating experience. Its floral aroma is the next best thing to swimming in a cloud of flower petals.  

  • A refreshing scent 
  • Skin hydration
  • The Smell fades quickly.

9. Old Spice

Old Spice

There is nothing better than smelling bold like a man should. Old spice is the epitome of manliness and once you have it on you, you’ll barely be able to stop oozing confidence. Besides its long lasting aroma and the confidence inducing charm, the old spice does an excellent job at cleansing you from all kinds of dirty particles. And at the end of the day, the aroma you’ll be carrying will last longer than most deodorants. 

  • Best fragrance for a man
  • Good brand value
  • None.

10. Curél Skincare Itch Defense Body Wash

Curél Skincare Itch Defense Body Wash

The Curel skincare is not just a body wash but also a defense against skin problems. From dry skins to itch problems, Curel’s body wash can take care of your skin very well. Whilst it doesn’t have a dominating fragrance, it does ooze out a subtle smell that can be very soothing. We like how moisturizing it is without being greasy as many other products and how the aroma isn’t overpowering. 

  • Creates rich lather
  • Good for eczema patients 
  • Weak fragrance.

11. Everyman Jack Body wash

Everyman Jack Body wash

Everyman Jack body wash uses natural based ingredients and it has the best smell in the body wash market in 2020. Although it doesn’t last too long once you’ve come out of the shower, it does give you the best in-shower experience in terms of smell and lather. You only need a little bit of the body wash to form a generous amount of lather. You won’t find the gel to be too thick but it does a great job at cleaning your skin. While it won’t take away the need for you to apply a separate moisturizer, it is quite a good package offering. The cedarwood is a very masculine smell and we recommend it all the way.      

  • Masculine smell
  •  Fragrance doesn’t last

12. American Crew 3-in-1

American Crew 3-in-1

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and moisturizer- this is an all in one big package. If you’re a frequent traveler, this might just be what you have been waiting for. It can cleanse your skin, hair, and provides a long lasting aroma. It will leave your hair, skin revitalized, and healthy looking. It’s a perfect body wash, and, for the buck, you get the biggest bang. We recommend you buy this if you don’t want to buy too many products.

  • Good deodorizing action
  • Diverse use
  • None.

13. Tea tree oil body wash by northwest

Tea tree oil body wash by northwest

Product Review:

The tea tree body wash is a product of the highest tier in the market. If you want to enrich your skin with the best skin therapy and make it feel cleaner than ever before, then this is the product you definitely need to try out. Because it has no artificial ingredients that you would normally find in commercial body washes, this is a standard of its own and has potent beneficial characteristics. 

  • Treats irritation
  • Helps with bad odor and burning sensation
  • Doesn’t generate as much lather

14. Dove Deep Moisture body wash

Dove Deep Moisture body wash

You want something that penetrates deep into the skin to clean your body and restore the moisture levels to prevent any more dryness, right? Sometimes the best products are the ones with the simplest formula. Dove’s nourishing body wash is a top shelf product and the consistent thick creamy gel makes it feel so luxurious that it makes showering with it feel like bathing in lotion. You are bound to fall for its allure, and its ability to leave your skin soft while restoring the natural moisture barrier will keep you coming back to this product again and again. 

  • The best overall product quality
  • Feels great, smells great
  • Excellently Priced
  • None.

15. Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser

Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser

The aromatic gentle body wash is suitable for skins of all types. You’ll find it to thoroughly clean every inch of your skin, leaving it revitalized with moisture, preventing further dryness. The potent bioactive ingredients make it stand out from the rest of the body washes. It wasn’t just something they manufactured in a plant; this is a result of years of engineering to produce a deeply hydrating body washing cream that can restore skin suppleness. 

While you won’t complain about the lack of fragrance, it would have felt more special with a strong attractive fragrance to justify the cost of the Alchemist body cleanser. But due to the aromatherapy you will be getting if you choose this, subtly smelling like a blend of chamomile and rosewood won’t be something you’ll complain about for too long. 

  • Great aromatherapy
  • Helps thoroughly cleanse skin without causing dryness  
  • Slightly on the expensive side

Who Is The Actual Winner Here?

If you had to buy only ONE from all the products on the list, it should always be Dove’s moisturizing body wash. It’s amazing how the quality at times has nothing to do with the price you have to pay for it.  Overall, the Dove Deep Moisture body wash has everything you desire a body wash to have. The thick lotion-y, creamy gel envelops your skin and makes it feel wonderful; no other product can act as such a good cleanser and moisturizer at the same time. 

Best of all, one bottle lasts a very long time.  It doesn’t require a lot to generate lather and the desired effect on the skin, and, on top of that, one bottle contains a lot – which, at the price point offered, makes it the obvious winner among the rest.

Bottom Line

Despite having a clear winner, it’s always wise to narrow down your choices according to your own skin type. Even if it means years of trial and error to find the right choice, we would advise that you persevere, as you only have to get it right once. 

Overall, there is a body wash for men for almost everyone – whether you are looking for something that would explode an aroma on to your skin for hours or a bathing experience that rejuvenates your skin, you are bound to find a match with something that heals both your mind and body.  If you’re too confused about what is actually right for you – our clear winner, Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash for Men can never be a bad choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are your questions still unanswered? Here’s our list of FAQs for you to go through to learn more about the world of body wash for men! 

1. How frequently should I put on body wash?

All dermatologists agree that you shouldn’t put on a body wash too often or too little. We can safely say that 2 to 3 times a week is just the perfect balance that you want. But, it all comes down to your own situation. The main purpose of a body wash is to cleanse your body from undesirable particle accumulations throughout the day while giving your skin the therapy it needs. So it shouldn’t be too harmful if you use it more than the recommended frequency if it’s according to your need.

2. Can body wash irritate my skin?

All body washes are carefully engineered to be as less irritable as possible on a wide range of skin types. But unfortunately, some products can still cause allergic reactions or other irritation. This is why it is so important to understand your skin and make sure that what you use is compatible. Even if this takes you through some trial and error phases, once you find what suits you best – stick to it!

3. How much body wash for men should I use?

There is no right answer to this. But you want to make sure that you don’t use so much that it becomes wasteful. The best way to optimize the amount used per shower is by taking bit by bit until you have fully lathered your body instead of taking it all at once. 

4. Can I substitute body wash for a shampoo? 

The answer is, yes and no. While somebody washes can come as a shampoo and body wash combo, not all products will be so diverse in their contents. This means that you want to avoid any results that are not desirable, hence we will recommend that you buy a specific product for a specific purpose. Interchanging their purposes can cause irreversible consequences to your body. 

5. Can I use body wash on my face?

A body washes and a face cleanser do not contain the same ingredients. So it’s only logical to assume that their purposes are not interchangeable. The skin on your face is far more sensitive than bodily skin and you should take much better care of it with using cleansers made specifically for that area. 

6. Can I use body wash as a bubble bath in the bathtub?

Bubble baths need a lot of foam and lather to give you the best relaxing experience. A body wash was never designed to generate so much foam, but if the product you buy can lather a lot more than typical ones, then sure – go ahead! 

7. Can body wash kill germs?

All types of Body wash are made with a mix of chemicals such as alcohol or chlorine, which can kill some bacteria. But not all bacteria in your body are harmful to you – in fact, some of them maintain a good ecosystem for your body. So the focus of using body wash shouldn’t be to eliminate all the bacteria in your body. 

8. What is the best tool to wash your body with when using body wash?

Scrubbers or Loofahs are the best tools to wash your body with. They provide the surface area needed to generate ample lather and have the means to do a good cleaning job. 

Some of the scrubbers are designed ergonomically to allow you to reach the spots difficult to cover by hand. 

Shower towels also make a very good shower company and provide the evenest cleaning.

9. Will my body wash expire?

It is extremely hazardous to continue to use your body wash past its expiration date. There is a reason the expiration is put there in the first place. It would not be abnormal to consider that the chemicals in the bottle would start to lose its integrity, and allowing them to be in contact with your skin is the last thing you want to do when that happens. 

10. What are the rules for applying body wash for men effectively?

Is it so unbelievable that it is entirely possible you have been lathering your body incorrectly for all your life? Think about it. Every art needs to be mastered but at first, they have to be taught. Here’s our take on the effective application of body wash and possible tools you need to enrich your experience. After this lesson, you’ll be thanking us for showing you how to cleverly use your product and not throwing money down the drain. 

Here are the tools you need.

  1. A bathing towel: Any washcloths will actually do. They provide a good surface area to slather all over yourself. Most of all, they make a pretty powerful scrubbing tool to rinse out the dirt from the pores of your skin.
  2. Loofah: These are just a spongy form of a bathing towel. While it is not the best option for hard scrubbing, it is much gentler.
  3. Body scrubber: Body scrubbers come in long handles too, which makes it easy to reach some of the spots that remain unscathed. 

Now provided that you have any one of these tools, follow our next few steps.

Step 1 – Pour an ample amount of body wash on to the ends of your washing tool. The amount should not exceed the size of a coin. Anything beyond this point would be a waste of your own money

Step 2 – With your hands, start to rub the ends of your tool. Slowly, it will start to form a lather. This is when you should be ready to apply it to your body.

Step 3 – This is the final step. The application. Now, you don’t want to start scrubbing just about anywhere. You want to start with your chest area, which is the largest flat and reachable region in your body. Once a generous amount of lather has formed, you are ready to start extending your reach to other parts of the body. 

There, with our step by step guide to effectively use body wash for men, you are ready to utilize the dermatological benefits of a body wash and leverage the allure of the aroma to stand confidently. 

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