Best Cheap Colognes for Men in 2020

A fragrance bears an individual identity that correlates to our personal choice as well as, it has a pragmatic effect on our lifestyle. If someone suddenly comes up  to you and says, “You smell wonderful!” Certainly, that is going to be the happy hunting ground for you. So, never rush when picking the right fragrance for you, because a simple compliment for a cologne or perfume can make for a wonderful day. If you are thinking of buying Cheap Colognes for Men , then we hope this article will pave the way to your needs.

What is a Cologne, and How is it Different from Perfumes!

The word cologne is the oldest term used for perfume, that was often used in North America for its powerful or mannish fragrance. The odor of cologne is mostly light, fruity, or fresh. The core function of perfume or cologne is the same. They both deliver soothing fragrance so that you don’t feel left out during parties in summer. But the only difference is their formulation. The cologne composition typically comprises two to four percent essential/perfume oils mixed with alcohol and water. Whereas, perfumes usually have a higher concentration than colognes, which is around 20 to 30 percent. On a general basis, that’s how cologne differentiates itself from perfumes. Many people might possess the misconception about colognes and perfumes based on gender usage. But the reality behind this variation is only the composition.

Generally, cologne lasts no longer than 1 to 2 hours after applying on to your body. The most captivating part about cologne is that it works in layers. Besides delivering a harmonious fragrance, cologne is apprehended to have three sets of notes that evaporate over time in layers, after applying. The three notes are; Top notes, Mid/Heart notes, and Base notes.

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How to Pick a Good Cologne?

When it’s about emanating great within a crowd, undoubtedly, you wouldn’t procrastinate to knowing which fragrance suits you the best. Moreover, purchasing a modest cologne is the first and foremost step in ensuring that you don’t regret wasting your money on something pointless.

Many people when buying a single signature bottle of cologne, hope it to last for a long time. But we would also prefer to have fresher scents for summer while leaving the muskier or woodier ones for the cooler months.

If you’re ready to navigate a various set of colognes, then you need to use a sample card to map out the differences among each of the fragrance they bear. Once you figure out the odor of your choice, you can understand it better through a splash or two on your wrists. This would help you to realize how long it stays or matures over time.

Unfortunately, to pick the finest cologne for yourself, you should always try to choose it in person by visiting the departmental stores. If you are buying it for the first time and over online, then go through the customer reviews, which might help you to some extent. To make it easier for you, after quite a few researches, we have gathered up some of the inexpensive colognes for your day-to-day needs. But before having a cologne, you should know the process of applying it for maximum coverage.

How and Where to Apply Cologne for A Prolonged Smell?

After you’ve chosen the suitable cologne for yourself, you can head over to learn the technique of applying it appropriately, because the right amount of cologne can save the day. Having a general idea is important as to how you should apply it for accomplishing an enduring fragrance. Obviously, you wouldn’t expect it to wear off your body within a couple of minutes after applying. Hence picking the most effective way to get the optimum fragrance level out of your chosen cologne can be a bit tricky.

Ingredients that make up the overall cologne composition, has a chemistry of its own with a drop-down list to follow for applying it. Cologne is made up of smaller molecules that progressively split further with the course of time. So, the better we are at applying it, the more effective trial of fragrance will surround us throughout the day. That’s how we get to use every inch of a cologne container.

First of all, you need to ensure proper dry and sweat-free skin. The most preferable would be if you just got out of your shower. Because that’s the ideal time when pores of our skin usually open up and are capable of absorbing as much moisture as they can. For this reason, if you apply cologne right after a shower, the pores of your skin will trap an efficient amount of cologne. This will lead to minimal wastage.

Secondly, look out for your pulse points, which are mostly the warmest areas of your body. Those include your inner elbows, armpits, shoulders, and chest other than only applying on to your wrists and neck, that can scheme the fragrance on your body effectively.

Lastly, always keep in mind to spray your cologne, basically, from a distance of 3-6 inches away.

Just don’t soak your neck and wrists with repeated spraying. Follow the above-mentioned tips and get the optimum and prolonged smell out of your cheap colognes. Even then, few notable points are;

  • Spray not more than 2-4 times
  • Better not to apply on clothes
  • Don’t wipe or rub the cologne after applying
  • Don’t just spray and walk off; give it time to set on your body
  • Be careful about the nozzle so that it disperses evenly

By now you have congregated enough notions regarding colognes. But even then, if you are thinking that the best smelling colognes are the expensive and luxurious ones in the market, then we would like to prove you wrong. Check out the result of our research on the best available cheap colognes for men in the list below!

10. Armaf Hunter Intense

Armaf Hunter Intense - Cheap Colognes for Men

Armaf Hunter Cologne is a highly safe scent that pleases the crowd with its characteristics and pulls in plenty of compliments from your surroundings. It instantly delivers you a sweet, fruity, and fresh fragrance. Besides, the bottle opens with sparkling and smooth notes of cardamom, grapefruit, and slight traces of aromatic notes. It usually turns into a creamy fresh semi-sweet fragrance with a moderate peppery hunch. You will feel the vibe of being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the middle of a stressful life. It comes in 3.4 Fl. Oz. The structure of the bottle enhances its outer look and has a very unique shape. It has a flip-flop lid that adds up a bit of classy and traditional look. This cologne specially gleams up more during Summer and Spring. In one-word, Armaf Hunter Cologne is impressive.

  • Long-lasting and best for casual use
  • Affordable and suitable for any age
  • Highly versatile and usable throughout the year
  • Do not choose to buy it if you have a high picky nose

9. Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de

Montblanc Legend Spirit Eau de - Cheap Colognes for Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

Are you looking for a mass-appealing cologne that can make you feel both overwhelming and fresh at the same time? Then Montblanc Legend Spirit is the one for you. It’s a product from the German pen company Montblanc that ensures the spray and go moment whenever you are in haste. This cologne reveals the gust of sparkling peppery citrus fragrance with a fruity aquatic atmosphere.  It comes within a white bottle with a silvery lid containing 3.3 Fl Oz. The lavender and musk notes start to bloom the fragrance while settling down with a smooth woodsy and spicy base with time.

  • Long-lasting
  • Masculine scent boosting up your confidence
  • A bit pricey

8. Curve for Men, Men’s Cologne Spray

Curve for Men, Men's Cologne Spray - Cheap Colognes - Cheap Colognes for Men

The Curve is one of such colognes that has been showing up for years on shelves of many. The masculine fragrance makes you feel bold and fresh among the crowd. It’s a perfect signature cologne for a man due to its adaptability with any atmosphere, let it be casual days or official meetings. The Curve is available in four volumes, including the 2.5oz travel size bottle that comes in handy for your stressful lifestyle. It’s top three fragrances start with the mixture of Lavender, Cardamom, and Sandalwood that gives it a spicy, woody, and attractive scent.

  • Versatile
  • A bottle of 4.2oz lasts a long way
  • The scent doesn’t last long on the body

7. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette Spray for Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

It’s a perfect scent to spice up your Fall and Winter seasons. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is a little on the pricier end than others on the list. Regrettably, one should ask why one should even bother spending a little extra to have the extravagant feel at a reasonable price! We love Spicebomb because of the combination of its fragrance. Each droplet is a mixture of pink pepper, grapefruit, cinnamon, and many more notes like tobacco and leather. These ingredients just not limit it to a cologne but also sounds like a pretty splendid whiskey.

  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Long-lasting and captivating fragrance
  • Strong and bold to priggish nose

6. Quorum by Puig For Men

Quorum by Puig For Men - Cheap Colognes - Cheap Colognes for Men

If you are looking for colognes under twenty dollars, then Quorum is the one that you can’t simply turn down. Antonio Puig is the icon behind designing this simple, classy, and old school cologne that makes you feel bold while smelling like a man. The scent is something extra in the form of a fine whiskey. This Spanish company, Puig sticks to the usage of leather and tobacco notes rather than delivering the usual fresh citrus or floral notes. Its price might be delusional, but it assures longevity with its trenchant aroma. You will not miss out on any compliments on your way.

  • Inexpensive but long-lasting
  • Recommended for casual days
  • Might be too vivid and persistent smell for someone

5. David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray for Men

David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray for Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

We often lick the dust for buying products with celebrity names on it and regret later on. But surprisingly, David Beckham Instinct doesn’t fall under the same bunch. It is an incredible cologne that’s both inexpensive and marvelous at the same time. The aroma starts with a citrus orange and woody top note that hits you later on with medium notes of red pimento and star anise.  It’s a good choice for your casual days, and even if you are going out for your work.

  • Enduring fragrance
  • Powerful and attractive smell
  • Hard to find in stores

4. Drakkar Noir Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

rakkar Noir Eau De Toilette Spray for Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

Are you seeking for an absolute masculine but classic cologne? Then Drakkar Noir might be the suitable one for you. This cologne by Guy Laroche is amazingly crafted within a sleek container, having black matte complexion. It comes in various volumes starting from 1 Fl. Oz. to 6.7 Fl. Oz. This inexpensive cologne carries a classic scent of Mandarin orange, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon, and Verbena as its top note until it fades away while delivering you a hint of Cedar and Pine note at the end. Drakkar Noir cologne is one of the best cheap colognes that you will find in the market without falling short of money.

  • Popular among all ages of people
  • Deep and long-lasting fragrance
  • Mostly recommended for a romantic vibe
  • Maybe a bit sharp and too strong scent for a few people

3. Cerruti 1881 By Nino Cerruti For Men

Cerruti 1881 By Nino Cerruti For Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

Cerruti 1881 by Nino Cerruti, has been one of the most favorite colognes among people for a long time. It’s most likely Drakkar Noir, but the marvelous scent of spicy berries makes it more enticing than others on the list. We liked this cologne due to the blend of woodsy mossy and masculine fragrance. It possesses a mixture of spicy herbal touch delivering the notes of patchouli and wood, for an extraordinary hard-wearing scent. This cologne will make your evening outings more romantic and soothing.

  • Affordable and for all ages of people
  • Suitable for evening wear
  • Not so versatile

2. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man - Cheap Colognes for Men

Armaf Club De Nuit Cologne is the real spectator of compliments. You don’t even need to bother spraying a ton to get the attention. Two to three sprays will go a long way. It creates a fruity and fresh ambiance with the combination of apple, blackcurrant, and pineapple notes. Over time it blends off with the natural skin oils that flourish the underlying woody-spicy fragrance. In short, it’s an astounding and ever-loving cologne you will get attached to.

  • Handy for any occasion
  • Super long-lasting fragrance
  • Slightly strong smell

1. Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette Spray for Men - Cheap Colognes for Men

In brief, Nautica Voyage is an alluring, refreshing, and attractive cologne. Surprisingly, it’s quite popular among perfume lovers not just because of its cheap price, but also for its super crisp fragrance that will leave you bold all day long. It comes in a bottle of bluish sea vibe, with 3.4 Fl. Oz. per 100 ml, which means you can have it with you for a long time with just two to three squirts per day. A fresh, clean, and soothing essence makes it more versatile allowing you to wear anywhere on any occasion. This cheap yet astounding cologne possesses manly musk with base notes of Cedarwood, Amber, and Marine. A polish of green leaves, apple, and lotus work as the top note which matures over time with the natural skin oils.

  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Great for regular use
  • A fragrance with long-lasting freshness
  • Hard to find in departmental stores due to huge selling

Bottom Line

We found Nautica Voyage to meet the maximum needs even after being one of the cheapest yet popular colognes available in the market. Don’t get confused with the light and soothing outer look. Nonetheless, it’s a great choice for picking up the masculine and crisp fragrance that you are looking for.

If you are still roaming around for your unanswered questions, then here are few of them;


Is there any way to tell how a cologne will smell, just from a blotter?

A blotter means a paper or a logbook designed to portray how a fragrance smells. It becomes a bit tricky, but yes, one can choose a cologne by the outer look and its description at the starting from a blotter.

What is the difference between EDP, EDT, and Cologne?

These terms are to identify the strength or concentration of oil in a fragrance. Hence, it can vary from one to another. But perfume makers draw a line to mark the difference. Such as;

  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) – 8-15%
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT) – 4-8%
  • Cologne (EDC) – 2-4%

Are there such fragrances crafted to be worn only during the daytime or in the evening?

There are no hard and fast rules for maintaining a schedule for applying colognes or perfumes. But yeah, few of the colognes have the word “Nuit ” that indicates the suitability to use for evening purposes.

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