Best Cigar Cutters in 2020

Nothing says manly like smoking cigars (aside from maybe chopping firewood or throwing battleaxes). It is a relaxing vice, it is classy, it is elegant, it is stylish, and most importantly, it is tradition. Whether you are a regular smoker or not, smoking cigar appeals to you like nothing else.

As the spokesperson of being a man, Raul Julia says, “A cigar is as good as memories you have when you smoked it”. If you are a regular smoker, you are already familiar with the slow, soothing, flavorful relaxation that comes from a good cigar. It is a mood enhancer when you are having a good time when you bond with someone or after a good meal.

Even if you are a non-smoker, cigars have a strong appeal to it. It is a great way to celebrate major events. For example, it is an old tradition to distribute cigars when you become a father. Cigars are also a good way to celebrate graduations, bachelor parties, retirements, and the list goes on.

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As flavorful as cigars are, they can be a little delicate. If handled poorly, the fine flavor might get ruined. Properly cutting the cigar is essential to maintain quality. A poorly cut cigar can cause major threats to the flavor and ruin your smoking experience. Uneven and multiple cuts can either unravel the wrapper and ruin the whole cigar or it can disrupt airflow and cause irritation.

Using the right cigar cutter in accordance with the cigar type can provide a smooth cut and give you a positive smoking experience. In this article, we explain the importance of a cigar cutter and talk about some of the best cigar cutters out there. Stay with us to pick your favorite.

Signs of A Good Cigar Cutter

You should lookout for a few things when shopping for a cigar cutter. Though any cutter is good enough for all cigar types, some specified ones will give you that perfect, neat cut.


A sharp blade means a clean cut. The blades are what make it a ‘cutter’. A good, sharp blade will cut neatly and maintain the quality of the cigars, enhancing your smoking experience. If you somehow receive a blunt cutter, contact the company for a replacement.


Cigars come in different gauges, so similarly cigar cutters also come in those variant sizes. Matching the gauge of the cigar with the cutter will ensure a neat and smooth cut. Larger cutters can make uneven cuts and smaller ones will smush the cigar. Common gauge in cigars and cutters are 20 (appx .32”), 40 (appx .625”), 60 (appx .94”) ring.

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Use and Style

There are different styles of cutters depending on design and function. There are small portable ones best for traveling with. These designs range from circular, square, teardrop to many pocket-sized models. Then there are the tabletop models that are perfect for designated smoking areas like studies, bars, and office desks. These have exquisite designs and ornate details that can add to the room’s décor.

Cigar Cutter Types

Based on blade formation and the type of cut, cigar cutters can be of three types. There isn’t one best type of cutter, any one of these can be the best suited for anyone based on their cigars and personal preference.


Guillotines are the most commonly used cutters. They have spring-loaded single or double blades that ensure smooth cuts in the first attempt. The body is usually made with stainless steel or plastic. These are very cheap, easy to use, and often comes free with cigar boxes. Though, high-quality expensive ones are also available. Guillotine cutters work well with all kinds of cigars. Especially with torpedoes.


It is called the v-cut because it makes a wedge or V shape cut on the tip of the cigar. This unique cut is making this cutter increasingly popular among aficionados. These are comparatively smaller and more comfortable to carry. They can work with any type of cigars except the ones with a tapered end such as torpedoes.


Also known as multi-tool cutters, these provide greater leverage and ensures a smooth cut. These lightweight cutters are often multi-functional. Using these can be harder to master as they don’t include holes to guide the cigars.

Best Cigar Cutters

Now that you are aware of the types and styles of cigar cutters available in the market, it is time to look for the model that is perfect for your smoking experience.

We went through the market and found out some of the best cigar cutters that can be suitable for any type of cigars and smoking needs. We chose a few from those that can be called perfect according to style, utility, lifespan, budget, and made a list of those according to our preferences. Check it out below to find the one that you think is best for yourself.

11. Visol VCUT3003

Visol VCUT3003

This is a compact and pocket-sized cutter with a smart lock feature. The body is a beautiful stainless-steel finish. It also has a chrome-plated, lacquered finishing. This can cut through any cigar like butter with its sharp double blades. It comes in a nice gift box and a cloth pouch. It can be a great gift.

This cutter is designed in the shape and size of a matchbox. The blades are spring-loaded, dual guillotine style. The blades come with a lock mechanism. Just simply rotate the button on the top to open the two ends of the cutter. The sharp blades can cut through cigars of any style and size. It is built with premium quality stainless steel with a lacquered finish.

  • The small size of only 2.65 x 1.62 x 0.35 inches.
  • Weighs at 0.8 ounces.
  • Portable design perfect for traveling.
  • Dual guillotine blade cuts through any type of cigar.

10. Palio Composite Cigar Cutter

Palio Composite Cigar Cutter

Here is one that is made to last long. Palio cutters are refined for control and precision. It is a small-sized cutter with a big opening, which can be a huge convenience for carrying and smoking. The surgical steel blades and plastic polymer body will make sure you don’t need another cutter for a long time. This cutter can also serve as a cigar holder.

These cutters are designed to be small enough to be portable and to open wide enough to cut through even the largest cigars. The design allows the cutter to also serve as a cigar holder. Just lay it on a flat surface and store your cigar in it. The blades are made from surgical quality stainless steel which can offer remarkable sharpness. The body is made from durable non-plastic polymers.

  • Crafted to deliver precise cuts.
  • Can cut up to 60-gauge cigars.
  • weighs at 5.6 ounces.

9. Teshiuck Scissors Cigar Cutter

Teshiuck Scissors Cigar Cutter

The name can be hard to pronounce but it is remarkably easy to use. It fits comfortably in your hand and can cut clean through cigar caps with ease. The scissor design provides extra leverage and the twin stainless steel blades provide accuracy. With the right size and weight, it is a great companion in your travel and also a great addition to your bar décor.

This one is designed to be portable and pocket-sized. The customized steel nail grip and fine polished craftsmanship will offer a convenient experience. The stainless-steel body and brushed finish give it a luxurious look which adds to the classy interior of your bar or study.

  • The compact size measures at 4.02 x 2.48 x 0.16 inches.
  • Incredibly lightweight at 1.41 ounces.
  • The mouth opens up to 22mm and can easily cut caps off 60 ring gauge cigars.
  • extra leverage ensures clean-cut and sturdy handling.

8. Mrs. Brog Cigar Cutter & Stand Combo

Mrs. Brog Cigar Cutter & Stand Combo

This is a fun one. It is a multitasking tool that can serve as a cigar cutter and also a cigar stand. Made by a popular cigar accessory brand, this product uplifts your smoking experience by providing both smooth clean cuts and safe storage. A neat addition to an office desk or a home bar, this can be the perfect gift to a cigar connoisseur.

Made with durable stainless steel, this all in one cutter is designed to convert to a cigar stand in 3 easy steps. The inverted scissor design helps to provide a neat cut. The polished stainless-steel dual blades maintain cigar quality. The inverted design also virtually omits size regulation. It can cut through cigars of any diameter.

  • Dual blade scissor-style cutter.
  • Converts into cigar stand to hold it while smoking.
  • Cuts clean through cigars of all diameter. Most effective up to 60 ring gauge.

7. Xicar VX2 V-Cut

Xicar VX2 V-Cut

Another one with a secure lock mechanism, this ergonomic cutter provides v-cuts with the greatest of ease. It is a pocket-sized cutter that can be used with just one hand. Spring-loaded design; it snaps open to reveal a built-in bowl. The blades ensure precision wedge cuts equally on all sizes of cigars.

This cutter has an ergonomic design and pocket-sized in dimensions. It is designed to provide convenient and comfortable use. The blades are designed to provide VX2 v-cut. The VX2 cut can provide maximum draw without digging too deep within. The side switches can be easily used with your thumb and index finger. It has precision-engineered blades to provide equally optimized cuts to cigars of all sizes.

  • Spring-loaded snap cutting mechanism.
  • Provides a VX2 cut for maximum flavor.
  • Provides optimal cuts for both small and large cigars equally.
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranties.

6. CigarExtras Tabletop Quad Cutter

CigarExtras Tabletop Quad Cutter

This is a beautiful device, perfect for office desks. It has 4 cutters with two cut types for different cutting preferences. The lever used to cut the cigars is easy to use. It is perfect for tabletops as it also comes with a bottom tray that does not leave any mess on the table. The polished design makes it a great addition in an office, smoke room, home bar, patio, or game room.

This device is designed with 4 holes to provide two kinds of cuts. It is equipped to provide 52 and 60 ring gauge guillotine cuts and 52 and 58 ring gauge v-cuts. This device can neatly cut through cigars of any sizes. The lever makes it easy to use. All you need to do is hold the cigar in one of the holes and pull the lever. The dispenser at the bottom ensures a mess-free table and easy cleaning.

  • Easy to use lever mechanism.
  • Can cut up to 4 cigars at a time.
  • Can provide both guillotine cuts and v-cuts.
  • Clean cuts on all types of cigars.
  • Fashionable looks complimenting the room décor.

5. Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

Xikar’s Xi2 model has been quality tested to be one of the most reliable products in the market. This one comes in the classic teardrop shape. The body is made from lightweight fiberglass material. There are a few vibrant colors to choose from. The ergonomic cutter comes with two stainless steel blades and a spring-loaded mechanism.

The teardrop designed body of this cutter is made of nylon fiberglass composite. It can cut the caps clean off of 60 ring gauge cigars. It can also cut 54 ring gauge cigars in half. The blades are made from high-quality stainless steel.

  • 440 stainless steel blades are certified at 57 HRC.
  • Ergonomic design with a spring-loaded mechanism.
  • Dual blades to provide guillotine cuts.
  • Sturdy construction with an elegant finish.
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

4. G Galiner Cigar Cutter

G Galiner Cigar Cutter

If a style is your preference, then it can hardly get better than this one. With a wooden finishing, this portable cigar cutter sports a unique outlook. This one rocks both at fashion and function as the spring-loaded blades cut neatly up to 55 ring gauge.

This cigar cutter sports a unique ox horn design. It also has a sturdy construction that fits the hand perfectly. The zebrawood body is smooth to touch and luxurious to look at. The stainless metal blades are polished smooth to provide uninterrupted, precise cuts. The spring-loaded lock mechanism ensures protected carrying.

  • Simple operation.
  • Side grips to avoid finger slips.
  • 22mm hole can precisely cut up to 55 ring gauge cigars.
  • Comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Incredibly reasonable price for the quality.

3. Vertigo Victory Cigar Cutter

Vertigo Victory Cigar Cutter

Vertigo is popular for its reasonable yet high-quality products. The victory v-cut cigar cutter is but another addition to their customer favorite accessories. The razor-sharp blades make sure the cap remains undamaged while providing shallow v-cuts.

As the manufacturer says, this one is designed with “value in mind”. This cigar cutter is a purpose made to be the best cutter at the lowest cost. The compact-sized body is made with durable plastic and the stainless-steel blade can make v-cuts on any sizes of cigar equally.

  • Double action blades for v-shaped cuts.
  • Fits up to 62 ring gauge cigars.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Famously low priced.

2. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Colibri is a well-known name among cigar aficionados. They have been making top-quality cigar accessories for quite a while. This v-cut cigar cutter from them can be easily declared the best v-cutter in the market right now. With its ergonomic design and trusty blades, it ensures the perfect wedge cuts and long drags.

They designed this cutter to provide perfect wedge cuts on the caps of up to over 60 ring gauge cigars. The spring-loaded mechanism provides precise clean cuts. The ergonomic steel body will feel good in the hand.

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Spring-loaded action.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.

1. Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter

Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter

If guillotine cutters are the best for all types of cigar cutters, this one is the best of all the guillotine cutters. It sports one of the most simplistic and minimalistic designs in the market right now. The extremely compact size gives you the perfect grip and leverage and the sharp double blades will ensure precision cuts on any kind of cigars. With all that and an amazing bargain, this one is our top pick for cigar cutters.

Other than its excellent craftsmanship and sturdy construction, the brushed stainless steel is what makes Alaska bear the most reliable cigar cutter in the market. The double guillotine design makes cigar cutting feel like the easiest task. With the spring-loaded action and self-sharpening quality, this cigar cutter is at the top of the quality barrel and the bottom of the price range.

  • Can cut up to 60 ring gauge.
  • Brushed stainless steel blades.
  • Self-sharpening quality.
  • Includes an attractive gift bag.

Why cigar cutters?

You may ask, why are cigar cutters so important? Surely, they can be cut with a knife or scissors. Sometimes the cool guys in movies even bite off cigar caps. So why cigar cutters?

Though there are multiple ways to cut cigars, using cigar cutters is the best way to keep the quality of the cigar intact. Cigars can easily ruin if you poorly handled it. Smushing, squeezing, tearing, or over dampening a cigar will damage the wrapper or the tobacco within. If you don’t enjoy the right flavor then buying those expensive cigars will be pointless.

Punching cigars make a small hole in the cap providing for very limited airflow. Smoking a punched cigar means long and unfulfilling draws that don’t produce enough smoke. Excessive drawing will also get the cigar very hot very quickly, making it annoying to smoke.

Cutting cigars with pocket knives takes superior skills that come with years of practice. A lot of beginners ruin many cigars trying to cut them using knives. Uneven cuts spill the tobaccos within or unravel the wrapper breaking the whole cigar.

Similarly, biting cigars might look cool but that will almost always be destructive. Teeth are comparatively blunt, biting down a cigar will often push it down smushing the tobacco and dampening the wrapper. Biting the cigar will definitely destroy the flavor.

Cigar cutters are purposefully designed specifically to provide clean and precise cuts with the least damage to the cigar. They consist of sharp blades and spring action to make quick, clean, unaffected cuts. So these are an absolute must for regular smokers, or occasional or newbies. Correctly cut cigars will make your cigar smoking experience way better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cut A Cigar?

Answer: This requires some level of proficiency. In short, the closed end of the cigar called the cap. That is the part that goes in your mouth. The ensure you get the perfect drag, you have to cut the cap so that, you get a decent opening for proper airflow. But not so much that it unravels the wrapper. So, to make the perfect cut, you should first locate the cap, position the cutter right at the end of the cap and then cut it off without hesitating.

Do You Cut Both Ends of a Cigar?

Answer: For most cigars, no. In most cases, the foot of the cigar, which is lit is already open. The cap end is enclosed and the tobacco is concealed in that end. That is the end you usually cut off. Though, some cigars come with both ends rounded and concealed. For those cigars, you have to cut off both ends.

Which Cigar Cutter Is the Best?

Answer: There is no single best cigar cutter. Out of many different cigar cutters, there can be one that best suits your needs.

Is It Better to Cut or Punch a Cigar?

Answer: It is always better to cut a cigar. The punch creates a small hole on the cap making limited space for air passage. Punching a cigar produces less smoke, thus creating a less than satisfying smoking experience. A punched cigar will also go out quickly and frequently as it has limited air passage. Cutting a cigar means slicing it right through, leaving enough space for air passage and creating stronger and thicker smoke. A cut cigar will burn much longer and make smoking much more enjoyable.

Can You Bite the Cap Off?

Answer: You can, but it is advised against. Biting the cigar will almost certainly ruin it. It will smash the cigar, ruining the flavor, it will definitely unravel the wrapper and you will end up with raw tobacco in your mouth. Unless it is an absolute emergency, do not bite your cigar. If you have to, make it quick and clean. Just chomp down where you would place the cutter and pull back without hesitating.

Can Cigar Cutter Cut Off Your Finger?

Answer: It absolutely can. Cigar cutters consist of razor-sharp, often surgical quality blades. You should always be careful when handling a cigar cutter. Mishandling can cause severe injuries.

Smoking cigars is more than just a habit. For some it is a vice, for most it is tradition. For a lot of people, it can be therapeutic. As Ron Pearlman said, “Some people meditate, I smoke cigars.”

To have the best experience out of a cigar, it needs to be in perfect condition. The wrapper needs to be unkempt and tidy. The tobacco needs to stay intact within. The cap of the cigar should be neatly cut. A poorly cut on a cigar can affect any or all of the aforementioned qualities and ruin the entire experience.

There are many wrong ways to cut a cigar. Biting, tearing, using a punch or knives are some of the ways you can ruin an expensive cigar. Cigar cutters are the best means to get a clean and precise cut and to keep the flavors intact. Cigar cutters dedicatedly designed to make precision cuts on cigars. So, it is quite obviously the best way to do it.

We hope the list we made of the best cigar cutters available has been helpful to you. These selected cutters considering all the scenarios and possibilities in mind. We are positive that you can confidently pick the one that is perfect for yourself and enjoy your leisure or celebration.

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