15 Best Garment Bags for Suits in 2020

Garment Bags for Suits

Suits have been an integral part of men’s fashion ever since the early 1800s. Whether the occasion is official or functional, suits are there to get you prepared and looking appropriate. This is why, it is wise to keep a suit with you wherever you travel, to be prepared for any event. After air travel became viable to people of all walks (or flights), and all means of transportations have been unlocked, we started attending meetings and functions all over the world. Naturally, carrying suits with us on our travel has also become a necessity. Whether it is a business conference, graduation, or a destination wedding, our suit will always accompany us in our travels. To maintain the quality of your suit it is wise to carry them separately. Garment Bags for Suits are the best means for that.

These are a type of luggage designed to carry delicate clothing and formal attires over long distances. Garment bags come in variant sizes, shapes, and designs fitting for the right formal suits or designer dresses. Pick the right one that suits your style to keep your suit clean and wrinkle-free. We looked through the market and did a bit of research. From that, we skimmed through a variety of designs and models of garment bags and came up with 15 best choices in 2020 that are best suited for men.

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Before looking for the best garment bags, there are some things you should know. Considering the type of suits you will carry, the duration of your trip and your flight, you should be aware of the specifics that fit you perfectly. This information might seem pointless, but they will give you an extra edge while choosing the right bag for your suits.

Things to Consider before Buying a Garment Bag

Who would’ve thought buying luggage would be this hard, right? Actually, it is not, and this stuff often proves quite useful when purchasing the right bag. You see, there are different kinds of garment bags for different kinds of clothes and you can’t just use any one of them to fit your purpose accurately. Moreover, the size of the bags should also be considered as it’s important that you be comfortable while carrying it. Also, your bag needs to fit the carry-on restrictions of the flight you’ll take. So here we will discuss a few important points to keep in mind when you look for a garment bag.


Garment bags come in various designs for various uses fitting for all kinds of purposes. Different designs are better with different travel plans. Some common designs are bi-fold, tri-fold, roll-up, and single sleeve.

Bi-fold garment bags have a simplistic design with only a single fold. These are best for long trips or cross-continental flights.

A tri-fold garment bag folds into three parts. That doesn’t mean they will crease or wrinkle your suit in any way, it only means you can put them in over-head bins and save yourself from the trouble of baggage checks.

The roll-up bags compliment your style with a trendy outlook that resembles a gym bag. It features a compact size like a duffle rather than the bulky design of your typical garment bags. These are best for a gym to office or office to a gym routine. Though, you can always travel far with them if you want.

Single sleeve garment bags can keep one item at a time. These are your best option if you’re in a rush. They can be carried in hand while you’re on foot or cycling. They are also best used to keep your jackets and shirts clean and protected for long periods at once.

For short trips and car rides, there is no particular design that is more suitable than the other. Any style and design can keep even the best of your suits in perfect conditions.


A common question regarding garment bags is “Is material important?” Absolutely! Garment bags are used to protect your suits from harm such as dirt, dust, mold, moths, humidity, and many more. If you are not aware of the right material you might end up permanently damaging your suits or jackets.

Before we talk about the right materials let’s know about the wrong ones, so that we can stay away from these. Plastic and non-woven garment bags are common and cheap. Plastic ones are made from PEVA most commonly used in shower curtains. Non-woven fabric is usually used in making supermarket bags; these are not the right material for garment bags. These bags prevent airflow within and cause irreversible damage like mold, discoloration on fabrics. In the long term, these bags tend to crumble and disintegrate exposing your suits to dust and mold.

Also, you should never use plastic dry cleaner wraps to store your wear, these are not fit for the purpose. Plastic wraps contain a chemical antioxidant called BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) which will lead to staining, mildew, and yellow spots on your favorite suits.

Okay, now for the good ones. One of the most durable materials is ballistic nylon. This lightweight material can withstand airport bag checks and other tough conditions.

Leather and canvas bags are also durable and fit for the long term. They also come in luxurious styles, but these may cost you a fortune.

Cotton bags are a good option if you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly means to store and carry your suits, these bags can be tough in all situations while keeping your suits flat, clean and wrinkle-free.

Airline Carry-on Restrictions

Before you buy the garment bags that best suit your suits (pun intended), you should always make sure they fit the carry-on requirements of your most boarded airlines.

Most of the garment bag manufacturers keep it up with the carry-on restrictions so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Best Garment Bags for Suits

Now that you are an expert on garment bags, it is time to choose one for your favorite suits. We have dived into the deep corners of the market and handpicked some of the best garment bags for storing and protecting suits. see the list below and choose the one that perfectly matches your need.

15. Bagazzi Garment Bags

agazzi Garment Bags

This bag is made in Turkey with high-quality, water-resistant polyester. A tough material, this bag will be able to hold multiple shirts and jackets. It has an impressive size of 23 x 22.5 x 1.5 inches. This is best suited for business trips and weekend gateways.

This bag is lightweight and flexible. Comes in a bi-fold design, it will keep your suit unaffected by the harsh conditions of travel. It includes a shoulder strap for added comfort and easy movability. This bag can fit in large overhead bins and has extra zipper pockets for accessories.

  • Made from durable polyester.
  • Measures at 23 x 22.5 x 1.5 inches folded and 43 x 22.5 x 1.5 inches open.
  • Comes with a built-in hook for convenience.
  • Includes 3 interior pockets for protected items and 3 exterior pockets for quick access items.
  • Wide interior space, enough to fit 3 suits and accessories.

14. Matein Garment Bags for Suits

Matein Garment Bag

A convenient bag for business trips. it is more of an all-inclusive business bundle than garment bags. It has compartments for suits, ties, shirts, shoes, electronics, personal toiletries, and all that. Built with waterproof nylon fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions, it comes in a sleek and user-friendly design.

This 50” long luggage-style garment bag comes with enough space for everything you need on a short trip. It is perfect for any mode of transportation. It is built with durable nylon and high-quality zippers and can stand the test of time.

  • Bi-fold designed luggage style bag.
  • Measures at 21 x 24 x 3.5 inches folded and 50 x 24 x 3.5 inches open.
  • Includes 3 loops to store 3 complete suits and other compartments for accessories.
  • Suit compartments have foam padded tie-down straps to prevent wrinkles.
  • Comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap and a pass-through belt for convenience.

13. Prottoni Garment Bags for Suits

Prottoni Garment Bag

It may look slim but is more than capable of protecting your suits from exposure. Built with water-resistant polyester, this bag is here to last long. No matter the journey, this bag is the perfect defense for your suits on the road or on the air.

This one has a comfortable bi-fold design, complete with compartments for suits, shoes, ties, and laptops. It has enough room for all the necessary requirements for any kind of trip yet maintains a slim stylish look. This bag is made with reinforced, water-resistant 600D Polyester and can provide long term protection to your suits. The strong fabric hoops prevent hangers from slipping and save the suits from wrinkles.

  • Measures at 22 x 22 x 3 inches folded and 44.5 x 22 x 1.5 inches when open.
  • Includes a padded laptop sleeve up to 16’ wide.
  • Includes padded shoulder strap.
  • Comes with 4 internal pockets and 4 external pockets.
  • Includes Velcro closures for hangers.

12. London Fog Buckingham Garment Bag

London Fog Buckingham Garment Bag

We have talked about bi-fold and trifold designs on garment bags. This one here is Quadra-fold! This big bag will carry your suits, jackets and other clothes too. It has a fully lined interior, complete with multiple compartments for neat organization,

This bag has a book opening design with 10 hanger brackets within. It features a sturdy build, to keep your suits flat and smooth. It comes with wheels and a lock-in handle for comfortable walks. In spite of having a bulky build, it has an incredibly lightweight of 10 lbs.

  • Measures at 22 x 23 x 4 inches folded and 44 x 23 x 4 inches open.
  • Built-in dual hooks to hang up open in wardrobes or closets.
  • 6 interior zipper pockets and 1 exterior zipper pocket for accessories.
  • Adjustable tie-down straps to keep your suits neat.
  • Comes with a padded shoulder strap.

11. Seyfocnia Rollup Garment Bag

Seyfocnia Rollup Garment Bag

This stylish bag with a leather finishing is very comfortable to use. It can hold enough garments for long trips. It has versatile features with a wide capacity for storing suits and other necessary requirements for travel. This duffel style garment bag would no doubt ease your packing and compliment your style at the same time.

This bag is made from high quality waterproof super fiber PU leather which makes it ultra-durable and gives it a smooth texture. Its carefully designed interior ensures wrinkle-free transportation. This bag has separate compartments for important garments, dirty clothes, and shoes.

  • Measures at 22.5 x 13.4 x 13 inches as a duffle bag and 39 x 21.5 x 45 inches as a garment bag.
  • Includes multiple internal pockets for tie, wallet, phone, umbrella, etc.
  • External pockets for laptops, shoes, and dirty clothes.
  • Two tie-down buckles to keep the suits safe.
  • Can hold up to 3 suits.
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap and high-quality metal hook.

10. AmazonBasics Garment Bags for Suits

AmazonBasics Garment Bags for Suits

Nothing beats good simplicity. This simple bag is perfect for a quick tour of your suit. With durable and weatherproof material, this garment bag will keep your suit safe. It has a capacity of 6 garments at a time, which is perfect for a single complete suit.

This bag sports a sleek design. It weighs low and comfortable for car rides and even long runs if you’re in a rush. It is made from strong and durable material for long term storage and the compact build will keep the suit smooth and flat within.

  • Measures at 19.2 x 22 x 3 inches folded and 40 x 22 x 3 inches open.
  • Includes Velcro attached carry handles.
  • Includes full-length zipper.

9. Newhey Roll-up Garment Bag

Newhey Roll-up Garment Bag

This roll-up garment bag is the perfect travel duffel for 2-in-1 trips. It has a separate compartment for suits and other pockets for 3-6 days’ worth of clothes. Compartments for accessories are also included. Made from durable polyester, this bag is tough yet comfortable.

This bag sports a duffle design with enough protection to go for a weeklong trip. It holds enough space to store all your clothing with separate compartments to ensure proper organization. With extended interior space and built-in hook buckles, this bag can be stored without taking much of your closet space.

  • This bag measures at 22 x 12.2 x 12.6 inches as a duffel and opens up to 43 x 22 inches for suit capacity.
  • Comes with a separate shoe compartment on the side, with waterproof lining and breathable air holes.
  • Made with high-quality polyester and finished with durable nylon lining for tear and water resistance.
  • Includes extra pockets for spare clothes, passports, tickets, ties, etc.
  • Comes with attachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

8. Smart Design Garment Bags for Suits

Smart Design Garment Bag

This bag is perfect for long term storage. It is made from a breathable canvas so your suit will get enough air. Perfect for that tuxedo or prom suit.

This bag sports a smart design and a sleek build to cover low closet space. It can be folded and put in your luggage for safe travels. It has enough space to keep your suits wrinkle-free.

  • Measures at 42 x 24 x 5 inches.
  • There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Storing capacity ranges from 1 to 4 suits.
  • Made from moisture-absorbent cotton canvas for long term protection.
  • The gusseted design leaves room for complete three pieces and tuxedos.

7. WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bags

WallyBags Extra Capacity Garment Bags

This bag is very simple and highly functional. The small and firm build will fit easily in the overhead bins. Durable polyester provides protection against dampening and all-weather conditions. Superior construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Sporting a bi-fold design, this bag has a wide interior space with Wally clamps that can hold up to 8 pieces of garments. It includes hanger clamps to help in quick packing. The hanger clamp keeps the suits stable. It contains extra-large pockets for shoes and accessories.

  • Measures at 22 x 22 x 8 folded and 45 x 22 x 4 open.
  • Made from durable polyester to ensure water resistance and weatherproofing.
  • Hanger clamps ensure wrinkle-free transportation.
  • Comes with 3 years’ worth of manufacturer’s warranty.

6. Dalix Business Garment Bag

Dalix Business Garment Bags for Suits

With a very old-fashioned look, this bag is a reliable transportation mode for your suits. The thick polyester PVC fabric ensures complete safety from dampening and humidity. This bag is easy to move around for its lightweight. It has enough interior space for the suit to remain flat and creaseless and extra pockets for accessories.

This bag sports a bi-fold design. It is perfect for suits and short coats. It’s suited for a wide variety of professional uses. It ensures long-lasting protection for both transportation and storage.

  • Measures at 40 x 24 x 4.5 inches, unfolded.
  • Comes with two front pockets for shoes and accessories.
  • Holds a reasonable price.
  • Comes with easy-carry handles.
  • Comes with an ID slot on top.

5. Plixio Garment Bags for Suits

Plixio Garment Bags for Suits

The garment bags are purpose-built for storage. The polyester material offers flexibility, so it doesn’t take up much storage space. This bag is perfect for suits to store in a closet or transport in a long haul.

This garment bag has a simplistic design, preferred for storage. It is made from durable polyester for long term protection and comes with a small transparent window.

  • It has enough interior space for two suits at once.
  • Built with moisture-resistant material.
  • Comes with a transparent window for quick condition check.

4. AmazonBasics Premium Garment Bag

AmazonBasics Premium Garment Bags for Suits

Another entry from AmazonBasics, this bag is new and improved. It comes in two fashionable colors. With two different size options to choose from, this bag can carry multiple suits and accessories with ease.

This one’s a bi-fold bag made with high-quality polyester. It has tie-down straps to keep the suits unaffected. Complete with hoops and shoulder straps.

  • Measures 20.7 x 21.1 x 3.9 inches folded; 43 x 20 x 3 inches unfolded.
  • Can hold up to 3 suits and accessories.
  • Organized front pockets for pens, passports, headphones, etc.
  • Comes with a 1-year AmazonBasics warranty.

3. Travel Select Amsterdam Garment Bag

Travel Select Amsterdam Garment Bags for Suits

Big, broad, and sturdy, this bag redefines durability. With a wide range of materials, this garment bag can endure rough situations. Though it is a heavy piece of luggage, this bag comes with wheels and trolley handles for comfortable movement.

This garment bag is made of 1200d two-tone polyester and finished with an EVA reinforced front panel. It comes with inline skate wheels and an internal handle system. A spacious interior with multiple pockets assures organized packing and multiple exterior pockets for extras.

  • Measures at 23″w x 22″h (44″ opened) x 7″d and weighs 9.3 Lbs.
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.
  • Includes corner protected in-line skate wheels.
  • Comes with elegant interior lining.
  • Tie-down straps to keep the suits sturdy.

2. Modoker Convertible Garment Bag

Modoker Convertible Garment Bags for Suits

You already know about the convenience of roll-up garment bags. This model can easily be the best roll-up in the current market. With a neat design, this bag will keep everything compact and stable even on the rockiest road and you can fling it over your shoulders with no worries of ruining the suits.

This garment bag is made from high-quality polyester and jacquard. It is torn, splash and scratch-resistant. It comes in a stylish grey color.

  • No wrinkle Guarantee.
  • Can be substituted for a weekend duffel or a gym bag.
  • Built-in shoe compartment.
  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Meets the size requirements at the airport.

1. Zegur Carry on Garment Bag

Zegur Carry on Garment Bags for Suits

With a1800D polyester body and fray resistant material, this garment bag has all a regular traveler can ask for. The fair bargain and 100% money-back guarantee, we present our no.1 pick for garment bags.

With high-quality material, this bag also includes premium quality zippers, long-lasting fray-resistance, and guaranteed waterproofing.  The designer of this bag is to keep your suits clean, flat, and smooth for as long as you need and complement your style.

  • Measures at 23 x 22 x 4 inches folded and 43 x 22 x 4 open.
  • Can hold up to three suits with room left for belts, shoes, ties, and toiletries.
  • Comes with a top carrying handle and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for comfort.
  • This bag attaches to your luggage for convenience.


To end with it, you can be assured that all the garment bags in this article are the best ones on the market right now. Your requirements may vary depending on your suits, airline regulations, or travel regime. Hopefully, all the bags on this list will meet any kind of requirement for your travel purpose.

You would not want to waste your time, packing, and ironing on a trip. You’d want the best means to keep your suits clean, flat, and smooth and garment bags are the solution to that. So, pick the garment bag best-suited for you from the list we made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are garment bags allowed as carry-ons?

Answer: Yes, all garment bags count as carry-ons by all US airlines, no matter how small it is. Though sometimes the rules may be flexible, it is still better to be prepared.

  • Are garment bags worth it?

Answer: If you are a regular traveler then yes. a garment bag can carry a few days’ worths of clothes, especially for mid-week trips. They generally have enough space for a suit, a few shirts, a pair of shoes, and side pockets for accessories. Basically, a garment bag is everything you need for a Tuesday-Thursday trip.

  • Are plastic garment bags bad for clothes?

Answer: In short, YES! Plastic garment bags can have long term irreversible effects on your clothes like yellowing, mold, mildew, and stains. It is also a suffocation hazard for children.

  • Can moths get into garment bags?

Answer: garment bags are designed and built to keep moths away. However, you should always close the pockets and zippers carefully just in case.

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