20 Eye-Catching Goatee Styles You Need to See in 2020

Goatee Styles

Altering your appearance and accentuating your features are two of the most beneficial attributes about rocking a beard or a mustache. A goatee is the best of both worlds that is not-just-a-beard or not-just-a-mustache. It’s the combination of the two that comes in a myriad of variations, either by connecting or disconnecting the two. Although the multi-faceted beard style originated centuries ago (which we will cover later in this article), the past couple of years or decades has seen a resurgence of the goatee styles.

Eye-catching Goatee Styles

Eye-catching Goatee Styles

Over the years, it has become a common form of facial hair fashioned by men of all ages including late teens, business professionals, or older men. It is one of those beard styles that men who aren’t genetically blessed with thicker hair growth can opt for too. Besides, variations on this suit men of all ages as well. With that said, here’s a rundown of the most eye-catching goatee styles that every man must-see.

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1. The Van Dyke Goatee

The Van Dyke goatee originated from the 17th Century Flemish artist Anthony Van Dyke that features a disconnected mustache and a soul patch on the chin, which can be fashioned either short or long. Besides, the rest of the face should be clean shaved. This goatee style is great at duplicating sharper facial features as it brings them face to a point which is great for someone who isn’t blessed with cutting jawbone or cheekbones. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., and David Beckham have all sported this versatile beard style at some point.

2. Full Goatee Beard

For fuller-looking beard lovers, a full goatee beard is a great option as it’s a combination of a connected mustache and a beard where the beard around the mouth is trimmed in a circular shape. Brad Pitt has fashioned the full goatee beard style for long enough, which led to it being his signature look. The beard style requires the facial hair to surround the mouth and chin in a way that it all becomes one. Although it can be worn short or long, it’s advised to not opt for the latter as it would elongate the face too much. Since it portrays an angular appearance men with a rounder face structure will benefit from the full goatee beard the most.

3. The Anchor Goatee

The name alone clearly suggests what an anchor goatee might look like. It features a strip of hair that extends from beneath the lip vertically towards the chin and then spreads outwards along the jawline. This is another beard look that accentuates the features of a round face. However, if you have a rectangular or heart-shaped face, you should avoid the anchor goatee as it would just add extra length to the face.

4. Landing Strip

A soul patch is just a patch of facial hair on the chin, whereas a landing strip is the elongated version of a soul patch. In this goatee style, the hair beneath the lip extends vertically towards the chin, creating a long patch of facial hair. If that’s too bold for you, you could also sport a mustache along with the landing strip. This, in turn, will take the sole attention away from the strip of facial hair under your lip.

5. The Stubble Goatee

If you are new to the goatee styled beard, you may want to start with this – the stubble goatee. It’s the safer version of a full goatee beard or other variations of this versatile beard style. The shape and style resemble a full goatee but differ in the length of the hair. To achieve this, let your beard grow for 5 to 10 days, depending on the favorable stubble length and your hair growth. Then, shave to create the shape of a classic goatee.

6. Chin Goatee

The chin goatee refers to a concentrated form of facial hair right at the chin. This creates an angular appearance of the face by elongating it to an extent. If you have a heart-shaped face or a diamond-shaped face, it’s better to steer clear of the chin goatee style. However, rounder face structures can opt for this as it would help to create an oval face shape, which is considered the ideal face shape.

7. Rounded Goatee

The classic goatee can be a bit bold for everyone’s preference. If you’re one of those people who wouldn’t dare to go for a structured goatee but still want to try out the versatile style, you may try the rounded goatee. In this, the edges of the goatee are trimmed in a way to create a rounder shape. This helps to soften the beard style while still standing out.

8. Low Chin Goatee

Here’s a unique goatee style that features a small amount of facial hair only in the lower part of the chin, more like just on the pointy edge. This goatee style is subtle but bold at the same time. Neither can everyone pull it off nor would it be ideal for professionals. However, it’s just facial hair and you may try and check it out for yourself.

9. Natural Goatee

The natural goatee is an undefined goatee style that portrays a more modern look as opposed to the classic goatee with sharp edges. Due to its subdued appearance, the natural goatee will look great on almost any face shape, be it round, oval, diamond, or heart. Leonardo DiCaprio has sported the natural goatee for years, so you may take that as an inspiration and try it out yourself.

10. Horseshoe Mustache

The horseshoe mustache, undoubtedly, portrays a tough-guy look. It’s an easy-to-grow mustache for men who have significantly thicker hair growth. Besides, it focuses on growing hair down the sides of the mouth, which is not achievable by all men depending on the growth pattern. It’s achievable by growing out a full beard for about a month and then trimming it to create the horseshoe mustache surrounding the mouth. Usually, older men go for this look. However, if the hair growth pattern supports it, you may opt for it irrespective of your age.

11. Soul Patch 

A soul patch refers to a concentrated tuft of hair right below the lips. The rest of the face should be clean shaved to sport this look. It was popular goatee styles among jazzmen in the 1950s and 1960s. Men with stronger features such as the jawbone or cheekbones may opt for a soul patch while rounder face structures may not be enhanced through it.

12. Musketeer Beard

The musketeer beard features a long mustache and a short beard across the chin. Although it’s unusual goatee styles, if you want to stand out the musketeer beard should be right up your alley. The focal point of this style is the mustache which should have a sharp twist on both the edges. You may use a beard balm to obtain the required look.

13. Pencil Goatee

A pencil goatee is ideal for someone with a smaller face as a classic goatee might look out of place or too overwhelming. It’s a low-profile variation of a full goatee beard which can be achieved by trimming a goatee enough to reach the desired width. Craig David has fashioned the pencil goatee for as long as one can remember so if you have a similar facial structure, you may think of getting it as well.

14. Royale Goatee

A Royale goatee features a full goatee without the hair at the corners of the mouth, which are known as the connectors. Connectors are usually harder to grow especially for men with patchy hair growth. This could be one of the reasons why you’ve steered clear from a goatee. But a Royal goatee does a great job of achieving the look without having to deal with the connectors.

15. Disconnected Goatee

A disconnected goatee is quite similar to a circle beard, but without the facial hair on the sides. This beard style does not have any definitive length as it can be short or long depending on your preference and facial structure. Besides, a lot of celebrities are known for styling their disconnected goatees such as Tupac, Adam Driver, Michael B. Jordan, and more.

16. Scruffy Goatee

A scruffy goatee features a full-grown circle beard accompanied by scruff all over the jawline and the cheekbones. This creates a contrasting pattern on the face as the scruff is lighter than the solid circle beard. Besides, it’s easy to maintain and looks great on almost all facial structures. Celebrities like Tom Hardy and Chris Millington are known for sporting the scruffy goatee styles.

17. Extended Goatee

Similar to a traditional full goatee beard, the extended goatee spreads across the jaw in symmetry while the edges aren’t as harsh as a classic goatee. The goatee styles are always known as the tailback. It’s a pretty easily achievable style as it does not require regular shaping or trimming. The extended goatee suits rectangular facial structures the most. Besides, it’s a great beard style for someone who suffers from patchy hair growth.

18. Chin Puff

Chin Puff is surely a daring goatee style that not all men can pull off. It features a vertical patch of hair that starts right beneath the lip and extends downwards. To achieve this, you need to grow out your beard for a couple of days or more depending on the growth pattern as the chin puff requires a thick patch of hair. Then, clean shave the entire face leaving a rectangular patch of hair between your lower lip and the chin.

19.  Short Anchor

As the name suggests, a short anchor is a short and cooler version of the anchor goatee that features a mustache and a strip of facial hair extending vertically towards the chin. It is then spread outwards while making sure that both sides are symmetrical.

20. Goatee with Stubble

A goatee might be too bold for some men. To prevent the focus on it, you may also choose to fashion stubble across the cheeks and jawbones along with the solid goatee. It’s a safe combination for men with patchy hair growth. Besides, a goatee with stubble suits all sorts of face shapes. To achieve this, make sure the hair on the cheeks and jawline are much shorter than the hair on the mustache and the chin.

How to Trim a Goatee 

A goatee requires more effort to trim in comparison to a lot of other short beard styles as it is a bit complex. You’d require an electric trimmer to at least outline the shape of the goatee. You can later go in with scissors however, the electric trimmer would suffice.

To create a goatee, you need to brush the existing beard downwards and use the trimmer to create an outline. Then, get rid of any hair that you wouldn’t want to be linked to your goatee. Electric beard trimmers usually come with guards that can be used to measure the length as per your preference.

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How to Style a Goatee 

Once you’re done choosing specific goatee styles that suit you based on your facial structure, it’s time to tame and style it. The electrical trimmer will help you achieve your desired goatee styles, but you need to use high-quality products solely made for the beard hair.

Essentially, beard oils and balms do a great job of not only styling the beard but keeping it healthy. You should put the same effort into styling your beard as you would to style your hair. This is where beard balms and oils come to your rescue. Besides, these miracle beard products will promote facial hair growth when used correctly and regularly.

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From Where Did a Goatee Gain Its Popularity? 

The Goatee beard style gained its popularity in the 17th Century through the Van Dyke Goatee. It was named after the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. The artist was known for painting dukes, queens, and princesses. Charles, I was the most renowned out of the ones he painted. Besides, Van also indulged in a lot of self-portraits where he fashioned a pointed chin beard accompanied by a curved mustache.

Charles, I sported a similar beard style as well, and both of their portraits were circulated all over Europe at that time. After the positive acknowledgment of this unique beard style, it was named after the painter himself.

However, later in the 18th and 19th Centuries, its popularity almost disappeared in respectful circles. They were only worn by the ones who belonged to the less respectful circles like the soldiers. Napolean Bonaparte wore a goatee as well, and the beard style was somehow associated with assertiveness.

Origination of the Goatee 

Have you ever looked at a man with a goat-ee and wondered how it had originated, especially when it resembles a feature of an animal that all of us are aware of? This history of this beard is nothing like any other facial hairstyle. The origination of goatee is quite peculiar as the name comes from the long fur beneath a goat’s chin. This has a clear resemblance to the Greek Pan God, which is half-man, half-goat. Although the Pan God had supposedly transferred himself into more human-like features, the head and horns of the goat remained.

The Resemblance to the Devil

The Greek Pan God was the god of shepherds but was also linked to the symbol of wildness. As Christianity paved its path into Ancient Rome, Pagan stories were spread and were known to possess an evil force. This, in turn, allowed the Pan God to be linked with Satan.

As Christianity had expanded, you’d assume the worship of other Gods would come to a definite fall. That’s exactly what took place by presenting the Pan God with demonic qualities. As the Pan God featured a tuft of hair on the chin, an association of evil was formed with a goatee. Therefore, it was concluded that anyone who goes for a choice of beard that has a similarity to the Pan God, must possess attributes of the Devil himself.

This is how, a now-to-be-known as a simple beard style, had once resembled the Devil, or at least thought to have an uncanny resemblance.

Link to the “Bad-Guy” 

The goatee is strangely associated with superheroes or villains, but more so the bad guys. The short beard style is somehow used as a symbol of power that screams masculinity. Of course, the connection to the devil portrays a logical reason for goatee to be incorporated in the characters with negative roles.

According to Polygon’s entertainment editor, Susana Polo, the goatee often used to represent a transformation of a character’s big life event that might include a period of emotional darkness or savagery. The goatee usually symbolized as a character’s emergence from a dark period. That’s how it’s linked to the “bad-guy” is superhero movies or comics.

Modern-day Goatee 

The early 2000s witnessed a rise in the goatee beard style. Starting from actors and rappers, to singers and teachers, everyone sported a goatee to fit in. But of course, everything that’s popular reaches a saturation point, and the goatee too began to fade.

Modern-day celebrities have sported the goatee with variations for the past few decades, which again led to a rise to some extent especially among the hardcore fans that might have used them as inspiration. The most popular of them all include Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Channing Tatum, and many more!

Goatee styles define the features of a man’s face by creating a connective line of facial hair. Moreover, if your hair and the goatee are of the same color, it will help to pull your whole look together. Of course, you can always take inspiration from celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Kanye West, and Brad Pitt to motivate yourself to get one if you still think it’s a bold move.

If a particular one doesn’t suit you, you can always try out another one. After all, it’s just facial hair. So if you mess up, it’s bound to grow back again!

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