Best Gym Bag for Men: 20 Best of 2020

Gym bags once served the purpose of holding your dirty clothes after a long workout. That is no longer the case. If you’re a fitness enthusiast who uses specific machines or follows a strict exercise regime, you need to carry a lot of things when you’re out and about or on your way to the gym, starting from a change of clothes or energy drinks to specialized gear or equipment. Gym bags now come in various designs, models, and materials to cater to any type of workout. But the number of brands and variety of choices might intimidate you. You also don’t want a poorly constructed gym bag for men that frays quickly and doesn’t fit your equipment. So, how can you figure out what you need and what design might suit you best? What do you even need a gym bag for men? Read on to find out!

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Why Buy A Gym Bag for men?

Many people will argue and claim that a simple carry-on bag is enough to take to the gym. And that’s true only if you only have a flimsy workout routine.

The main reason you need a gym bag is that it helps you carry a plethora of gears. If you box, you need space to put in your boxing gloves, and if you’re planning to practice badminton or tennis, you need to carry your racket.

If you’re an avid sportsman, you know you need a bag with space to carry your things. Those involved in sports and outdoor activities often make impromptu plans that require them to stay over at a place for a day or two. Swimmers need a compartment that separates their damp swimsuits from their dry clothes. And a separate space is always a plus regardless of your chosen athletic activities. No one wants the smell of their used sports gear to waft into his or her fresh clothes.

Everyone has a unique workout routine and has particular requirements. So why shouldn’t you get a bag that meets your preference too?

But you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a bag that won’t last you for a year. It’s best to invest in a strong and suave gym bag that might even last you for years.

What You Can Carry In A Gym Bag for Men

It goes without saying that your gym bag must fit the particular equipment that you need for your exercise and training. But it also requires a few other essentials to elevate your workout to a different level entirely.  Here are some handy items that will do the trick and prepare you for unexpected surprises too.

A water bottle

You should always hydrate yourself in between workouts. You need the right amount of water in your body before, during, and after exercising to ensure your body is working at its peak. Water regulates your body function properly so you understand why it’s number one on this list. Plus, waiting in line for water in the gym is a hassle you definitely want to avoid. Save your energy and time by carrying your own water bottle. Carrying flasks also helps you keep your drink cold or warm according to your preference.

A small towel

While a few premium gyms offer complimentary towels to their members, many don’t. It also feels a tad weird to use a towel that was most likely passed around by various others. It eases your mind when you use your own. It’s likely more hygienic too. A small towel is important to keep around to help wipe off your perspirations. It’s also a general courtesy to wipe your sweat off the gym equipment after you’re done using them. You have to remember several others will pick it up for use after you. That small towel of yours will help put things together.

A pair of earbuds or headphones

Nothing pumps you up more than a pumped-up or inspirational workout playlist. A pair of functional earbuds or headphones will set up the right mood and music for you. A low-quality pair might have an adverse effect. Running out of batteries in the middle of an intense workout is a major buzzkill. So make sure the ones you carry have long battery life. And the device is even better if it’s sweatproof and slip-proof.

Workout clothes

You don’t want to exercise in your casual or formal clothes. You’re just begging for it to be ruined that way. Workout clothes are an absolute necessity. And honestly? It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy; just get a pair of socks, sneakers, shorts and a shirt and you’re all good. A blend of synthetic infused fiber is always welcome. Cotton tends to soak in and trap the moisture and takes a longer time to dry. Damp clothes may damage your gym bag too.

Change of clothes

If you’re going to the office after an intense workout, you should probably keep a change of clothes in your gym bag too. You don’t want to leave the gym in the same clothes you just did some heavy lifting with. It’ll unquestionably irritate the people around you.

A deodorant

Carry a deodorant to uplift your mood rather than others. It helps you feel fresh and clean. And it takes very little space in your otherwise stuffed bag.

Some first aid supplies

You may be a ballerina on the treadmill but even those elegant, fluid dancers have moments of discord. Accidents happen. It’s unavoidable. Especially in a space filled with heavyweights, automated equipment, sharp corners, and overhyped athletes. A compact first aid kit is always welcome in this scenario.

Non-essential essentials


Don’t scoff at this. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of baby powder, or talcum powder if you’re picky. Sweat and constant friction will decidedly lead to unwanted chafing. Your easy remedy to this rather annoying problem comes in a small bottle of powder. It helps wonders.

A pair of sandals or flip-flops

If you’re in a hurry and almost always end up in the public shower for a quick cleanse, then this is a must-have. You don’t know what bacteria or germs are lurking on the floors of these washrooms. A pair of sandals will protect you from any unexpected encounters with microorganisms.

A bar of soap

It’s always nice to shower with your favorite scented toiletries. But carrying everything isn’t possible. It’s alright to use the ones your gym provides but a bar of soap is the most portable and useful among all items.

A fitness trackers

It’s easy to get lazy and sidetracked when you’re working out. A fitness tracker motivates even the leisurely members of the gym. The device tracks your progress and the records help you keep your calorie count. Most fitness trackers automatically begin recording once you move around. So you know the number of steps you’ve taken a day or the number of hours you’ve spent sleeping too. They’re relatively accurate and help measure your heart rate too.

A muscle soother

Went a little overboard with the weights and ended up with sore, stiff muscles? Don’t worry about it. Carry a soothing muscle rub to relieve your body from muscle aches and strains. This often happens after a rigorous or rough workout. So it’s always nice to have calming balm around.

A few energy bars

It’s always helpful to keep an energy bar lying around in your gym bag. You can keep a mix of high-carb or high-protein bars to fuel up your body or feed your muscles swiftly.

A gym lock

Although it’s not a necessity, it’s safer to carry your own lock. Many gyms have their own lock system, but it’s an extra measure you can take for your ease of mind.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Gym Bag For Men

Fitness is a part of your daily life, so your gym bag must not only be functional but stylish too. A quality backpack should be light and ergonomic for everyday use. A gym bag is used to carry all your necessities while hitting the gym, pool, or fitness center. Here are some of the features you need to look into before making your purchase.

The Material

The construction of the gym bag determines its longevity. It’s what makes or breaks the bag. So it’s something you should check up on before making your purchase. Here are the top popular choices of materials in the market.


If you’re a corporate person who frequents upon the gym after a long day at work then this material is built for you. This material reflects class, status, and style. It’s also fairly expensive too. Modern-day leather bags have waterproof characteristics and it’s perfect for those who require a separate compartment for wet or used swimsuits or workout clothes. Leather bags are also the most durable among all other materials. They withstand accidental scratches too.


Canvas gym bags are lighter and cheaper than weather and people often use it for its durability. They don’t tear or wear out easily. And you can make it last longer by treating it with oil. These bags are interwoven with cotton or linen fabric.


Nylon bags are the cheapest among the three and come in a variety of designs and colors. If you’re someone who keeps up with the latest trends and wants to make a fashion statement, then these bags are the ones you want. It can also outlast the other two as it’s made of a mix of petroleum and lightweight plastic.


Durability is one of the more important features while buying a new gym bag. You want a bag that’ll last you more than a few weeks. Some bags are quite misleading. They look strong on the outside but actually fray quicker than you can say, ‘What a workout!’ While leather is the ideal choice of fabric, in this case, they’re also prone to gathering mold if exposed to moisture and neglect. Bags of canvas or nylon fabrics are easier to maintain.

Comfort and Capacity

Don’t bother with a bag that doesn’t fit you ergonomically. It’s likely to bring you more discomfort and pain that unsuspecting injuries. Your gym bag should support you and your frame. The other feature that carries importance is capacity. Think of the number of compartments you require and make the purchase accordingly.

Another thing to look into is whether the zippers and slots are all in place for you to easily access all your equipment. Trying to find your headphones or water bottle in a mess is not a welcome start or end to your workout regime. A gym bag that has a hidden pocket can help you keep your valuables safe too.

Easy Cleaning

Your gym bag should be easy to clean. It’ll get dirty. It’ll witness some sweaty days; maybe some accidental spills too. And you don’t want to wait for your bag to carry a musky smell. So, a bag that’s easy to clean and keep tidy works up to your advantage.


This is a follow-up feature to the comfort one but straps are a pretty important feature to look into. Some people prefer a single strap to sling over their shoulders while others want a backpack or carry-on. The latter has more space, so you can fit in any item you need. A single strap usually strains your back after a long workout while backpacks don’t really make an impact. But if you’re keen on a single strap bag, you can look into crossbody designs that dissipate your body heat too.

Design and style

Of course, you need to look into the design; it’s a given. And it’s not only because of the style and aesthetic. You need to consider what you need the bag for too. Some bags have a specific use for a particular activity. So, if you need to carry equipment to fulfill a particular exercise or sports activity, then you need a bag that fits your criteria too.


Finally, you shouldn’t invest in a gym bag that isn’t worth the price. It’s your hard-earned money after all. You can find good quality gym bags at various prices; even cheap ones too! You just need to prod it a little to find out the reviews and feedback of others. Don’t spend your money merely because you can. Make it a proper investment!

What Should The Best Gym Bag For Men Feature?

In modern-day society, men have many more choices to scour from when it comes to bags. They’re more diverse, fashionable, and trendy. Gym bags are no different. Ending up with a gym bag that isn’t suitable for you or your needs is very frustrating. So, don’t let trivial mishaps such as mismatched socks, insufficient batteries on your headphones or a measly gym bag let you down! Let this guide pin down some of the things that the best gym bags should feature!


The first thing you need to consider while you’re on the lookout for a gym bag is space. Why? Because going to the gym is going to be absolutely ineffective if you don’t have your tools or equipment with you. How are you supposed to pull off your epic workout without your athletic clobber?

You also need room for all the other necessary items you carry for your effective workout. That means, space for your water bottle, clothes, food, health kits and so much more. A rectangular bag will fit in more items than any other counterparts. It’s sturdier too!

A shoe compartment

While this isn’t an absolute necessity, any bag that has this feature should make it to the top of your list. Your sports shoes are the most used items from your entire workout gear. You need it for almost every exercise starting from some intense cardio or draining weightlifting. Your shoes also collect a plethora of unwanted germs and bacteria overuse, which you surely do not want to mix with the rest of the items in your bag. So, you understand why this is a plus point, don’t you?

The closing mechanism

Many miss out on this point because if a bag closes and has a tight latch, it’s already relatively secure. Right? Think again. Many backpacks come with drawstrings. But it’s best to shy away from those if you carry valuables in your bag. It’s decidedly unsafe because if someone with bad intentions pulls at your strings, your items are vulnerable and likely to be stolen.

Metal zipper bags are relatively safer, not only because it keeps everything intact but also because it makes a sound while you’re opening it.


It’s no question that durability plays a crucial role when it comes to gym bags. Your bags have to be sturdy and strong in order to withstand the countless hours at the gym and pre or post-workout frustrations. And the more load and items you put into the bag, the stronger it should be to carry the weight of the items.

Look for bags that have exterior seams. They add a touch more strength in the overall structure. But the construction isn’t enough. You need to take care of your bag too. You can’t overhaul it with items and forcefully close the zippers. The fabric plays an important role too. So, make sure you find one that fits the description in your head.

Thick straps and lightweight

Bags with thin straps actually strain your back and leave a mark. Why make your already sore body suffer some more? Always opt for a bag with wide and flat straps. They are infinitely more comfortable. The weight of the bag is something to think over too. If your bag is already heavy without equipment, imagine how much heavier it’ll be with all your gear inside it! Leave the heavy bags for travel purposes; find a lighter one for the trips to the gym.

Waterproof characteristics

It’s so important to carry a bag that’s waterproof. Easy to wash and spill-resistant, what more do you want? It’s important to air your bag and clean it every now and then so your bag being waterproof is a sure advantage. Water-resistant materials also protect the items in your bag from external interferences. Find ones that come with mesh padding and pockets to help keep your used clothes away from everything else.


You need to find a gym bag that you’ll be proud to carry on your back or shoulders. You don’t want to go to the gym without confidence. It’s also important to consider how you’re commuting to the gym. Are you taking the train or bus? If yes, then you need a compact bag. If you’re walking or jogging there, then you need a backpack. And if you take your own car, you’re free to go crazy with the size. But whatever it is, just make sure you’re happy with it. Shy away from white or light colors because they’re prone to getting dirty faster. And scrubbing the dirt marks away is no easy feat.

So now that you looked into the features that should be included in your latest gym bags, here are the top 25 picks trending in the market right now.

The 20 Best Gym Bags for Men in 2020

1. Sporty Gear Gym Bag for Men by Everest

Best Gym Bag for Men

Who doesn’t like finding affordable products with excellent quality? Everest slaves away to meet those criteria and comes up with products like this sporty gear bag for you. It’s positively acclaimed by many users for its durability and space. The bag has room for all your gym gear and any other equipment you like to tuck in. It comes with zippered side compartments with mesh pockets for smaller items. The product exterior is scratch resistant as well as mildew resistant, so you know it’ll last you for years to come. You can pick from a variety of colors that suits your style.

  • It has two exterior handles along with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
  • It has a unisex design, so anyone can use it for various purposes.
  • The shoulder straps are a little flimsy when it isn’t adjusted properly.

2. Brasilia Training Duffel Gym Bag for Men by Nike

Best Gym Bag for Men

Nike never fails to deliver in terms of quality and this bag is no different. The bag is made up of polyester and has enough room to fit in your workout clothes and other necessities. It has three separate compartments and a maximum capacity of 24 liters. The sturdy exterior keeps all your equipment steady and protected. It has thick, wide straps that easy portability to and from the gym. Take your pick from four popular, neutral colors. The bag is also perfect to carry to an overnight stay at a friend’s place or a weekend-long camping plan.

  • It has a mesh exterior pocket for items you need to quickly access.
  • It has a water-resistant bottom.
  • It is difficult to carry around this large bag to the gym every single day.

3. Gym Bag for Men with Wet Pocket by Everest

Best Gym Bag for Men

This bag is not only functional but pretty cheap too! If you’re on a budget but in dire need of a replacement gym bag, this is it. The material is polyester and has weaved seams, so you know it doesn’t fray or gets ruined easily. If you’re looking for a bag that has several side pockets, this bag fits the criteria. It has a side compartment for your shoes or wet swimsuits. It also has two extra zipper pockets that have mesh pouches for those items you want instant access to. You can pick from five different styles. The bag has a metal anchor point, a padded hook and loop close handle and the main compartment has a heavy-duty zipper clamshell opening.

  • It has a separate pouch for your water bottle.
  • The arm strap is removable and comes with a shoulder pad.
  • This bag can’t withstand rough handling.

4. Legacy Gear Bag by Carhartt

Best Gym Bag for Men

Many might complain that this is a little overweight for a regular gym bag but the simplicity of this design is what brings this bag to this list. It’s water-resistant and tough. The gym bag comes in black, grey or the fashionable and iconic two-toned tan or brown Carhartt items are famous for. The bag is made of polyester and this synthetic material repels water and other liquids. The main compartment can carry all your necessities. And it also has a zippered pocket to hold your smaller items.

  • It has an adjustable and padded shoulder strap.
  • It also has side haul handles.
  • The bag is pretty heavy for regular use.

5. Chasm Sport Duffel Gym Bag for Men by Thule

Best Gym Bag for Men

Anything you need to stuff into your gym bag, this duffle bag with a wide mouth by Thule will intake it. It has a side-zip access panel that lets you grab the objects you need swiftly without disturbing the rest of the arrangements. It has internal mesh pockets that keep your tools and equipment organized and put together and it also has a padded bottom so you don’t have to worry about any accidental drops. You can easily store this bag after use by folding it without creases.

  • It has plenty of pockets both inside the bag and out.
  • It can be converted into a backpack.
  • The price is pretty steep.

6. Hudson Barrel Duffel Bag by THE MASTLINE Co.

Best Gym Bag for Men

Mastline is making a name for itself by delivering top-notch, stylish products and this gym bag is no different. It’s not limited to the gym only. This classy bag is ideal for an overnighter. This heavyweight canvas construct is padded with a water-resistant nylon fabric inside and an attractive leather on the outside.

  • It comes in six different colors but the navy blue is a market favorite!
  • It doesn’t have a separate shoe compartment.
  • It’s pretty small compared to other gym bags in the market.

7. Duffel Gym Bag for Men by MarsBro

Best Gym Bag for Men

If you’re looking for a versatile bag that you can carry in hiking or camping trips along with the gym, look no further. The best part? It won’t break the bank. It’s roomy, waterproof, and has several built-in compartments to store your items. The exterior is made up of an anti-tear polyester and also has a zipped pocket for smaller accessories. The inner lining has a PVC coating. You also have an internal security pocket for your more expensive or valuable items.

  • The bag is definitely cost-effective!
  • It has a separate shoe compartment.
  • The inner lining isn’t as strong as it seems.

8. Adult Amplifier Duffel Bag by Adidas

Best Gym Bag for Men

This bag is ideal for a weekend getaway and makes a fine gym bag too. The bag is waterproof and comes with a removable drawstring bag that you can keep your shoes or used clothes in. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, which is also padded for your comfort- that’s pretty helpful if you’re the one carrying all the gear. The bag is made entirely of polyester. You can easily clean it with your hands but keep it away from bleach. The bag also comes with a mesh pocket inside.

  • The detachable bag is definitely a standout!
  • You can find the bag only in this color and it’s pretty dull to look at.

9. Elite Basketball Gym Sack by Nike

Best Gym Bag for Men

You might not want to carry around a heavy bag every time you go to the gym. And that’s totally understandable! So if you don’t want a large duffel bag, you can consider this drawstring satchel bag from Nike instead. It’s perfect for light travel as you can’t put in too many items there- just the absolute necessities. The design comes in four colors- navy blue, grey, black, or white.

  • It’s extremely lightweight!
  • It has mesh side panels to help ventilation.
  • There are no separate compartments for your shoes or used clothes.
  • It is too small to carry any additional equipment.

10. Sandhamn Duffel Gym Bag for Men by The Friendly Swede

Best Gym Bag for Men

This duffel bag has a classic design that fits any occasion. Let this bag accompany you if you want to hike, to travel, or go to the gym. The bag stands out simply because of its straps. It has padded handles, grips on the end, and adjustable straps. The bag has an ergonomic fit and you can adjust the strap to the best of your comfort. It also comes with chest straps that help carry heavier loads. The bag is made up of toxic-free materials, which are also waterproof. It’s dust-free, water-resistant, and withstands heavy weather.

  • The bag is long-lasting and durable.
  • It is roomy and can be carried as a backpack.
  • There are no distinct compartments for your shoes or used clothes.

11. Sports Gym Bag by Boost

Best Gym Bag for Men

This duffel bag has its special take on versatility. It’s big and bulky enough to fit the requirements of a regular gym bag, and it’s also stylish and sleek enough for any weekend outings. The brand is an emerging one and hasn’t made the top charts yet. But don’t let that fool you. Consumers love the product and leave positive reviews after use. You can find the design in five different vibrant colors. The bags are made of high-quality oxford fabric and have rubber-tipped zipper pulls. The fabric is breathable and wear-resistant.

  • It has a separate shoe compartment and a wet pouch.
  • The bag is multifunctional and can also be used as a handbag or crossbody bag.
  • The only disadvantage is the lack of brand name and recognition.

12. Isolate Duffel Bag by Under Armour

Best Gym Bag for Men

Under Armour is a major player in the league of workout gears so you know this gym bag will deliver. This bag is easy to carry and is water repellent while being breathable. So you can use this in any climate- hot, cold or damp- where heat, snow, or rain is common. The main compartment can carry all your exercise equipment and has a zippered closure. The bag also contains a zippered pocket on the outside for smaller items such as your keys or phone that you need quick access to. The bag is made from polyester and has an abrasion-resistant coating.

  • It has an adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
  • You can wash it by hand!
  • The bag cannot carry heavy or large items.

13. Small Field Waxed Cotton Duffle by Filson

Best Gym Bag for Men

This classic take on gym bags gives off a formal vibe. You can easily stuff your gym clothes in this bag and take it to the fitness center after a fruitful day at work. It has side-notch pockets and a strong top zipper that is made for heavy-duty use. The waxed cotton finish repels liquid particles. The bag also has a nylon lining. The bag sports a rugged design and has thick, attractive straps. The tan brown color is really stylish and acts as a perfect accessory to your outfit.

  • The quality is pretty top-notch.
  • It’s susceptible to stains and it’s hard to scrub the dirt off.

14. Canvas Duffle Bag by Eshow

Best Gym Bag for Men

Simple is stylish and this bag proves just that. Eshow’s duffle bag serves a variety of different functions and fits any crowd or space- including the gym! This rugged, classical design is contoured to go with any outdoor activities such as camping, weekend getaways, or training. The bag can fit your gym clothes and can snugly fit your laptop too. You can get away by using this as a backpack, shoulder bag, or even a handbag. The straps are padded and adjustable, so you can change it however you desire. The bag has a single pocket both inside and outside to fit smaller accessories or goodies.

  • The bag includes straps on the sides for rackets, tripods, or any long equipment.
  • It’s multifunctional.
  • The straps aren’t popular among a few users.
  • It is not meant for heavy-duty use.

15. Sports Gym Bag for Men by Canway

Best Gym Bag for Men

Space is abundant in this gym bag by Canway. It’s perfect for sports competitions, fitness centers, and camping. It has multiple pockets that make room for everything you might need while you’re traveling from one place to another. The bag has one spacious pocket and eight separate ones!

There’s a separate compartment solely for shoes and also includes an inner pocket for grooming products or toiletries. You can easily fit in a couple of water bottles in the side mesh pocket too. It’s made of polyester fabric and is tear-resistant. The bag has a padded shoulder buckle that can be adjusted to fit your frame. Another reason why this bag stands out is that it has a one-piece leather bottom that prevents sliding or skidding. The bag also comes in five different colors.

  • The bag is water repellent.
  • It comes with a side hook that helps you hang the bag in your locker room.
  • The bag cannot make room for singularly, large items.

16. Shoulder Gym Bag for Men by Runetz

This Runetz bag is built to carry your workout essentials in an organized manner. It has several zippered pockets to do just that. The best part? All the pockets are ventilated, so you don’t have to worry about accumulating bad odors from damp items of clothing or overused shoes. It’s constructed from polyester that helps the bag against accidental tears or fraying. The bag is easy to carry and move around and comes with both a shoulder strap and handles. The design is sleek and can be used as a travel carry-on too.

  • The stylish design makes it an excellent accessory.
  • It comes with a side hook that helps you hang the bag in your locker room.
  • The compact version might be too small for some while the extended version might be too large for others.

17. Gym Duffle Bag by Grip Power Pads

It’s almost like buying two bags for the price of one. You can carry this unique design as a stylish duffle bag or a fancy, embroidered backpack. But don’t let the looks of it fool you. It’ll fit all your gear and will have space for more. It has strong top handles and two double straps that help you convert it into a backpack. There’s a ventilated section to help air out your damp towels, clothes, and dirty shoes. It’s made of a tough PVC coated polyester so it withstands fraying. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with a board that adds to its durability.

  • The versatile design is an attractive feature.
  • It has web handles reinforced at stress points to alleviate pressure.
  • Its straps are comparatively thin and will affect your back after a long workout session.

18. Zipper Duffel Gym Bag for Men by INFANZIA

Infanzia is known for having products with happy customers and this bag is no different. This duffel bag is constructed from a high-density polyester material that’s durable and tear-resistant. The handles in the bag go all the way to the base of the bag so it supports any weight you put in it. It’s spacious enough to fit a tent! So, you know all your sports gear or gym equipment is in a safe space.

  • It easily folds into a flat compact size for easier storage.
  • The bag comes with a padded shoulder strap so you can easily switch it between your hands or shoulders.
  • It might be a little too big for regular use but perfect for long-distance travel or heavy equipment. 

19. Men’s Contender Duffel Gym Bag for Men by Puma

Puma has been delivering fast products for fast athletes for around seventy years into the market. Anyone who goes to the gym or watches sport is familiar with the brand’s motto, “Forever Faster.” And this Contender Duffel bag is a consumer favorite.

The bag comes in five different colors and sports a classic gym bag design with the logo etched on the center and side of the bag. It’s made entirely from polyester and is water-resistant and lightweight. The straps and handles are padded for your comfort and ease. The bag is the perfect size for regular trips to the gyms and can fit in your products seamlessly. It also has three additional pockets for the smaller items you carry.

  • The straps and top handle can be attached.
  • You can easily wash it by hand.
  • It comes with a loop that allows you to hang the bag on a hook.
  • Hard to zip shut when the bag is filled to the brim.
  • No designated compartment for your shoes.

20. Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag for Men by Under Armour

Under Armour has been consistently providing superior athletic products and this gym bag meets every expectation. The bag has a water- and abrasion-resistant finish, which will incur any bumps or spills. Accidents tend to happen while you’re in the gym and you have to be prepared for every possible outcome. This bag will snugly hold your valuables. It can carry all your equipment and even includes a large compartment for your shoes. Everything stays organized even while you’re on the move. It’s easy to carry around because of the adjustable shoulder strap and padded top handle.

  • It’s tough and long-lasting.
  • The bag has vented pockets to eliminate any unwanted odors!
  • It comes in plenty of colors.
  • It goes out of shape if you fill in too many items.

Drumrolls For The Winning Gym Bag For Men

The Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag for men by Under Armour wins the title by a large margin. One of the reasons why this bag stood out is because of the variety of sizes and colors it’s available in. It’s not specifically built for a particular taste but many. The water-resistant finish is not only functional but sleek and attractive to look at as well. The best part about this? The compact size! It’s just the right fit for every necessary gym equipment.

The only reason why the Men’s Contender Duffel by Puma and the Zipper Duffel Bag by INFANZIA didn’t meet the mark is because of the debate over longevity and size. One is a little compact while the other can be used for a weeklong getaway. The Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag trumps both in terms of strength, style, and size. So, grab yours as soon as you get the chance!


To sum up, if you’re someone who regularly plays a sport or goes to the gym, then you understand the necessity of carrying a functional gym bag. Your gear and equipment play a vital role for the most effective workout and the bag is the perfect companion to help you transport your gear to and from the gym.

There are so many products in the market that it’s hard to determine what sets the bags apart. The best gym bag should have multiple pockets and compartments that you can implement your organizational pattern in. A distinct space for your soiled garments and used shoes is always a plus. And it’s even better if it takes a stand against extreme weather. This list has considered bags that are trending, have several compartments, and serve multiple functions. Some value longevity while others look for a strong stature and style. So, take a minute and ponder on your needs and then invest in your favorite gym bag accordingly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have some questions in mind? Don’t worry about it. Here lie the answers to the frequently asked questions about gym bags for men.

1. Which fabric should I choose for a gym bag?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Each bag is crafted carefully after a lot of product testing and serves a specific purpose. Are you looking for a durable bag? A waterproof one? Or maybe a fashionable one? If you want a durable bag, then you should opt for leather ones. If you want to make a sturdy and waterproof bag, then bags made from polyester fabrics are the ones you should gravitate towards. And if you want to make a statement, then you should look at nylon or canvas bags.

2. How do I clean my gym bag?

Most bags come with their own set of instructions regarding cleaning and it wholly depends on the fabric the bag is constructed from. It’s best to take some time and clean your product by hand. It’s the most effective process. Nylon gym bags can be easily washed in the washing machine; leather cannot. That requires more careful handling and it’s best to simply wipe the product with a damp cloth. Some fabrics even shrink, so read the tag carefully before proceeding!

3. How do I know which straps are perfect for me?

Generally, any straps with padding are the most comfortable and popular picks among consumers. But at the end of the day, it depends on whether you want to find a crossbody type bag, to carry the bag on hand, to sling it over your shoulder, or to simply use it as a backpack. Many gym bags have versatile designs and can make any style work, so those are usually the best choices.

4. What do I do if my gym bag doesn’t have a shoe compartment?

It’s a bummer when there isn’t a separate compartment but it’s not the end of the world! Shoes carry germs and bacteria that you don’t want to mix with the rest of the items in your bag. So it’s the safest choice for you to carry a thin bag- even a grocery bag works- to wrap up your shoes and place it in your bag. It stops any unwanted microorganisms from permeating into your precious products.

5. What are the must-have items in your gym bag for men?

Apart from your workout clothes, you need to carry a thing or two for the most effective workout. You need a small towel or wipes to help you with sweating. Deodorant is also a must-have to eliminate any bad odors you emit, especially if you prefer to shower at home. And lastly, a pre- or post-workout snack! It’s important to get sustenance to get your blood pumping, so always carry a protein bar or two in your bag.

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