20 Best Leather Messenger Bag for Men in 2020

Whether you call it a messenger bag or leather briefcase, having one makes you look stylish and practical. Very few products out there can mix these two together quite like leather bags for men. What makes these messenger bags so appealing is their versatility. It means that you can fit in all the office equipment inside without the bag looking like an eyesore.

Not all leather bags for men are made with just one type of material. In fact, there are varieties of leather bags based on the building material alone. So, there are a plethora of leather bags for men for you to choose from. As such, you have to be clear about what you want from the best leather bag in the market.

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How to Pick the Best Leather Bag?

Before you start looking for a leather messenger bag, you should be clear about its purpose. What do you need a leather messenger bag for? Is it because a leather bag provides ample space to store a laptop? Or, is it because you need to carry a lot of paperwork to the office every day?

Storage Capacity

Now, if it’s about storage capacity then there are quite a few options for you to choose from. In that case, you need to look for specific properties of the bag itself.

Internal Pocket

You should check if the leather bag you like has a decent pocket size or not. You should also take a look at how many interior pockets it has because you can store tiny objects too. When a leather bag contains a dedicated pocket then it becomes easy for you to find important items.

Huge Compartments

When you go to buy a leather messenger bag, you should check for a big compartment before anything else. It gives all the space you will ever need to carry the gear. There is a tendency among people to overstuff the bag only because it contains a big inner compartment. If you do that, you are not going to feel any comfort when you use it for a long period.

Side Pocket

There is a very clear advantage of having side pockets on leather messenger bags. You can stuff a few additional items in this compartment. As such, you can save yourself from wasting time by going through all of the items in the internal pockets. Now, if you are into multitasking then this is one feature you will certainly like in messenger bags.

If you are looking for a durable and stylish bag then there are certain factors to keep in mind. At first, you need to check how it looks with regards to your size as well as height. After all, stylish leather bags for men are capable of enhancing their positive physical attributes. On the other hand, if it does not look good with regards to your height then it magnifies your flaws.

There are some people who tend not to focus too much on these aspects. When you do not pay enough attention to these details, you can end up with an awkward appearance.

Quality of Leather

As mentioned before, there are quite a few different materials that manufacturers use in the production process. You need to have a proper look at the building material if you want it to last long. The first concern that you should have is, whether the bag is made with actual leather or not. This step can a bit tricky since the smoothness of leather varies for each type.

Full-Grain Leather

If you want those leather bags for men that last a lifetime then look for full-grain leather. With the involvement of this leather type, your bag will start to look better after every use. In fact, full-grain leather is responsible for making leather bags for men look classier while it ages. Moreover, these products produce a special leather fragrance that can be quite pleasant to smell.

While full-grain leather is really popular, manufacturers use a handful of other leather materials as well.


It is a unique leather type that contains a delicate texture about itself. The manufacturers have done such a good job that you are probably going to like it in an instant. You need to take good care of these leather bags for men. The main reason for that is their durability which is a bit low when compared with full-grain leather.

Top-Grain Leather

These leather bags are made with the uppermost part of cowhide. It receives special care from the manufacturers. As such, there remains no surface imperfection like scars and actual weathering that can be found on cows. When it comes to quality, the manufacturers just don’t comprise it.

Moreover, with each use, these leather bags are going to develop a patina.

Nubuck Leather

There are a lot of similarities between nubuck and suede. Both of them have been buffed and sanded for providing a texture similar to velvet. You can still find some difference between them. For instance, nubuck leather has been made with top-grain part of the leather while suede contains mostly underside of the skin.

This makes nubuck leather a lot more durable than suede. While it be should clear by now but, nubuck leather is of such good quality because it comes mostly from calfskin.

Bonded Leather

When you hear bonded leather, its best to avoid such leather bags. The problem with these leather messenger bags is that they contain the remnants of leather. For the most part, manufacturers use glue to produce these bags. As a result, they can fall apart in quick succession.

Faux Leather

If you don’t like the use of actual leather, you can always use faux leather messenger bags. As you would expect, these bags have been made with synthetic substances. However, their look strongly resembles that of actual leather. As for the building material, manufacturers primarily use PU leather.

There is another name that it goes by and that’s polyurethane leather. The major component in use here is thermoplastic leather which is completely vegan.

Genuine Leather

This may come as a surprise to you but, these leather bags aren’t known for delivering strong performances. One of the main reasons for it is that manufacturers use the bottom part of leather. So, there is no way that it will last as long as full-grain leather. However, the overall presentation of these leather bags for men can be enough to make a good first impression.


When you use a messenger bag it means that you will open and close it whenever it’s necessary. In a case like this, you need to look for messenger bags that contain a decent closure system. It means that the closure system will not get in your way of closing and opening the bag itself. There are quite a few noticeable versions of buckles that can be quite useful to your cause:

Singular Clasp

This clasp is known for keeping the gear safe but it is also easy to access. You can open a clasp if you just press down on its button. In fact, this style of clasp is so good that you can open it with one hand only.

Magnetic Snap

The whole point of using a magnetic snap is to take up a very minimalist look. In order to use it, you just have a pull of the outer flap on your messenger bag. With that, your leather messenger bag is going to release a magnetic button. However, this option does not offer the same level of efficiency as that of buckle or clasp design.


There is a special point to be made about just how secure buckles can make you feel. In fact, the other two options cannot provide the same level of security for leather bags as buckle design does. A lot of men prefer buckle design because of one simple reason. With the buckle design in place, you can actually store valuable items inside the leather bag without worrying about thieves.

In fact, if you have to travel by subways then this design is your safest option.


You cannot just buy a leather messenger bag by only inspecting the quality of leather. As a matter of fact, you have to check how the bag closes. You are always going to find shoulder straps attached to leather bags for men. However, you should check whether they come with handles or not.

After all, the use of handles in leather bags makes them versatile. So, there are certain things that you should look out for:

Padded Shoulder Strap

You will need padded shoulder straps if you have to carry the bag around for a really long time. With these straps in place, you are bound to feel the comfort of picking the bag up for the first-time. In this case, these straps add a cushioning effect and displace weight at the same time.

Removable Straps

There are a few leather bags that come with a removable strap. As such, your bag will look ready to complement you in a business formal situation. Of course, it will look that way when you only use the tap handle. Moreover, the handles will feel like a blessing in disguise when you carry a significant amount of weight.

Adaptable Shoulder Straps

As the name suggests, these straps can be adjusted according to your preferences. So, it will not matter whether you are too tall or a bit short for the bag. Moreover, it is convenient enough for you to carry it on a bike. In fact, with these straps in place, your leather messenger bag will stay close to you without hindering your movement.

This may come as a surprise to you but, there are even more features that you should look out for. Those features are:

RFID Security

Your company can obviously employ RFID protection for maximum security. When you have a regular bag, it can seem like a hassle to go through the usual security measures. However, there are special RFID leather bags for men that consist of a special lining. With the special lining in place, you can safeguard the bag from financial theft.

Card Slot

A lot of leather messenger bags these days contain card slots. This option is quite convenient for people who tend to carry business cards around and involve themselves with networking.

Cell Phone Pockets

The sole purpose of adding cell phone pockets to leather bags for men is their size. As you know, smartphones are increasing their features, and the overall size increases at the same time. The sheer size of these smartphones can be a bit too much to handle for your pant pocket. So, you can look for exclusive cell phone pockets in these bags.


There is no doubt that when people buy a product, they expect it to serve them for years. When it comes to leather messenger bags, this mostly means that you should look into the quality of leather. However, you also need to keep an eye out for the stitching. After all, if the bag contains crooked stitches you will not be satisfied with its performance.

As such, you need to look for bags with a thick thread and a proper cut. In addition, you need to check the bag for reliable leather grains in every part.

20 Best Leather Messenger Bags in 2020

So, you know by now what you have to look for in leather messenger bags. Now is the right time to take a look at some of the best leather bags for men.

20. BAIGIO Men’s Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag

BAIGIO Men’s Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag

The very first thing you will notice about BAIGIO’s leather bags for men is a unique look. It comprises of cotton lining interior that holds up nicely. There is a fine row of stitches as well which is a further example of fine craftsmanship.

These leather bags contain a spacious design which is meant to help you store all the small yet necessary items. Moreover, it will give you a professional look.

  • Consists of a thick shoulder strap
  • Contains buckles made with solid metal
  • Offers a nice leather fragrance
  • Consists of eight compartments.

19. Urban Dezire Leather Messenger Bag

Urban Dezire Leather Messenger Bag

These bags work really well because of their size. They are not very big or small and are really not bulky so they will not weigh you down. In addition, Urban Dezire’s leather bags for men comprise of really nice stitching.

The design of these bags will allow you to use space efficiently. Moreover, the top flap works well enough to store your valuable items.

  • Provides a strap log
  • Contains adaptable shoulder strap
  • Provides a couple of small pockets on the front
  • Consists of two small internal pockets.

18. FRYE Logan Messenger Bags

FRYE Logan Messenger Bags

FRYE is among the oldest companies in the market today. These bags deliver a shot of nostalgia given how long they have served everyone. This product is the perfect mix of Italian leather and American craftsmanship.

These bags come with a huge size but, it will let you use every part of its inside.

  • Contains a magnetic closure
  • Comprises of glass lens
  • Provides four very big slips
  • Comes with a couple of zippered pockets
  • Comes with 33 card slots.

17. Texbo Men’s Large Leather Messenger Bag

Texbo Leather Men’s Messenger Bag

This item from Texbo is a real upgrade from its predecessors. The bag itself has a fine texture because it is made with cowhide Nappa leather. In addition, the manufacturers are using soft cotton lining that matches the bags properly.

These leather bags for men contain a secure design. Furthermore, there is a broad, crab-claw grasp that makes sure the components inside the bag are in safe hands.

  • Contains outside pockets to give early access
  • Fits 17-inch laptop inside with zero issues
  • Comes with a nylon interior
  • Perfect for short business trips.

16. Jack&Chris Men’s Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Jack&Chris Men’s Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Do you need to carry a lot of office documents with you wherever you go? If that’s the case, then this leather bag is a really good option for you. There are quite a few pockets in it for you to store multiple accessories.

These bags have been made with the highest quality of cowhide grain leather. As such, they boast of a sturdy design.

  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps
  • Consists of heavy-duty zippers
  • Provides a padded laptop compartment
  • Can accommodate a 14-inch laptop.

15. BRA1NSTORM Genuine Leather Messenger Bags

BRA1NSTORM Genuine Leather Messenger Bags

There are a lot of things to like about BRA1NSTORM’s leather bags for men. After all, the doubly fortified stitching provides great value for money.

There is a smooth strap to make it easy for you to carry. Moreover, the brass detailing on this bag is quite impressive.

  • Contains doubly fortified stitching
  • Contains a couple of pockets on its front
  • Can fit a 14-inch notebook inside.

14. Augus Leather Messenger Bag

Augus Leather Messenger Bag

There are a lot of useful features that make Augus’ leather bags appealing. However, the most important aspect of these bags is their use of full-grain leather. Naturally, these bags are going to last far longer than any average leather messenger bag.

With an attractive dark varnish, these leather bags for men are bound to make you look stylish and professional. Moreover, the bags themselves have a sturdy look because they contain a lot of silver hardware.

  • Fits a 17-inch laptop with ease
  • Provides shoulder strap with handle
  • Consists of buckle closures
  • Contains top quality stitching.

13. Floto Leather Messenger Bag

Floto Leather Messenger Bag

Floto’s messenger bags look exquisite because they are made with calfskin leather. There is a lifetime guarantee on these leather bags for men.

They have been designed to withstand a long journey and keep the content inside unharmed. Moreover, it comes with a decent pure-leather fragrance that adds to its overall appeal.

  • Fits 15-inch laptops without any issue
  • Comes with three compartments
  • Contains stainless steel hardware accompanied by a sturdy lock
  • Offers zipper closure.

12. DHK 18-Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

HK 18-Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

DHK’s leather bags for men are feature-rich and look ideal for use when you are going to your office. They have been made with genuine. You can store a laptop inside with ease and also carry essential files.

These bags comprise of a simple design while the smell is quite neutral. Most of the components of these leather bags look really well made. It includes the stitching as well and reflects the hard work of their manufacturers.

  • Comes with a laptop padding
  • Contains an adaptable strap accompanied by the shoulder pad
  • Consists of an outer pocket that fits an iPad.

11. Seyfocnia Leather Messenger Bag

Seyfocnia Leather Messenger Bag

 Seyfocnia’s bags have been made with PU leather and it contains other sturdy hardware to make it durable. As such, the latches and zippers are really easy to operate and keep the content inside secure.

These leather messenger bags for men contain a smooth design. In addition, they can highlight your outfit and make you look stylish.

  • Consists of seven compartments
  • Provides a back pocket to store important items
  • Contains a broad shoulder strap
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable.

10. Tiding Men’s Leather Messenger Bag

Tiding Men’s Leather Messenger Bag

When it comes to quality, these leather bags are among the best in the market. They are made with full-grain leather and look like the ideal bag for businessmen.

These bags have been designed to make your life convenient in every step of the way. You can easily place it on a luggage case and it will stay in position. So, you will actually feel at ease while traveling.

  • Fits a 17.3-Inch laptop with ease
  • Consists of sturdy YKK zippers
  • Provides retractable shoulder strap
  • Comes with a belt on its back.

9. Texbo Leather Men’s Messenger Bag

Texbo Leather Men’s Messenger Bag

With dark brown colors and solid build quality, Texbo’s leather bags for men certainly live up to expectations. They have been made with full-grain leather. You do not have to feel bad about getting marks on the bag because it will rub out well.

Texbo’s messenger bags feature an aesthetic design that just cannot be replicated. Moreover, there are no excess seams or unwanted ornamentation so, the manufacturers have kept it really simple. If you use a small amount of conditioner then it will look good as new.

  • Contains a tight finish
  • Comes with a classical brass finish
  • Comprises of sleeve pockets on the outside
  • Contains detachable shoulder straps
  • Comes with a beefy look.

8. ESTALON Alpine Vintage Messenger Bag

ESTALON Alpine Vintage Messenger Bag

There is a wide range of color styles for you to choose from with Alpine leather messenger bags. They are made with cowhide leather which makes soft and gives them an extended life. Moreover, each accessory passes through a rigorous quality control procedure.

The leather is fully distressed and that is visible from the way these bags are presented. They have a unique design which is neither too conventional nor too modern.

  • Fits a 15-inch laptop with ease
  • Comes with a padded compartment
  • Offers a couple of huge pockets on the front
  • Consists of a zipper pocket to store essentials
  • Comes with two wall pockets on the inside.

7. Samsonite Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

Samsonite Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

Samsonite avoids the conventional route for messenger bags and minimally treats the natural cowhide leather. As such, these leather bags for men have a unique appearance. In fact, every bag contains some differences when it comes to hues.

The manufacturers have done a great job with gloss since it’s not very gaudy. Furthermore, there is a hole in its flap to accommodate the handle for passing through it. After that, it will slip properly over the handle of your luggage that makes carrying luggage easy.

  • Comes with classic brass buckles
  • Contains leather strap for security
  • Provides zipper pockets at the back
  • Made to withstand moisture and dust.

6. Polare Leather Messenger Bag

Polare Leather Messenger Bag

What makes these leather bags for men stand out is their use of full-grain leather. In addition, the lining has been made with a delicate cotton cloth which makes it comfortable to use.

While the leather looks really nice, the bag has a lot of other likable aspects about it. For instance, it contains bronze-colored hardware. As such, it looks sturdy and professional at the same time.

  • Contains YKK zippers to make it reliable
  • Provides top quality elastic band
  • Fits a 17.3-Inch laptop with ease
  • Consists of a couple of huge pockets
  • Contains polyester lining.

5. KPL 18-Inch Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

PL 18-Inch Rustic Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

KPL’s leather bags for men are made with genuine leather. These bags contain a sturdy canvas lining and are of brown color. You will certainly like the double stitching on the panel for its grab handle. Moreover, the panel has been reinforced as well so that your valuable items don’t get lost.

These bags have a smart design which lets them get supple as you keep on using them.

  • Contains a big central padded pocket
  • Fits a laptop and a book at the same time
  • Consists of fine zipper pockets
  • Offers a couple of spacious pockets on the front
  • Weighs very little.

4. Floto Firenze Messenger Bag

Floto Firenze Messenger Bag

Firenze’s leather bags for men have been made with full-grain calfskin leather. One part of the production process involves painting and tanning the leather in Tuscany. In order to make the color deeply penetrate inside the leather, these manufacturers use their hands only.

These bags have been made by using the most convenient method of leather tanning. So, there is no presence of chemicals in these leather bags for men. Moreover, they produce a special kind of fragrance that will be able to satisfy you. In addition, they contain a silky touch.

  • Contains supple leather
  • Uses vegetable extracts accompanied by natural oils
  • Develops a fantastic patina with the passage of time
  • Comes with three zip pockets to hold smartphones
  • Consists of an adaptable strap.

3. KomalC 16-Inch Retro Leather Messenger Bag

KomalC 16-Inch Retro Leather Messenger Bag

KomalC brings to you one of the most exquisite leather bags for men in the market. As the name suggests, these bags contain a vintage look. You can primarily use it as a laptop bag and also a courier bag. (4.8)

One look at this bag is enough to reveal the decades of experience of the manufacturers. Moreover, the use of buffalo leather makes these bags quite durable.

  • Consists of an outer back zipper
  • Comprises of a padded section
  • Consists of a buckle design for closure.

2. Polare 16-Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Polare 16-Inch Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Polare’s leather bags for men are one of the finest products in the market. After all, they are made with full-grain leather and contain brass hardware. So, they have the complete look that a lot of people want from leather messenger bags.

These bags have been designed to look better after each use. As such, these bags are quite sturdy.

  • Contains YKK zippers
  • Provides laptop padding
  • Consists of tabs with brass rivet
  • Stands up without support
  • Comes with two small internal pockets.

1. AmeriLeather Legacy Leather Messenger Bag

AmeriLeather Legacy Leather Messenger Bag

While a lot of leather messenger bags contain a two-tone stitching style, these bags really shine in that department. As such, the stitches become a lot more noticeable and will gain your appreciation in a quick time. There are padded sleeves in place to store laptops with a size of 14-inches.

They have been designed to make you enjoy the glorious texture of their leather through touch alone. In addition, the zippered pockets on their inside show just how much convenient they can be.

  • Provides an open back pocket
  • Consists of three pockets for the front, back, and side
  • Contains a flap made of leather
  • Consists of top-grain leather.

If you have found your dream leather messenger bag then congratulations! Now, you should get to know how you can care for the bag. After all, it is an asset that you should keep around and enjoy services of. So, here are a few tips and tricks for you:

How Can You Take Care of a Leather Messenger Bag?

If the leather messenger bag features a timeless design then you will obviously feel bad to let it go. There are certain effects of use that you can learn about and protect your leather bag from. For instance, leather bags for men are affected by excessive cold and hot weather. Some bags have a hard time dealing with heavy moisture as well as oxidation.

There is just one way to get started. At first, you have to remind yourself that this leather bag used to be a living hide at one point. So, you need to take care of the bag in a similar manner. The very first and most important aspect of leather is that it needs to breathe.

In order to let the leather breathe, you have to clean it properly. You need to collect soft cloth and then use it to wipe the dust away in a gentle manner. Now, you have to follow this up by applying genuine balm lotion onto the leather. In this case, make sure that the lotion does not contain any chemical, wax, or oil.

As the leather’s body is pliable, it is the most accurate method of preserve the body itself. However, there are some extra steps you can take in order to extend the lives of your leather messenger bags. These are:

Removing Water or Additional Moisture

Leather bags for men can get caught in the rain and snow. In fact, the bag can also be “attacked” by additional moisture. If you encounter such a situation, find yourself a dry cloth as quickly as possible. You should immediately begin blotting the moist spot on your leather bag. The sooner you get the job done, the better chances you will have of preserving the bag.

After all, the moisture that is generated by the winter weather has a high chance of containing ice melt. In most cases, these are salt-based products which are capable of causing harm to leather bags for men. When you finish blotting the bag, allow it to air-dry itself.

There are a lot of people who tend to keep leather items near a heat source. Although their main intention is to dry the items in a quick manner, it causes more harm than good. So, you need to keep your leather bag as far away from a heat source as possible.

Wiping the Internal Parts Clean

No matter what a product is made with, you should always clean its internal parts. In order to clean leather bags, you need to use a damp cloth. Before you begin, make sure that the cloth is just slightly damp instead of being excessively damp.

You can start by wiping down the lining of your leather messenger bag. As such, you will be able to eliminate the harmful dust as well as residue. Often times, dust and residue from on leather bags because of the items that you carry inside it. After that, you should hold up the bag open, allowing the inside to air-dry.

Over the years, a lot of people have had some questions on their mind. Some of them have been answered while others have not. So, let’s see if these questions have answers:


  1. Are leather messenger bags good for the back?

Ans: More often than not, people load most of the weight and carry it on one side. This is an attempt on their part to make up for carrying additional weight. It can lead to muscle strains on the neck as well as the shoulder. There is a very easy way to avoid this problem.

You can just switch between each side and do it on a frequent basis. Moreover, experts state that it’s best to use leather bags for men that have wide straps.

  1. Can You Take Leather Messenger Bags on a Journey?

Ans: Although their backpacks that have been specially made for the occasion, using leather bags is not a terrible idea. You need to be careful while packing in the necessary items. If you can distribute the weight in a smart way, then it’s completely okay to carry it with you. Moreover, you should take a look at how backpacks distribute the weight, so you can do it the right way.

In addition, you will find it easier to store valuable items in a leather bag than backpacks. Other than that, you will have the luxury of keeping the leather bag in front of you.

When it comes to leather messenger bags for men, there are hardly any that can compete with the ones above. With that said, you should still compare the features and benefits before you decide which leather bag to buy.

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