Top 15 Best Lip Balms for Men in 2020

Lip balms are often overlooked by men. However, they are just as important for men as they are for women. Our lips have the thinnest skin of our body, and it is very common for our lips to get dry until they crack. And the environment doesn’t do anything to hydrate them. Sometimes we try to hydrate our lips with our saliva. The truth is, our saliva actually dehydrates our lips.

We never know when our lips will get dehydrated. And that is why carrying a lip balm in our pocket will prove to be useful every day. Lip balms are made of nourishing oils that will retain the moisture of lips, thus protecting your lips from drying up and cracking.

Today, we will share the best lip balms for men that you can possibly find in 2020. But before that, we will talk about how you can get the perfect lip balm for yourself. With this comprehensive buyer’s guide, you can finally get the lip balm you really need.

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What to Look For in a Lip Balm?

A lip balm is mainly composed of wax-like components. Various components such as lanolin, beeswax, camphor, and even paraffin are used as the base of a lip balm. However, lip balms are always enhanced with essential oils, sun-blocking ingredients, or even medications.

As lip balm can be made from multiple components varying in price as well as quality, it is essential to take a look at the basic components of a lip balm. The following points will discuss which factors you should keep an eye out for.

1. What Is It Made of?

There are certain items you should look for and there are some you should steer clear of. Let us talk about the good ones first. There are beeswax, Shea and coconut butter, etc. that are very high-quality ingredients. Plus, these ingredients are more or less present in the best lip balms for men. So, you should always keep an eye out for these.

Then there are certain items you definitely do not want in your lip balm. For example, salicylic acid was widely used once. However, this ingredient can really dry out your lips, and thus the usage of salicylic acid was reduced. If you find salicylic acid in a lip balm, avoid it!

Again, there are other components such as camphor, alum, and menthol that may result in a pleasant sensation, but they too can dry your lips out. In fact, some ingredients are harmful only in long term usage. For example, phenol can cure bacterial infection on your lips, but they must be used for a brief amount of time only.

2. How is It Packaged?

Now, this has nothing to do with the quality of the lip balm. However, when and where you will be using lip balm determines what kind of lip balm you would need.

For example, you stay home most of the time, or you use lip balm only once in a day just before you head out. In such cases, you better take a lip balm that comes in a can. This way you will get a better quantity with less price. However, a can can’t be carried around in your pocket.

That is why, if you use lip balm when you are on the run, you would require a product that you will be able to carry around with you. In that case, you need a chapstick which is light and portable. However, you will be sacrificing a negligible amount of price to quantity ratio.

3. How Does It Smell?

You can get lip balms in a lot of flavors and each comes with their different fragrances. While some do like to use products that smell nice, some really hate it. No worries! You will get both scented and neutral lip balms. However, we would suggest that you do not believe how a lip balm will scent by seeing its package as they can be very misleading.

4. Who is it for?

Lip balms can come with multiple to zero perks. While most people do not pay heed to these added bonuses, there is nothing wrong with getting something better. While you are looking for a lip balm, try to get a lip balm that has sun protection factor or SPF. These lip balms are pretty good at protecting our lips from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun.

Then again, you can look out for essential oils. A lip balm with essential oil can moisturize your lips to a great extent. Plus, they might even come with some other benefits as well. You can also get a lip balm that has a minty taste to it, as they will work great as fresheners. Look for lip balms that come with essential oils such as sage oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E, and SPF 15 component.

What should you Avoid in a Lip Balm?

There was a time when people used to say that lip balms are harmful to our lips and they dehydrate our lips instead of retaining the natural moisture. This is definitely baseless. However, some lip balms dehydrate our lips for real. Even if you are not willing to go through all the ingredients, you can easily detect these harmful products.

After applying a lip balm, if you feel the same sensation of using menthol, then that lip balm is dehydrating. These products come with ingredients that shed the outer layer of our lips and leave them vulnerable to external threats. So, you should not use such products.

There are some ingredients that you should keep an eye out for. Such as,

  • Salicylic Acid:

Salicylic acid is one of the exfoliants we talked about before. This can give the tingling feeling but at the same time this component can tear down the outer layer of your skin. So, we highly recommend that you steer clear of salicylic acid.

  • Parabens:

Although parabens are great for fighting bacterial infections, they aren’t on the healthy side. Experts highly recommend refraining from using any product, be that lip balm, shampoo, or lotions that have paraben.

  • Lanolin:

Although lanolin is not harmful to your lips, it shouldn’t be used. Lanolin is a special oil that is extracted from sheep’s wool. And if you accidentally swallow it, it will give you some trouble.

  • Petroleum:

Although petroleum is still widely used, it should not use a lip balm that comes with it. Petroleum, and every other mineral oil, create a thick barrier on the outer surface of your lips and makes air passage impossible. And that is why your lips will get dehydrated over time.

  • Camphor: 

Check if your lip balm comes with ingredients such as camphor, menthol, or phenol. These elements do add freshness and tingling sensation which definitely feels good. However, these are very harmful to your lips and should be avoided at all costs.

Ingredients to Look For:

Whenever you are out buying a lip balm, you should look for the ingredients that we will be mentioning below. These ingredients are of the highest quality and they combine to make the best lip balms for men.

  • Beeswax:

The primary purpose of a lip balm is to retain the natural moisture of your lips. And that is done by beeswax. Other than that, the beeswax will gather moisture from the natural oil as well as the environment to moisturize your lips.

  • Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil is a very gentle organic ingredient and it can be absorbed by our lips easily. It is rich with different vitamins which healthier lips.

  • Shea Butter:

Shea butter and cocoa butter are great for hydrating our lips.

  • Vitamin E:

If you want your lips to look amazing, you should look for a balm with vitamin E. This ingredient is a great anti-oxidant and it is amazing for hydrating as well.

Top 15 Best Lip Balms for Men in 2020

1. Jack Black Lip Gel

Jack Black Lip Gel

If you are looking for the best lip balm for men, the lip gel from Jack Black should be your choice. Jack Black makes a lot of products. And the lip gel is amazing just like every other product from them. The Jack Black lip gel is enriched with organic components that will not only retain the natural moisture of your lips but will provide added benefits as well.

This lip gel is rich in tea tree oil, which acts as a great anti-oxidant. This ingredient will help you get smoother lips. You will also get amazing protection from sun rays with SPF 25 protection. The product is enhanced with avobenzone and octinoxate and these are effective UVA and UVB absorbers.

If you want a product that has been manufactured with the perfect organic ingredients to fight chapped lips, irritated, and dry lips, the Jack Black lip gel should be your pick. You can get this amazing product in six different flavors that are, lavender and vanilla, grapefruit and ginger, and chamomile, and lemon.

  • Enhanced with organic components such as tea tree oil
  • Comes with SPF 25 protection
  • Effective UVA and UVB absorber avobenzone and octinoxate
  • Expensive and comes in small quantity

2. Blistex

Blistex Lip Blams

The Blistex lip balm comes with similar UVA and UVB absorbers just like the Jack Black product. However, unlike previous products that had an SPF 25 protection, this one has an SPF 15 protection. But, there is more to this lip balm than that.

Although it doesn’t come with the perks of natural oils, there are other perks to this that make it one of the best lip balms for sports activities or for enjoying a day at the beach. The Blistex lip balm is water and sweat resistant for more than an hour, which makes it very appealing for sportsmen, athletes, swimmers, etc.

The lip balm also has vitamin E and shea butter, which can protect your lips from the sting of the ocean water. The product is free from any sort of harmful material, so you will not face any side effects using it.

  • Comes with UVA and UVB protection
  • Offers SPF 15 protection
  • Water and sweat-resistant for more than an hour
  • Has an amazing combination of vitamin E and Shea butter.
  • The smell might be overwhelming for some

3. L’Occitane Lip Balms

L’Occitane Lip Balms

The lip balm from L’Occitane is rich with 10% Shea butter. We know by now that shea butter is very effective when it comes to moisturizing. And that is why, if you want a great moisturizer for your lips, we recommend you get the L’Occitane lip balm.

After you apply this balm to your lips, it will not only retain the moisture of your lips, but it will moisturize them by accumulating the moisture from the environment. Then, it will slowly reach down your lips into the inner cells.

If you have dry and cracked lips, using the L’Occitane lip balm can provide you fast relief. Again, if you have dry lips due to a surgery or stitches around your lips or mouth, this is the best lip balm for men that can help you fix that.  The price is a bit on the expensive side, but it is totally worth it.

  • Rich in shea butter
  • Great at nourishing and softening lips
  • Can heal cracked lips
  • Provides fast relief
  • Too much gloss might be a challenge to put it during day time
  • Very greasy and gets wiped off easily

4. Aquaphor Lip Balms

Aquaphor Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

The Aquaphor lip repair is more than just a lip balm. It is a medicinal ointment. It is proven to nourish dry lips and it will provide relief if you are suffering from cracked or chapped lips. This lip balm remains one of the best lip balms for men due to the plethora of ingredients it comes with. It is a great blend of soothing chamomile essence, moisturizing shea butter, and pro-vitamin B5, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

If you suffer from chapped lips quite often, you can try out the Aquaphor lip balm. The product is free from any fragrances as well, so that won’t be a problem for you. It is a customer favorite and has a huge customer base. If you doubt its capabilities, you can always take a look at the reviews.

  • Medicinal ointment for healing chapped or dry lips
  • An amazing blend of chamomile essence, shea butter, and multiple vitamins and pro-vitamins
  • Free from fragrances
  • Has a special customer base, might not be beneficial for everyone.
  • Tastes horrible

5. Eos Natural Lip Balms

Eos Natural Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

There are a lot of people in the world who look for all-natural and organic products. If you are one of them, this is your lucky day. The EOS natural lip balm is one of the best lip balms for men. However, it is certainly the best natural and organic lip balm.

The EOS natural lip balm greatly nourishes and moisturizes the lips along with the cells on the inner side. These lip balms are mint-flavored and they smell as if you have just picked them out of the garden. Other than the amazing taste, the EOS lip balm has some great ingredients.

The lip balm has USDA certified shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and coconut oil. It is cruelty-free that is, it is not tested on animals. It is also free from harmful chemicals like parabens as well as gluten that pose a major threat to health.

So, if you want an amazing natural lip balm, the EOS lip balm should be your choice.

  • All-natural lip balm
  • Has a great fragrance of menthol
  • Has a combination of jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten, paraben-free
  • The scent is a bit faint

6. Skinceuticals Lip Repair

Skinceuticals Lip Repair - Lip Balms for Men

The Skinceuticals lip repair balm is perhaps the most expensive product on this list of the best lip balms for men. However, the price is totally worth paying for this lip balm.

The compounds used in this lip balm bolster the growth of new cells. As a result, after the outer cells shed, new cells will quickly grow in their places to give you fuller lips. The lip balm is rich with anti-oxidants. As a result, the product acts as a great anti-aging balm. The product also has organic ingredients that hydrate lips.

The Skinceuticals lip repair balm is not greasy or oily at all. As a result, you will get a lip balm that will not leave you with an irritating gloss that many men hate. Plus, it will not be wiped off easily. Furthermore, this lip balm comes with ingredients that make the lips more elastic, antioxidants that provide nourished look, and hyaluronic acid that retains a great deal of moisture.

Although the price of this product is very high, that is only because it is definitely one of the best lip balms for men. So don’t think twice before buying it!

  • Rich in special ingredients
  • Stimulates new cell growth
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Doesn’t leave a shine
  • Makes the lips more elastic
  • Retains a great deal of moisture
  • Very expensive

7. Vaseline Lip Gel

Vaseline Lip Gel - Lip Balms for Men

Who hasn’t heard of Vaseline before? There isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard of Vaseline. They have multiple products of every type and they come at a very low price point. However, people still love this as it has a high price to performance ratio. If you like Vaseline products, you will simply love this lip gel.

This lip balm is great for those who suffer from dry lips. It comes with some amazing compounds that soften and moisturize dry lips instantly. In fact, the moisturizer will remain locked and intact as long as the balm doesn’t wear out. So, if you want to have moisturized lips all day long, you can carry these tubes in your pocket and apply them from time to time.

If you are looking for an affordable yet amazing lip balm from a renowned manufacturer, the Vaseline lip gel should be your pick

  • Extremely affordable
  • Instantly moisturizes dry lips
  • Retains moisture for a long time
  • Extremely lightweight container and portable
  • Manufactured with triple-purified jelly
  • Doesn’t come with any extra benefits like essential oils

8. Kiehl’s Lip Balms

Kiehl’s Lip Balms -Lip Balms for Men

Kiehl’s lip balm provides great protection against external factors. In cold or windy weather, the humidity of the environment decreases to a great degree. Thus, our lips get dried quickly. If you have to live in a region where this kind of weather persists throughout most of the year, Kiehl’s lip balm is what you need.

This lip balm has an active ingredient that protects the lips from windy and cold weather. However, there is more to this lip balm than that. You will also get a combination of vitamin E and A. This later blends with sweet almond oil, and the total concoction is essential for softening and soothing skin.

The lip balm also has some essential ingredients such as lanolin, wheat germ oil, and squalanea. These components help to moisturize the lips instantly. If you are looking for a mid-range lip balm with extra benefits, you may consider this one.

  • Protects against wind and cold
  • Blend of vitamins and essential oils
  • Moisturizes lips instantly
  • Contains lanolin

9. Chapstick Lip Balms

Chapstick Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

If you want an all-rounder lip balm, the product from Chapstick is what you need. You can use this lip balm in every season throughout the year, which makes it one of the best lip balms for men. The chapstick is quite small, yet it packs quite a lot of balm. You can carry it everywhere in your pocket or bag, which makes it super convenient.

This product is marketed as “ultra-hydrating”. It means that the product comes with eleven different hydrating elements in it. Among those ingredients, you will be getting vitamin E and aloe as well. This lip balm is so amazing that it can keep your lips moisturized for eight hours at a stretch! Again, you will get sun protection of SPF 12. Although it is not adequate for equatorial countries, citizens of North America and Europe will face no problem using it.

The best thing is, it is one of the cheapest products of our list of the best lip balms for men. If you are looking for a standard lip balm at an affordable price, this is what you should go for.

  • Provides moisture protection up to eight hours
  • SPF 12 protection
  • Very affordable
  • Available in two flavors
  • Doesn’t have any passive benefits

10. Nivea Lip Care Balms

Nivea Lip Care Balms - Lip Balms for Men

The Nivea lip care balm comes with nourishing components, protection from UV rays, and free from harmful chemicals. If you want a lip balm that offers all-day protection against dry and dehydrated lips, this is one of the best lip balms for men you will get.

The Nivea Lip Care balm comes with 2.5% avobenzone and 6% octinoxate as active ingredients. These are great UVA and UVB absorbents. With these as active ingredients and an SPF 15 protection, you will get superb protection against the harmful UV rays.

Other than these, the lip balm has hydrogenated Rapeseed oil, beeswax, castor seed oil, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, etc. ingredients. All of these ingredients are of high quality and they provide amazing nourishment to the lips at a deeper cellular level. Plus, these ingredients can keep your lips hydrated and nourished for the whole day!

  • Retains moisture for all-day
  • Offers an SPF 15 protection
  • Comes with active UVA and UVB protection
  • Rich in jojoba oil, shea butter, rapeseed oil, castor seed oil, and avocado oil
  • Has a bad scent

11. Carmex Lip Balms

Carmex Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

Carmex is a classic lip balm that has been around for many years. Although it uses outdated technology, still it can deliver great protection. The ingredients of this lip balm can create a long-lasting barrier that keeps the lips safe from external threats. No matter what the weather is, your lips will remain moisturized.

The lip balm is very smooth. You need only one swipe to apply this properly. The balm can give you a cool and refreshing sensation as it has camphor and menthol. Although camphor and menthol are not recommended, here the case is very different. In the Carmex lip balm, camphor and menthol are available at a very low percentage. That is why it will not pose any threat to the user while offering a good sensation of mint.

The Carmex lip balm is truly a timeless product. The product is great and the pricing is very legitimate as well. Truly it is one of the best lip balms for men.

  • Provides protection against rough climate
  • Has a smooth touch to it
  • Not too greasy
  • Offers a touch of menthol
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with camphor and menthol

12. Menscience Lip Gel

Menscience Lip Gel - Lip Balms for Men

The lip gel from Menscience is one that should really be praised. Though people refrain from buying it because of its expensive price tag, it is very good and offers more than what is costs. If you have dry and cracked lips, this lip gel can moisturize your lips and revive them to their previous state.

You will also get an SPF 30 protection with this lip gel. Where most lip gels provide SPF 15 protection, this one does double of that. This will protect you from a wide spectrum of UV rays. The lip gel can also protect one’s lips from external factors such as harsh weather. If you live in a cold and windy climate, this lip gel is for you.

The lip gel offers protection the full day with one to two usage. Each tube comes with .3 ounces of the gel. If you can pass a whole month with this much, this product will not take a serious toll on your wallet then. However, if you need more, you might have to spend a lot in the long run.

  • Retains moisture and nourishes lips all day long
  • Offers SPF 30 protection from a wide spectrum of UV rays
  • Saves lips from a harsh weather
  • Protects from cold and windy climate
  • Doesn’t smell that good

13. Burt’s Bees Lip Balms

Burt’s Bees Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

The Burt’s Bees lip balms are one of the best lip balms for men. These are natural lip balms made for using all-round the year. These are one of the available lip balms and you can find them almost anywhere. These lip balms are all-natural and they work very efficiently. That is a major reason why these are so famous and widely used.

With the package, you will get two tubes, each of 0.15-ounce capacity. The product works as a great moisturizer as it is rich with vitamin E, beeswax, and peppermint oil. If you want a fully-hydrated and nourished pair of lips, the Burt’s Bees lip balm will do the trick nicely.

These lip balms are very affordable and they work nicely. If you are looking for an affordable and natural lip balm, these are the ones for you. They are available in multiple colors and flavors as well.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Great moisturizing capability
  • Available in tons of flavors
  • Doesn’t provide any extra perks

14. Hurraw Lip Balms

Hurraw Lip Balms - Lip Balms for Men

Hurraw is an amazing organic lip balm that you will get in tons of amazing flavors. It is a full organic lip balm and it offers great protection against the sun. The product is rich in nut and seed oils, kinds of butter, and other organic ingredients compressed together using modern techniques.

Unlike most other products, this one has no shea butter, soy, or beeswax. Instead, it comes with red raspberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, pomegranate seed oil, and it has SPF 15 protection against UV rays. Due to the red raspberry seed oil, your lips will be nourished. The sea buckthorn oil will heal your lips if they get sun-damaged, and the pomegranate seed oil acts as an anti-oxidant.

If you want an all-natural lip balm that is vegan as well as cruelty-free, the Hurraw! Lip balm should be your choice.

  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • SPF 15 protection
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Might need some getting used to

15. Baxter of California Hydro Salve

Baxter of California Hydro Salve​​ - Lip Balms for Men

The Hydro Salve lip balm is one of the higher-end lip balms for men. The product is totally paraben-free. Furthermore, it comes rich with shea butter, with a hint of jojoba oil and macadamia. The unique combination of ingredients in this lip balm help retains the nourishment of our lips very effectively of r along time.

But that is not everything this lip balm offers. There is a combination of peppermint, and aloe present in this product that nourishes lips to make them look fuller. The product leaves the lips with a lemon flavor as well.

The Baxter of California Hydro Salve lip balm is undoubtedly one of the best lip balms for men. It is very effective and the bonus perks are very unique. However, we put it in the eleventh position because of its price. If you are willing to pay a higher price for one of the best-flavored lip balms then this is for you.

  • Effective moisture lock
  • Combination of shea butter, jojoba oil, and macadamia
  • Leaves a hint of lemon on the lips
  • Nourishes the lips to make them look fuller
  • Very expensive
  • Contains mineral oil

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can Lip Balm Melt in Certain Climate?

Yes, if you are in an environment where the temperature is high, the lip balm might melt away in your pocket. However, once you move to a place with the usual temperature, it will become solid. There is always a risk that the inner side of your pockets or your bag where the lip balm is kept, it might get ruined with the leaking lip balm.

Meanwhile, there is a solution to this. However, it might not be applicable for your bag or any other accessory which is not made of cloth. Just iron the place where the lip balm came in contact with your clothing, and the lip balm will wear off gradually once it is heated enough.

  • Why is it Important to Protect Lips from the Sun?

By now it is known by most of us how dangerous the sun can be to our skin. The harmful UV radiation from the sun can cause cancer as well. And our lips are part of our skin too. That is why it is essential that we protect our lips from the sun.

Although it is thought that lip gloss and random lip balms protect from the sun. However, the reality is quite the opposite. These shiny products do not repel the harmful rays, rather they attract them. However, there are beauty products on the market that do offer great protection against the UVA and UVB rays.

The products that can protect your lips from these harmful rays are advertised to come with SPF protection. You will see multiple numbers associated with them as well like, SPF 15 or SPF 30. However, these products are not capable of protecting 100% against these rays.

There is SPF 15, which can provide 93% against these rays. Again, there is the SPF 30, which can provide superior protection of 97% against these rays.

The UVA and UVB rays are not just another part of a wicked marketing scheme, neither is SPF. Experts suggest people who remain exposed to harmful rays all day to use products that offer protection.

  • Does Lip Balm Have a Substitute?

It is highly recommended that you use a lip balm of good quality. However, if you are out of lip balms and need a substitute urgently, you can resort to almond oil, coconut oil, milk cream, aloe vera gel, or shea butter. These ingredients are not as suitable as commercially manufactured lip balms. However, they can offer some protection at least.

  • How to Lighten Stained Lips?

There are a few reasons why our lips may get stained. Even staying out in the sun for too long for quite a long time can cause this. However, there are lip gels that act as exfoliants. These balms are manufactured with ingredients like salicylic acid that shed the outer layer of our skin. As the outer layer of our lips is shed, the darker patches get removed and the brighter ones are made visible. However, if you want to use natural ingredients, you can use the blend of lemon and sugar as it is a natural exfoliant.

  • Can I Get Addicted to Using Lip Balms?

Yes, you can. Lip balm addiction is nothing like the addiction we may feel towards alcohol or drugs. This is completely different. When we use lip balms too often, the ingredients in the lip balm tend to cause a reaction in the lips which is considered to be allergic.

Due to this condition, we feel the urge to use lip balms over and over again. And slowly, the addiction turns into a never-ending cycle, and the usage rate increases. However, you can get rid of this cycle using hypoallergenic moisturizers for example, you can use shea butter or Vaseline.

  • Are Lip Balms Dangerous to Health?

No, and at the same time, yes. If you use any product from our list of top 15 best lip balms for men, you will face no health issues. However, there are other products in the market that may pose harm.

As we have said earlier, there are a lot of products on the market that come with harmful ingredients. Some of these products might come with dehydrating materials such as salicylic acid. By now, we have learned that salicylic acid is applicable for a specific condition and that too for a specific short amount of time. However, long term usage can dehydrate the lips, which is the opposite of what we want.

Again, some products come with toxic materials such as paraben, petroleum, and dyes. These are really harmful to the body and may lead to cancer eventually, which is very risky considering you may swallow them unknowingly!

Some don’t apply lip balm directly from the stick. At first, they take it on their fingers and then they apply it on their lips. This might lead to infection as the probability that the fingers are not infested by germs is not negligible.

That is why you should look for lip balms that come free of the harmful ingredients. The products mentioned in this list are safe to use.

In our top 15 list of the best lip balms for men, we have tried to put forward only the very best products available in the market online. Maybe you expected one or two products that are missing here, but that is only because they are not available right now. We wanted to make sure that our readers get the products that they choose in the first place and do not have to settle for another just because that one was not available.

We have chosen the Jack Black lip balm as the first product among the best lip balms for men. And the reason behind this is the product’s universality. There are varieties of features that the product offers and it comes at a reasonable price as well. It is a natural product with organic components, offers great protection against the sun, the smell is top-notch, and it is designed for men.

However, it is indeed very hard to decide which one is suitable for you. We all have a different set of characteristics and you never know whether the best one of this list will suit you or not. In fact, it might even be the case that the last one will suit you better than the best.

That is exactly why we suggest all of our readers give a thorough read at the features of all the products. If you have used lip balms before, you probably have an idea of which one might suit you and which one might not. Use your experience and combine it with our knowledge and hopefully, you will find the perfect lip balm for yourself!

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