Best Mustache Waxes in 2020

So, you grew a formidable mustache and a beard, the only problem now is it is a nightmare to keep it in place. When rocking a manly mustache or beard, in a perfect world it would stay just the way you style. However, for many of us, we need a little bit of help, using conditioning and styling products to style your mustache and beard the perfect way has been a hot topic for men of style. You can find countless styles all over the internet with some of the most sophisticated mustache styles that really bring out your personality. How do they keep it looking so good? That is what we are here to explore today. We are bringing you the top 11 best mustache waxes for you that will help achieve that perfect style. The best part being it does so in the safest and hassle-free way.

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Beard Oil or Mustache Wax?

Many people have a common misconception of mixing up beard oil and mustache wax. In practicality, beard oil does not serve the same purpose of mustache wax. Whereas mustache wax is used to hold and style your facial hair, beard oil on the other hand is used for conditioning.

Beard oil contains carrier oil that helps your beard and mustache with key nutrients and of course moisturizers. When you start growing out your beard, the skin underneath will start getting dry.

You naturally product what is called sebum oil to keep your face moisturized. Sebum oil is an oily and waxy substance that your body produces naturally by its sebaceous glands to protect and moisturize your skin.

That is where beard oil comes in. It works in conjunction with your body’s natural oil to give your beard essential nutrients. However, an ingredient of beard oils lack is beeswax.

Beeswax keeps your beard and mustache in place. Just applying beard oil, the styling of your facial hair will fail to hold up. With mustache waxes, that problem is taken care of.

Mustache Wax Vs. Beard Balm

Beard balm on the other hand is sort of a mix between mustache wax and beard oil. It has the national properties of beard oil with some amount of wax. The wax in beard balm is most typically of shea or cocoa kind. It can keep your mustache and beard style set in its place – the problem being it does not do so for long.

In most cases, the best you can hope for is a couple of hours. After that, you can experience your perfectly set facial hair losing its hold. This is because the ratio of beeswax you will find in beard balm simply is not much.

It can keep the majority of the beard and mustache in check but the minor hair strands cause a problem. For a complete hold, what you need is mustache wax. A mustache wax made with beeswax will not only hold your styling solid in place, but these are also very safe compared to other chemical-induced mumbo jumbos you can find in the market.

For a secure and safe hold, mustache wax truly is the way to go for men.

Things to Consider When Buying Mustache Wax

A true master of the facial hair knows what they want out of their mustache wax. Knowing what to look for when buying mustache wax is equally as important. You do not want to go in blind and grab the first product you find from the store. Here are the things you need to keep an eye out when buying mustache wax.


This is an important one. Your best bet when looking into the ingredients would be to sticking with organic and natural oils and wax. These are safer and generally just better for you. try to grab something that has beeswax with natural oils. If you want you can get something with synthetic ingredients. Petroleum jelly is a common one, but we do not usually recommend it.

Scent or no scent 

You are going to be wearing mustache wax for the better part of your day right under your nose. The scent is another thing you should consider. Although at the end of the day it is purely a personal preference. If you do not want to be bothered with any sort of scent, opting for a scent-free wax is the way to go.

Color is important 

Did you think the color would play a role? Well, it does. Get a wax that matches the natural color of your facial hair. That way your mustache will look as natural and as gorgeous as it can be.

What type of hold do you want?

Different mustache waxes will give you varying levels of hold. What we mean by this is how strong your hold for the style will be – you can go for either light, medium, strong, or even extra strong.

Brand and price

Last but not least, brand and price are something we think all should consider. You do not want to be paying for a brand or product just for a marketing gimmick. Get the one that gives you the most value and matches your needs.

11 Best Mustache Waxes You Can Buy Right Now

Here are a list and a complete in-depth review of the top 11 best mustache waxes you can buy. We covered everything you might need, from the strongest hold, the best-scented ones sand even for dark or light facial hair.

11. Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax

Mountaineer Brand Mustache Waxes

Want no-frills and a reliable brand to get you started with your mustache wax escapades? The Mountaineer Brand’s mustache wax is an all-natural wax that deserves a good look.

It comes in large 2-ounce tins which and you just need a little bit of each time to get the perfect look you want. This means the amount you buy will last longer than usual.

The Mountaineer Brand has been a reputed manufacturer of mustache waxes for some time now and users love it. A quick look at the user reviews pretty much clears this up.

It is also all-natural. So, you do not need to be worrying about putting disastrous chemicals on your mustache either. Apart from having beeswax, it also packs natural oils like coconut and almost oil. Provide your mustache with the nutrients it needs along with a solid and stronghold.

The hold was excellent in our usage. For people who have a thick mustache or beard will really feel the difference here.

if you are looking for something that has no scent, this might not be the one for you. This wax has a slight hint of fir needle and cedar, which we quite honestly love. The scent is not too overwhelming and is just all around pleasant.

Another great value add is it will not clash with the color of your facial hair either. It has a natural tint, so you can apply it without a worry of changing the tint or the color of your hair.

All in all, this wax is a great starting point for someone who wants to get into the mustache wax with something reliable, natural and safe.

  • All-natural ingredients with natural oils
  • Mild cedar scent-neutral tint

10. Stache Bomb Stache Mustache Waxes

Mustache Waxes

Whenever we take a look at a brand like Stache Bomb it makes us think of classic macho men riding motorcycles with proud handlebar mustaches. Made in Maine, this wax delivers on what it promises.

The hold was pretty good. Although we felt like overtime, it does begin to loosen up a bit. If you are going to be rocking your look for a long time, a few touch-ups here and there might be needed.

Apart from that, the quality is all solid. It has a certain ‘cool factor’ about the whole thing that is quite hard to ignore. We love the branding and just the manly feeling you get from putting it on.

It just makes you want to get on a motorbike and hit the road, showing off your glorious facial hair.

As for ingredients, it contains beeswax and petroleum oil jelly. If you are looking for something without petroleum jelly, keep on reading we have plenty of other high performing waxes on here.

It was mostly pretty easy to put on. As for cleaning it off, it was a breeze as well. This one does not leave any nasty residue like some cheap ones you can find in the market.

Again, this one is not the unscented kind. There is a hint of a pine scent with this one. The scent grows on you after a while.

A quirky addition with this one, is you get a guitar pick right inside the tin. It was such a thoughtful and nice touch, many of us here loved it. Do not play the guitar? No worries you can use the pick as a mustache wax scraper.

  • Pine scent
  • Perfect for a handlebar mustache
  • Comes with a quirky guitar pick

9. Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Waxes

Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Waxes

If you are going to be using a mustache wax with scent, why not go for a refreshing scent? The Fisticuffs Strong Hold has a nice citrus scent, that is sure to start your day off in the freshest way if possible.

We do not know what it, whether it’s the scent, the packaging, or just the quality of the hold, using these waxes just instills confidence. It does not hurt that it is very reasonably priced either.

One ounce of this wax will set you back only $10. That is a great value for the quality of wax this is. Just like our previous one, it comes off pretty easy as well and does not leave any nasty residue.

Although, it does come with petroleum jelly. We really do not think there is something wrong with using petroleum jelly, just it can be tricky to clean off. Using a shampoo should do the trick just fine.

The wax itself is quite malleable. The ‘stronghold’ in its name is just not for branding purposes. The hold of this wax was impressive to say the least. Using the right amount of wax will keep your mustache right in its place.

Going out for the day with the perfect style and shape for your beard and mustache?  You can make sure it will stay that way with this one. Yeah, you read that right. you can use this as a beard wax too – speak about versatility.

  • Citrus scent
  • Great holding strength
  • Contains natural oils like jojoba

8. Wild Willie’s Mustache Waxes

Wild Willie’s Mustache Waxes

A truly top-notch product featuring all-natural ingredients and oils that nurture your facial hair keeping it healthy with a shine. The ingredient list on this one is actually very impressive.

You get a pick of some of the healthiest oils and vitamins such as vitamins A, B, and E. There is also omega fat which gives your mustache shine. We tested this wax thoroughly for the hold it offers and also the overall day to day use.

The shea butter keeps your hair and skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It also has some UV protection capabilities which is always a plus.

In terms of actual hold strength, this one was solid. It kept the style of the mustache in place for quite a while. We did notice it loosened up a bit after a couple of hours. So, some minor touchups may be required.

This is our first wax that is unscented in our best mustache wax round up. For those who are looking for a good mustache wax that is unscented and comes with all-natural ingredients, they can pick this one up for a hassle-free and straightforward experience.

One small gripe we have with the product is that it can be quite hard to remove in some cases. We recommend you use a wax remover to completely get it off. This is no a major issue and given how well the wax performs in every other aspect, this is one is an easy recommendation from us.

  • No scent
  • All-natural ingredients with vitamins and oils
  • Great hold

7. The Bearded Goon’s Mustache Waxes

The Bearded Goon’s Mustache Waxes

If you want a super solid hold mustache wax with all-natural ingredients that also happens to have no scent, look no further than the Bearded Goon’s ridiculously strong mustache wax.

Keeping in line with its name, the hold strength of this one is really ridiculous. With the help of tree resin, this wax manages to keep in place even the most stubborn of facial hair.

That is not all though. It does this all by being all-natural and having no scent. You get all the benefits of natural oils and vitamins. Some of the noteworthy ingredients are shea butter, carnauba wax, beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils.

Do not want a distracting scent following you around all day long? The Bearded Goon’s wax has no scent whatsoever. It is neutral and just gets out of your way when you apply it.

For animal lovers, you would be happy to know that Bearded Goon’s does not perform any sort of animal tests with its products. So you can look stylish and have a clear conscious!

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Very stronghold
  • No scent

6. Death Grip Mustache Waxes

Death Grip Moustache Waxes

The name of this one might be scary but we have to say – it delivers on what it promises. If you have fought with a seemingly untamable mustache for some time, it is now time to finally conquer that beast.

This Death Grip mustache wax is some of the most heavy-duty waxes you can find out there. We actually do not think most people will need to use a wax with this kind of strength, but hey, if you need it, it’s here.

The ingredients are also all-natural. In contains beeswax and lanolin, giving your mustache some serious staying power. You also get an included scraper pick. More on that a bit later.

It gets it holding strength from the use of pine gum rosin. Be warned though, this can make your mustache feel quite tacky. It isn’t a bad thing if that is what you are after and want a solid grip.

There are some specific instructions for using it straight from the brand. The brand recommends that you slight warm up the wax with a blow-dryer before applying it.

This procedure makes it much more manageable and easier to use. Otherwise, trying to apply it right out of the tin can be quite the uphill battle. All in all, we like this one for someone looking for over the top holding power.

This wax is actually perfect for competitions where you are competing with other brutes in showing off your glorious facial hair.

  • Ridiculous holding strength
  • Natural ingredients
  • Included wax scraper

5. Woodsman Mustache Wax

Woodsman Mustache Waxes

If you want a cool little mustache wax with a great scent that does not sacrifice ingredient quality and holding strength, opt for the Woodsman Mustache Wax. With a mix of natural ingredients coupled with a smoky pine and Texas cedar scent, this wax is just hard not to recommend.

Right from the point you open the tin, the scent hits you. the scent might not be everyone’s cup of tea and boils down to personal performances. However, as scented mustache waxes go, this is one of the best ones.

The ingredient list was impressive. Made from Natural Beeswax, Jojoba Oil Lanolin, and Cocoa Butter your mustache will be as healthy too.

We love branding too. Its wood-like packaging and just general packaging makes it feel like a premium product. It also priced a bit higher compared to other products here. 1 ounce of the Woodsman Mustache Wax will set you back around $16.

If you ask us, we think the price is quite fair given the sheer quality of the ingredients and the hold strength you get with this one.

Speaking of the hold strength, we were not disappointed. It keeps the mustache in place for hours to an end. Whether you are going for the classic handlebar look or something a bit over the top, this one is sure to keep those follicles in check.

  • Great scent
  • Natural ingredients and oils
  • Very good hold keeps hair in place

4. Clubman Neutral Wax Hang Pack

Clubman Neutral Wax Hang Pack

Most of the ones we have taken a loot at so far came in a circular tin. The Clubman Neutral Wax Hang Pack switches things up and gives you a tube. It is a nice refresher.

We quite like the packaging as well. It is loud and proud with silver and green color tones. As for the wax itself, it has nourishing ingredients that do not just keep your facial hairstyle in place but also helps to keep your mustache healthy.

Have a meeting or a night out? You can use this mustache wax to style your mustache looking done and well kept in a matter of minutes. The ingredients used are also volumizing.

It gives your mustache and beard some character and volume – and we can both agree that facial hair that looks healthy is just so good.

The hold was on point. We tested it with just a small dollop of wax. After styling the mustache, it kept it well in its place for a couple of hours. After a long day, you can easily remove it too. It comes off effortlessly with just a little help from soap water.

A nice addition to the packing was an include plastic comb. You can use it for precise styling of in a jiffy.

  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Comes in tube form for ease of use
  • Good overall hold
  • Included comb

3. Firehouse Wacky Tacky Mustache Waxes

Firehouse Wacky Tacky Mustache Waxes

Firehouse mustache waxes have been some of our favorites to use for a long time now. That is exactly why it lands our top 3 spots for the best mustache wax review. This one is perfect if you have dark or black facial hair.

The color of the wax is quite dark and goes perfectly with men that have darker facial hair. There are no artificial colorings used though. The color of the wax is the natural result of the wax itself.

We recommend when using it, to use it sparingly. It goes lighter than it looks too as keep that in mind. We found warming up wax just a tad bit before using it is the best way to make sure you get just the right amount of wax you need. It is quite stiff, so not warming it up isn’t the best course of action. Plus warming it up just makes it very easy to manage too.

The hold itself was very impressive. We did not expect anything less from Firehouse and especially given how stiff this wax is. The hold held up for hours after applying it.

An odd thing that we notice is we couldn’t verify what ingredients this wax using. The general consensus seems to be it contains beeswax and petroleum jelly.

If you have a long day ahead of you or you need to attend a party, this wax can get you looking sharp easily.

Your problems with unruly facial hair end here. Dark and hard to manage facial hair? Grab this one!

  • Works great for dark facial hair
  • Great hold

2. Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Waxes

Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Waxes

Can we just say how much we love the name? if you have not heard of Can You Handle Bar mustache waxes, you are in for a treat. These have some of the most consistent and well-performing waxes for a long time and rightly so.

The design of the package is very classy with its dark and silver color tones. The moment you open it, you are greeted with a mild scent of beeswax. That is your first hint of the ingredients

The ingredients are all-natural. You are not going to be finding any synthetic waxes over here like petroleum. What you do get is a wax enriched with all-natural oils and vitamins. Such as vitamin E, lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and of course beeswax.

These ingredients keep your mustache in place and while also keeping it healthy and filled with needed nutrients.

The held strength of this was just as expected from the brand. It was solid it held a handlebar mustache design for a whole day. If you want it to hold a style for longer periods, make sure to use just a tad bit extra. The way you maximize its strengths.

This might not be unscented as most of us prefer, but the list of premium, completely natural ingredients coupled with its hold, this wax is hard to ignore.

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Great hold
  • Mild beeswax scent

1. Peckerhead Mustache Waxes

Peckerhead Mustache Waxes

Taking our number spot is the Peckerhead Mustache Wax. Classy and tacky would be the two words to describe this absolute gem of a wax. It delivers on its claims like no other.

If you need a mustache wax made from all-natural ingredients that will keep your mustache in place the whole day, look no further. Peckerhead’s mustache wax formula keeps your mustache in place without harming it.

Keep in mind this stuff is very tacky. That is how you get the superb hold that this one provides. So, you might want to use it sparingly. Just a little bit of wax will go a long way with this one.

When we say natural ingredients, we do really mean natural ingredients. There is no petroleum jelly here. Just nourishing and organic ingredients. The ingredients list includes natural oils and beeswax. There is shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil. All of which keeps your beard looking healthy and gives it a nice shine. While the beeswax and pine resin keep in place.

As for scent is has a pine scent that we quite like around here.

A tip for you all – before using it warming up the wax a tiny amount will make it much easier to take it out of the tin. Plus, the tin itself is very portable. You can carry it with you if you need quick touch-ups.

Overall, the Peckerhead Mustache Waxes is the best you can get if you want a completely natural wax that will hold your mustache and beard style in place for the whole day.

  • All-natural ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, and castor oil
  • Stronghold
  • Subtle pine scent

Use Mustache Wax the Correct Way 

Alright, so you know what to look for when you are out shopping for mustache waxes. You have read about all the best mustache waxes in the market right now and you are ready to get out there and own your new facial hair. Not so fast. There are some things you should know before that.

You need to master using mustache waxes the proper way. Just lathering it on there and hoping for the best is not the best way to go on about it. Follow these tips when applying your mustache wax and your facial hair will come out looking on point!

  • Avoid over-applying

Less is more. This is one rule to remember when applying mustache wax. A common mistake many make it applying way too much which can leave your mustache feeling crunchy. Avoid this at all times.

  • Do not rush

Treat your mustache with the respect that it deserves. Do not rush when applying the wax. Take your time to manage your beard and really get in there. This saves you a lot of hassle throughout the day. Taking a few moments in the morning to set your mustache the correct way will just make dealing with things much easier. Food will not get caught in your mustache for one. You will also have a nice well-kept mustache.

  • Keep the style in mind

We recommend when picking a style do not go for something to over the top. Sticking to simple and classy designs adds simplicity and character. Of course, it makes managing it that much easier. Plus, picking a simple style also does not take too much time either.

  • Apply the mustache wax properly

Take a bit on your fingers and apply it by rubbing it back and forth on your mustache. Make sure to cover every part of your mustache. The last thing you want is part of your mustache looking on point and the rest of it looking like a mess. So, apply the wax thoroughly and properly. When rubbing the wax between your fingers it should become very malleable and easy to work with.

Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes 

These are some of the most common mistakes the first time mustache wax users make. Avoiding these will make sure you get the best use out of your mustache waxes.

  • Do not be rough

When applying be gentle and try to not pull out a few mustache hairs. There have been many times when people are either in a hurry and they go on rubbing the wax on too hard and end up pulling hard. Not only can this be painful sometimes, but it can also make your mustache look uneven and un-kept.

  • Avoid oil before putting on the wax

The whole point of the mustache wax is to keep your facial hair in place. If you oil your beard or mustache before you apply the wax, the wax breaks down. This strips away the setting properties of the wax.

  • Get familiar with your wax

You will get the hang of this as you keep using your mustache waxes. When using it, not how easy or difficult it is to make your wax easy to work with. That way you will soon figure out just how much you need and how easy your wax is to work with.

Mustaches are coming back in style and to make the most of your facial hair styling, setting it with a mustache wax is a no brainer. They are safe and natural and does not have the harmful benefits of synthetic products.

Just make sure to always buy for your needs. There really is no need whatsoever to get drawn into marketing gimmicks of other brands. The list of the best mustache waxes here is some of the best ones you can find. Whether you want a super-strong hold, unscented, or natural ingredients, there is one for everyone.

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