Razor for Sensitive Skin: 10 Best of 2020

Although men’s skin is generally thicker than women’s, some men have the unfortunate problem of having to deal with sensitive skin. It becomes harder and an uphill battle for them to shave compared to other fellow men. Check out our review of the 10 best Razor for Sensitive Skin to get the perfect shave every time. This usually happens when your skin fails to retain moisture and the protective top layer of your skin is not performing optimally.

If you happen to suffer from sensitive skin, then you probably know shaving isn’t the easiest thing for you. Your skin gets irritated easily and acts up. Taking a blade, lathering up your skin with shaving cream, and regularly gliding a razor across your face every day or every other day may not be the most ideal thing for your skin. Finding the perfect razor that goes well with the skin that you have can also be a great hassle, an obstacle that seems you will be having to live with for the rest of your life.

If that sounds like you and those problems are familiar, then you are in the right place. We are bringing you not only a full in-depth review of the 10 best razors for sensitive skin that you can buy in 2020 but also a complete guide on what are the best ways to use a razor with tips and tricks, what to look for when buying your next perfect Razor for Sensitive Skin, best practices and more.

So, buckle up, get yourself a drink, and keep on reading. Soon you will be saying goodbye to your skin troubles and come out more informed and ready to tackle sensitive skin head-on after this article.

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Myth Busters

Let’s first get on with some good old-fashioned myth busters. Sensitive skin issues are plagued with a lot of misinformation that is casually thrown around. Although there is a certain amount of truth to some of these statements, there are also, however, some that are just plain false. Here are some of the most common myths busted:

Myth 1: Thick moisturizers are good for your skin

Although moisturizing is good for your skin and especially when you have sensitive skin, an extra unnecessarily thick moisturizer will end up clogging your pores and do more harm than good. The best course of action here is to find the right middle ground that works well with your skin. Find the one that is not too thick and is gentle enough that works well with your skin type.

Myth 2: Sunscreens are for women only

This statement is absolutely ridiculous and on the verge of sexism. Sunscreens can be used and are beneficial for both the sexes. In fact, if you are a man and suffer from sensitive skin, clever use of sunscreen will help alleviate some of the skin problems very effectively indeed. Another bonus myth-buster for you is it’s also a good idea to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Sunlight rays are UV rays in nature and do reach the earth even on cloudy days. Yes, that is a bummer, we know, so put on your sunscreen just as you would on a sunny day.

Myth 3: There’s nothing you can do for bumps, irritation or ingrown hairs

Looking at the tone we have in this article, you can very easily tell how much we dislike this myth around here. Rest assured that there are certainly very effective ways you can deal with razor bumps, skin irritation while shaving and ingrown hairs. You do not have to be helpless and just accept it, we will touch on this topic in detail later on in the article.

Myth 4: Products that have skin are better than products without

This probably is one of the most circulated and widely believed myths when it comes to men’s skincare. Rather a product with an uncomfortable sting means your skin is being irritated and isn’t not coping well with the product. If you suffer from sensitive skin using gentler products made for your skin type is the best route to take.

Myth 5: If you get a razor bump the best thing you can do is to wait it out

False! Salicylic acid is some of the best ways to treat razor bumps if you already have razor bumps. This will also help if your skin is acne-prone.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Razor Work Optimally

Using a high-end razor that is tailored made for sensitive skin will not do you any good if you are using it wrong. Knowing some tips and tricks about using a razor in the correct way for sensitive skin, is one the first steps in getting a comfortable shave and will keep your skin healthier in the long run. Follow these 5 tips and tricks to get a better shave every time.

1. Use sharp blades

Using a well made and sharp blade will make it way easier for your razor to glide over your face and reduce the chances of razor bumps. Sometimes your razor’s blades might be fine, but the shaven off the hair on your razor could cause the razor to not perform well. After a couple of strokes wash it down under the faucet to get rid of stuck hair.

2. Use the correct angle when shaving

Holding your razor at the right angle when shaving is another great tip for getting a good problem-free shave. Using a razor with a pivoting blade head does this somewhat automatically for you. If your razor does not have a pivoting head, you need to do some of the work yourself. Hold the razor an angle that feels comfortable and feels right against your face and use short easy strokes.

3. Avoid unnecessary pressure while shaving

A lot of people think that using a bit of pressure and holding the razor down closer to your face helps with a closer shave. This is however not true and rather causes more irritation. If you are using the right shaving cream with a good razor, just having your razor touch your skin gliding it over will give you just as close of a shave as well. Again, perform light short strokes for the best results.

4. Go with the grain

Going against the grain will get you a closer shave but it comes at a cost. For skin that is sensitive, your best bet is to go with the grain to mitigate irritation. This will give you the closest shave you can get without having to risk your skin acting up.

5. Maintain your razor and store at a safe place

Finally, store your razor at a safe place away from the hands of children and where your blades will not deteriorate. Keeping the blades away from moisture when they are not in use will keep them sharp and performing at their peak. If you know you won’t be using the blade for a while, you can use products such as camellia oil to keep the blades intact. Although frequent uses and washing will keep your razor kicking for a long time, general maintenance will ensure your razor performs optimally each and every time. If you feel your blades aren’t performing like they used to or they are rusty its time to scrap them and get new ones.

A Good Razor is Only Half The Equation

Now that you are all read up on some of the tips you can use pertaining to your razor, there are some general shaving tips and tricks that will help you hit the ground running when it comes to shaving and get you that close and super smooth shave that you deserve.

1. Wash your face with warm water

Prepping your skin before a shave is a really important first step that many of us overlook. Whether there is not enough time or we do not know the importance, there could be many reasons why some of us fail to have a good pre-shave routine. Before you get on with a shave, washing your face or better yet, taking a shower with warm water that will prepare your skin for a shave. The warm water will soften your skin and hair, allowing for a smoother and easier shave.

2. Get a proper shaving cream for sensitive skin

Getting a proper shaving cream that is made to deal with sensitive skin is a must for men with sensitive skin. The great thing about these shaving creams is that they are specially made to deal with sensitive skin and generally are loaded with aloe, glycerin, and other extracts that fight skin irritation and do wonders for overly sensitive skin. You can check out our review for the best shaving creams for sensitive skin to know more about the various creams you can get your hands on.

3. Get a good lather

This relates to point number 2. Good shaving creams will have a rich lather which in turn will also contribute to a better and smoother shave at the end of the day. The lather makes it easier for your razor to gently glide over your skin while shaving. If your current shaving cream does not happen to lather particularly well, you will thank yourself later after you have used one that does.

4. Try to shave less often

This will depend on the rate of beard growth that you have. But for sensitive skin, it is a good idea to expose your skin to outside stimulation as less as possible. This allows your skin to recover in the time between shaving sessions and let your moisturizer and other lotions that you might use take full effect.

5. Soften the beard with a shave guard

The use of a shave guard will get the hair on your face soft which makes it even easier for getting rid of them using the small stroke method that we mentioned. There are some great options for shave guards in the market that you can get your hands on that won’t break the bank either.

6. Use aftershave after every shave

The way we see it here, aftershave is a crucial addition to your shaving routine. These are a great way to finish a shaving session the proper way and lets your face rest. Some aftershave could have properties that attack acne-causing bacteria.  If you want something an alternative to these, aftershave balms are another great option too. A good aftershave balm nourishes your skin and will usually have natural oils and extracts to give you that extra protection and care that your skin needs.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Razor for Sensitive Skin

If you are in the market for a razor for sensitive skin, there are 5 things you need to consider even before making a purchase. These features will enhance your shaving experience and will help you pick out the best razor that fits your tastes and needs.

1. Razor Shaving Head

Remember how we were on about the angle you pull your strokes at? This is where having a pivoting razor blade will make things easier for you. Razors will have an adjustable head that can help it better fit the curves of your face and will give you a much closer shave depending on the way you use it.

2. The Type of Razor

The type of razor will make a slight difference. If you are using an electric razor, rotating blades are not the best option. A foil blade-based electric razor gives a better result in most cases.

3. Handle

When buying a razor, the handle and the overall ergonomics will play a major role in how it feels in the hand while shaving. This dictates how comfortable the razor is to shave with.

4. Extra Moisturizing Features

Some good quality razors will include additional moisturizing features such as hydrating strips that keep your skin hydrated while shaving. These are for sure a great little bonus to have.

5. Price

Price is definitely a factor. If you do not have a ton of money to blow, getting the most expensive model is not the greatest idea unless it gives you a certain value. So, before making a decision carefully see which one gives you the best value and bang for your buck for your use case.

The 10 Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

Let’s get on with the reviews of the top 10 best razors for sensitive skin you can buy in 2020. We have some heavy hitters here, with each offering quality builds and something unique to offer.

1. BIC Twin Select Disposable Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

BIC has become a household name thanks to its long history of producing high-quality products. These disposable twin select are easily disposable razors that are made for men with sensitive skin. The twin blades make them easily washable which allows them to not hold on to shaven off hairs. If you are in the market for razors that you can take on a trip with you and can be easily gotten rid of, these are a perfect choice. Plus, as an added bonus these BICs will not break the bank either. They are affordable and made with quality in mind.

Well-built from premium quality material this disposable razor does not feel like a cheaply made one. The handles are tapered allowing you to get a better grip and get the shaving angle just right. This helps you get closer shaves every time. The blades themselves are also well made and plenty sharp. You really do not worry about razor bumps of much irritation with these

  • Easily disposable
  • Cheap
  • Great handle design

2. Bic Metal Disposable Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

You probably have heard of safety razors. They can be a good option for men with sensitive skin. But if you ever wanted safety razor levels of performance in small and compact disposable razor form, these are your go-to. With the same tried and tested BIC reliability and quality, these are also just some of the best disposable razors in the market at the moment. These come with sharp stainless-steel blades that will easily cut through your beard in a jiffy minimizing skin irritation and mitigating many risks of razor bumps.

Coupled with the fixed head, this means you can really maneuver it the way you want when it comes to the contours of your face, especially the chin area. On top of that, it is no surprise by now that disposable razors aren’t that expensive. These follow the trend as well. You can easily get your hands on a 10 piece for just a couple of bucks. Easy to use and not too pricey, these are a great step up compared to the BIC twin blades if you want a little bit of an upgrade.

Top-notch quality with the familiar BIC reliability. The handles are grooved which gives you that extra grip and confidence when you are shaving away. Some of the best and most comfortable handle design we have seen, that too on a disposable razor, is quite commendable in our books. The quality of these are also loved by thousands of other people as well, one look at the reviews of these and it is pretty clear that BIC has done a great job with their Metal disposable razors.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Grooved handle for better grip
  • Cheap and easily disposable

3. Gillette Mach 3 Men’s Disposable Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

If you were asked to name a brand that comes to mind when someone says shaving, it probably is Gillette. They are one of the most well-known brands in the market not only for making razors but also a slew of other shaving products, kits, and sets, including shaving creams as well. Keeping in line with its long history of quality products, the Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors do not disappoint at any front. A great performing disposable razor thanks to the 3 blades with their patented DLC also known diamond-like coating.

These blades are responsible for providing some of the closest and soothing shaves you can get from a not too expensive razor blade. The number of blades is also a plus, having three blades simultaneously working together means you do not have to do as many strokes as you would have if you had one blade. The addition of what Gillette calls the ‘lubastrip’, also makes these gently glide over your skin causing less irritation.

Design and quality-wise these are absolutely top-notch. You can count on Gillette to produce quality products even if they are labeled disposable. The open design makes it easy to clean out the blades after a couple of strokes. You have clean blades to tackle the pesky hair just by running them under the faucet. Coupled with the comfortable to hold the handle, these are some of the best disposable razors we have seen in the market.

  • Easily disposable makes these perfect for travel
  • Lubastrip provides a smooth shaving experience
  • Easily washable thanks to the open design

4. Harry’s 5-Blade Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

Harry’s is an up and coming name in the shaving scene and has been producing some quality products given the time they have been active. Within a short period of time, the company has garnered quite a strong fanbase for themselves and the loyal following is understandable the minute you take a look at their products. We do need to mention though that these blades are specially designed for sensitive skin, but the blades are plenty sharp and very easy to replace given they do not cost much. Coupled with the quality of the blades and the overall ergonomics of the razor these Harry’s razors are a great upgrade from disposable ones.

The design of these are straight-forward and minimal. You won’t be seeing any fancy styling, curves or color accents. These are meant to be well built and straight forward razors that get the job done – no questions asked. You get a lot of value for the price that you pay for it. The handles are rubberized, giving you extra grip and thoughtfully includes covers for the blades making them safely protected when not in use. As we mentioned before, it is important to take good care of your razor if you want them to last a long time.

  • Easy to replace sharp blades
  • Includes cover
  • Rubberized handles give extra grip

5. Braun Series 6 6020s SensoFlex Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

When discussing the best razors for sensitive skin, we simply just cannot leave out the great razor options Braun Electric gives you. Braun Electric has gone out and gotten the swivel head professionally tested by dermatologists to make sure you get some of the best shaving performances you can get. You do not have to put too much pressure while shaving all thanks to the head of these razors. In addition to the swiveling heads, the performance of these is enhanced by the SensoFoil blades which are specially designed for a close and comfortable shave. You get extra value from the added precision trimming attachment and these are electric, did we mention that? Yep, high-quality electric razor with waterproofing that allows you to easily clean the blades out.

Braun knows what they are doing when it comes to the design of this thing. It is surprisingly easy to handle and provides a comfortable grip that makes this ergonomic when shaving. Gone are the days when you had to do any hand gymnastics when using this razor for a close and satisfying shave. The versatile design also allows this razor to turn it into more than just a razor for sensitive skin. With the added attachments included, you can trim your sideburns and mustaches as well. Easy to clean out and maintain, these are also made more valuable due to the waterproofing. Solidly built and packed with features, this Braun Series 6 razor is an easy recommendation from us if you’re in the market for an electric razor for your sensitive skin.

  • Waterproof
  • SensoFoil technology gives a smooth shave
  • Professionally tested

6. Rockwell R1 Double-Edged Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

This Rockwell razor gets its name for its blades on both sides of the innovative head design that houses blades on both sides which Rockwell calls the butterfly head which gives you a smooth and close shave. The blades themselves are quite sharp as well and made from Swedish stainless steel. Particularly made to give you a gentle shave, the R1 gives you a great shave without causing any razor burns or skin irritations for the sheer quality of the sharp blades.

These are simple high-quality razors that get the job done and do it extremely well. Rockwell prides itself on the relatively low cost of owning this razor and the costs associated with its long term compared to other known brands. We have to agree with Rockwell here, given the price point these comes in and the quality of shave it offers in a simply designed package, these are hard not to like.

The design and the build are just sheer quality. Solidly built that will last you a long time. The durable alloys used for the sturdy construction gives you the peace of mind that you will not be needing to change these out for new ones ever so often. On top of that, these are also rustproof which is an added bonus.

  • Dual-sided butterfly blade design
  • Great build quality with rustproof alloy

7. Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

These razors probably have one of the most innovative features we have seen so far. The Hydro 5 from Schick comes with 7 layers of hydration goodness that keeps your skin moisturized while you are shaving. Now if that isn’t good news for your sensitive skin, we don’t know what it. It does not end here; due to the quality of this lubrication strip they are claimed to last up to 2x longer than other strips on the market. Apart from this, it has 5 blades, thus the name, the blades are sharp and make sure you get a close shave each and every time without irritating. On top of that, these include a flippable back for even more precise trimming. A versatile and quality product from Schich, the Hydro 5 is worth a close look.

The design of these isn’t something that is eye-catching, but the design is not the reason we like this one in the first place. The build is straight forward and to the point with a comfortable shape and solid construction that does not feel cheap. Some of the best razors out there come with the simplest design that gets out of the way and let the blades do the talking – this Hydro 5 is definitely one of those razors. A superb option for men with sensitive skin.

  • 7 hydration layers keep skin healthy
  • 5 blades for a close and smooth shave

8. Gillette SkinGuard Razor for Sensitive Skin

Best Razor for Sensitive Skin in 2020

Gillette comfortably sits in our top 3 in our best razors for sensitive skin review with its SkinGuard razor. This is Gillette’s first non-disposable razor that has been specifically designed for men with sensitive skin. It is meant to give you a close and comfortable shave without the risks of razor burns and skin irritation. It achieves this feat by minimizing snags and cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible, thus the name SkinGuard. The blades are plenty sharp and designed to cut without requiring too much pressure from the user. Just let it glide across your face smoothly. The ability to properly lubricate the razor also greatly adds to the comfortable and irritation-free shave that you get. These are clinically proven razors that will work wonders if you happen to have sensitive skin.

Design and quality-wise the Gillette SkinGuard really impresses. The moment you pick it up you will get a sense of premium-feeling material that is built to last you for a long time to come. The durability of the build isn’t the only good thing this razor has to offer though, the handle adds rubberized grips at the right places and ensures you always have a good grip on it. Ergonomic, premium, and well-made razor specifically made for a close irritation-free shave for men with sensitive skin – this pretty sum up this great razor. Speaking of the price, for what it offers, we think the price is fair and not too much.

  • SkinGuard technology gives you irritation-free shave
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great build

9. Bevel Shave System

We have to admit, we really like this one. The Bevel shave system is not just a razor, but a whole shaving kit that is so well put together it will surprise you – in a very good way. Judging by the quality of their offerings, Bevel is a startup with some really smart people running the show behind the scenes. The system includes a pair of beautifully made quality razors, a badger hairbrush, a priming oil, a restoring balm, and of course a shaving cream made especially for sensitive skin.

Right from the packaging to the overall user experience of these products, you instantly know that Bevel means business with their line of shaving products. Let’s talk about the razor itself – it’s quite the looker with some elegant design styles, almost like a luxury product. The head of the razor is quite unique. It’s designed in a way that you just cannot get asymmetric exposure with this, a thoughtful little feature we appreciate a lot and something we are sure you will too.

Design and quality-wise, Premium is the best word to describe this. Immaculate attention to detail, design, and construction makes this one of the best-made razors with the kit we have come across to date. Some of the great things you will like are just how natural the razor feels on the hand. It’s ergonomic and instills confidence when you hold it. The high-quality built quality also makes it quite a heavy razor but not uncomfortably heavy. On the contrary, the weight of the razor actually makes it easy to get a close shave without putting too much pressure on your skin. You probably know by now that not having to put pressure when you are shaving sensitive skin will cause less irritation and these achieve a close and irritation-free shave without breaking a sweat.

  • Phenomenal design and build
  • Perfect for men with sensitive skin
  • A fully featured shaving kit

10. Feather Double-Edge Razor for Sensitive Skin Model AS-D2

If you have deep pockets then Feather’s Model AS-D2 razor is something that is sure to interest. From the first experience of taking it out of the box to the first shave, the feeling is of absolute luxury mixed perfectly with practicality and performance. Due to how sharp the blade is, the shave it gives you is super smooth that minimizes irritation and razor bumps. One thing you might want to keep in mind, if you want a cleaner and closer shave, this might not be the one for you.

It requires a shaving angle of 45-degrees compared to the standard 30-degrees of cutting angle that other razors have. Having said that, the other added extra features are exquisite, to say the least. Feather made this razor in a way that virtually makes it impossible to cut yourself. In the box, you get the AS-DS model razor and also Feather’s super-sharp stainless-steel blades. A great option for someone who wants a luxury and premium razor that works well for sensitive skin.

Design-wise all we have to say it these razors are exquisite. The handle and the head are made to look almost as if they were from a futuristic sci-fi movie. The weight distribution of these is such that lets it sit perfectly balanced in the hand. We can’t stress this enough; a lot of effort has gone into the designing process of this high-end razor. A fact that you get right away even before holding the razor itself, the box and packaging are also quite commendable also.

  • Gorgeous design and premium build
  • Innovative head mechanism with safety in mind
  • Excellent weight distribution


Q. I hear shaving against the grain gives you a closer shave, is this true?

Ans. This is somewhat true, but for sensitive skin, you should always shave with the grain to avoid irritation.

Q. Do angles matter when shaving?

Ans. Yes, it does, you do not want to shave at an angle that is too aggressive. The ideal angle is 30-degrees no matter your skin type.

Q. Are shave gels a good alternative to creams?

Ans. Shave gels have the benefit of being relatively transparent than creams. So you can see where you are shaving. If you want to use a gel it is usually fine given they are made for sensitive skin.


By now you should know quite a lot about shaving and buying the best razor for sensitive skin. Remember, having sensitive skin does not have to be something that you live with every day. A good skincare routine and a pair of quality razors coupled with good shaving cream are all you need to tackle those sensitive skin woes. To make the best out of your purchase keep the tips and tricks in mind and mix them up with the best practices while shaving and you should be just fine.

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