Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

The windswept look is truly freeing. It’s casual but edgy. Getting those tousled, textured beachy locks is not an easy task, though. Sure, you can just take a dip in the ocean. The textures will remain the same over the weekend. As Monday comes by, and your workplace demands your presence, you have to say goodbye to that beach hair. This is why you need the next best alternative. Enter sea salt sprays! While gels make your hair glossy and stiff, sea salt sprays create the perfect voluminous waves.

This is why you need sea salt sprays in your grooming arsenal. You get the desired look without much effort. Your limp hair can turn into that careless, surfer hair in no time. Your hair achieves depth, layers, and waves even in the concrete jungle. And it works on all hair lengths. Sea salt sprays also have nourishing ingredients that rejuvenate your hair.

You don’t need to be by the beach to get that gritty hair anymore. This product is available all over the world. Recreate your summer looks at all seasons. The best part? It requires minimal effort.

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Benefits of Sea Salt Spray 

Sea salt sprays help achieve that gritty texture your hair receives after a swim in the sea. The salt component in the spray helps open up your hair cuticles, provide more volume as well as more texture. This makes it easier to style your hair too.

The sea salt spray is extremely versatile in nature. It works on both short and long hair and caters to every hair type. How? Find out below:

For Thin or Fine Hair 

Those of you gents who have fine or thinning hair know how difficult it is to style it. Sea salt sprays help you get creative with your hair by making it appear thicker and providing a base for styling products. It also boosts the limp hair strands.

Sea salt sprays absorb the excess hair oil and moisturize your scalp. Your hair will no longer fall flat in an hour or two. The best part? It doesn’t result in a sticky, mucky mess like other products do.

For Coarse or Thick Hair 

Sea salt spray adds texture and waves to your static hair. You can control it easily and style it better. If you’re someone with a head full of curls, this hair product helps you tame the uncontrollable frizziness. It adds volume to your hair without weighing it down. Your hair also doesn’t get that shiny effect, so it looks absolutely natural.

Apart from the stylistic benefits, sea salt sprays are good for your hair and scalp too. The salt forces the follicles on your scalp to reopen, which improves the volume of your hair. It strengthens your roots and improves blood circulation. Like every other hair product, this can damage your hair too. So, remember to use it in moderation!

Features to Look Out For Before Making the Purchase 

Sea salts sprays have been in the fashion industry for a while. That’s why it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of products lined out in the market. So, here are some of the features you should keep your eye out for:

  • Finish 

Do you want a matte finish or a glossy, shiny one? Most sea salt sprays have a matte one to add textures to your hair easily. If you’re looking for a hydrating one, you should look for ones that contain natural oils.

  • Scent

You don’t want a sea salt spray that will overwhelm your senses and the ones around you. So, look for ones with essential oils that typically leave a subtle scent. Sandalwood, citrus, and tea tree oils are the go-to masculine scents.

  • Ingredients 

It’s important to look into the ingredients the product is made of. Make sure it’s not a long list of chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. Natural ingredients rejuvenate and revitalize your hair.

  • Strength 

You want a sea salt spray that’ll hold the different styles you want to play your hair with. So, gravitate towards the ones with medium hold. It’s enough to give you the rugged, surfer boy effect. The sprays with light hold strength let your hair move more freely. The stronghold ones make your hair look stiff and awkward.

  • Hair Type

Do you have curly or straight hair? Thin or coarse hair? Long or short? Oily or dry? If you have voluminous hair, you don’t want a spray that adds more volume – it just makes it coarse. You’d also want to avoid the ultra-hydrating ones if you have thin hair because it makes it greasy. Some sprays cater to specific types of hair, so make sure you read the labels properly

  • Hair Dyes

If you have dyed hair, then you have to be careful of the products you buy. Sea salt sprays typically don’t contain damaging ingredients like sulfates or parabens. One or two companies add it to their formula. So, make sure you read reviews and pay attention to the details at the back of the bottle.

How to Make Best Use of Sea Salt Spray

There’s no right way to use this product. It can be used on damp hair or even dry. You can achieve varying levels of textures from the number of times you spray on your hair.

Apply it on unwashed hair for the best results. Why? Because it grips onto your cuticles more easily, and you can style it as you wish. Hair has more texture when it’s unwashed. If you plan on using it on damp hair, make sure you at least dry it with a towel first to get rid of the excess moisture. Then, spritz generously!

Make sure you spray enough of the product so you can work it through all your hair. Spray at the roots for a better structure. How much of the product you use depends on the type and length of your hair. Once you’re done spritzing, spread the sea salt around your hair. Then, get to styling!

Remember to use the product in moderation. It’ll be a soggy mess otherwise. Different sea salt sprays have different characteristics. So, if you truly want to make your hair shine, play around with a few of them and come up with your own grooming regime.

Using a hairdryer will definitely speed up the entire styling process. It adds more volume and depth too. It’s okay if you want to work without one, though. You get more relaxed styles with it. After using the spray, just rub it all over your hair and scrunch it with your hands. You’ll get defined locks once it dries.

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, it’s hard to style the limp and weightless strands. Sea salt sprays help add some weight and texture to your hair, so you can grip it more easily. It helps add volume to your hair too. The spray is the perfect pre-styling hair product. Make it the base for other products.

Get away with unwashed hair too! Spritzing this on your damp hair can mask the grease your hair ends up with after a long day.

The 10 Best Sea-Salt Sprays for Men in 2020

You now know how to recreate those beachy waves all year round. Let these enriching sea salt sprays nourish your hair and bring out the “natural” waves.

Here are some of the best oil busting and hair enhancing sea salt sprays for men in the market:

10. Sea Salt Texturising Hair Spray by Toni & Guy 

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

If you’re unable to create a lightly tousled look with your fine hair, you need the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Hair Spray. It’s hard to let go of this product once you add this to your grooming regime. It absorbs the oils from your unwashed hair too. Just slightly dampen your hair before use and scrunch it with your hands for the Californian beach style hair.

The consistency of the product is runny, but it leaves a sticky cast behind that helps style your hair. The weight is noticeable on thin hair but negligible on curly or coarse hair. If you have thinning hair, you should use a blow dryer for lasting effects. The product has a hint of aqua. So, get ready for a hit of nostalgia!

  • Reminds you of the warm, summer days at the beach.
  • Gives your hair plenty of texture and volume.
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair.
  • Rejuvenates your unwashed hair.
  • Controls the frizz.
  • Works better on coarse or thick hair than thin ones.
  • Dries out your hair in a few hours.
  • The smell disappears after a few hours too.

How to use it: Honestly, it doesn’t need much! Using your hands to style it is enough for wavy hair.

9. Sea Spray by Verb 

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

 If you’re hoping to achieve windswept hair within a few moments, then you need to buy the Sea Spray by Verb. It only takes a few sprays to make it look like you had a weekend getaway at the beach. The sea salt spray is formulated with only good things. It’s infused with smoothing moisturizers that transforms your hair into a breezy, wavy mess.

It gives your hair a boost and reinforces the roots with its oil-balancing ingredients. This is ideal for men with fine hair. A verb is also a cruelty-free company, so this product contains no harmful sulfates, parabens, or gluten. The seaweed extract in the spray cleanses excess hair oil and hydrates your hair. The spray also contains green tea extracts that help protect your scalp and hair from environmental stress and damage.

  • Works on both damp or dry hair.
  • Adds volume and texture to your hair.
  • Seals in moisture and strengthens your roots.
  • Includes sunflower seed extract that provides natural UV protection.
  • Works best on thin or fine hair.
  • Loses scent pretty swiftly.

How to use it: Spray it on your and use your fingertips to get defined curls.

8. Moroccan Sea Spray by OGX 

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

The Moroccan Sea Spray by OGX redefines your curls. The company is inspired by nature and makes sure it’s reflected on their products. It’s infused with sea salt, sea kelp, and argan oil that not only helps you style your hair but also reinforces its strength. Spritz it all over your hair for a tousled, beachy hairstyle.

It’s okay if you were inspired by your favorite footballer and ended up bleaching your hair. This product works its magic without affecting the color on your hair. Use a hairdryer after use for long-lasting effects. This leave-in sea salt spray brings an innate shine to your hair along with the windswept hairstyles.

  • Hydrates your hair.
  • Adds more volume.
  • Works with bleached here and other hair products.
  • Doesn’t suit all hair types, especially thinning ones.

How to use it: Spritz the mist all over your hair, scrunch it with your hands and then blow-dry it.

7. Texturizing Surf Spray by BYRD

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

Product Description: The Texturizing Surf Spray by BYRD is the perfect styling spritz if you’re on a budget. This spray has the unbeatable combination of sea salt and coconut water. Your hair achieves those natural, beachy waves and gets hydrated at the same time. The product requires little effort during application. It’s also sulfate-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free.

You don’t only get stylish textures from this! Your hair also gets a layer of protection from UV and other environmental stresses. The smell will take you straight back to the beach. Its compact size is also a plus. You can carry this around everywhere without any hassle.

  • Has a subtle smell of coconuts, pineapples, and something distinctly beach-like.
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.
  • Adds visible textures to your hair.
  • Makes your hair look a little greasy.
  • Works best on thick, curly hairs.

How to use it: It’s best to use it on damp hair. It leaves a gritty feeling otherwise. Style it with your comb for the best effects. You need to reapply it over the day because it doesn’t last for more than a few hours.

6. Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

Bumble & Bumble is renowned for its fun and useful products. This Surf Spray is no different. If you want to look like you just got up from the sand, this will help you do it. The spray gives a matte finish that makes your hair look effortlessly styled. On top of that, it’s constructed from nourishing ingredients that add more weight to your hair and strengthens your roots.

This is perfect for those of you with landlocked curls. The sea salt spray contains seaweed extracts that help retain moisture in the scalp. It adds a little weight to your hair too, but it’s negligible. This is why it suits all hair types.

Those of you with fine hair get to add a little texture to it. You will look like you’ve been hit by cool waves even when you’re miles away from the beach. If you’re someone who frequently travels a lot, you’ll love this product even more because it comes in a compact, travel-sized packages that are in accordance with TSA’s 3-1-1 liquid rule.

  • Hydrates your roots hair.
  • Makes the beachy waves look more natural.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Suits chemically dry hair types too.
  • Takes a bit out of your pocket!
  • Turns sticky if you use too much at once.

How to use it: Shake the bottle before using it! Then spray it all over. Use your hands to get the curls you desired. Let it dry naturally.

5. Sea Salt Spray by Davines

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

This is for those who want to build more trendy hairstyles! If you’re tired of the conventional hair sprays and sea salt sprays for men, you should try investing in this. The Sea Salty Spray by Davines is a tad more fashion-oriented than most. You get a matte finish along with that perfectly tousled hair.

This multidimensional product can be used in various ways. If your hair lays limp, you can use this as a base for other hair products. Not only does it give you more volume, but it also makes it easier to style your hair. If you’re naturally blessed with curls, then it helps tame that frizziness during those unbearable humid days. The best part? It only needs a couple of pumps to get the desired effect. So, this bottle will stick with you for a long time.

  • Provides a matte finish and not a shiny one.
  • Recreates those beachy locks with minimal effort.
  • Dries your hair out if you spritz too much of it.
  • Gives a crunchy texture after a few hours.
  • Works more effectively on curly hair.

How to use it: Spritz it over damp or dry hair and air dry it. It automatically scrunches your hair a little leaving behind nice waves.

4. R+Co Salt Spray by Rockaway

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

If you live in a dry environment, your hair is bound to be frizzy and gritty. With the R+Co Salt Spray, you can get edgy hairstyles without worrying about the grit. It adds a lot of volume to your hair. So, you can part it and get those tousled waves. It helps inject liveliness to your hair, especially since it’s made with texturizing ingredients.

The sea salt spray is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. It also has an in-built UV protection that prevents harsh sun rays from damaging your hair. The spray has cranesbill in it which swells the hair-shafts and volumizes it. The balm mint prevents your hair color from fading. With a plethora of other revitalizing natural ingredients, the R+Co Salt Spray by Rockaway will undoubtedly improve your grooming experience.

  • Suits all hairstyles.
  • Saves the hair from radical damage.
  • The perfect alternative for chemical sea sprays.
  • Rejuvenates your hair.
  • Needs to be paired up with other conditioning products for long-lasting effects.

How to use it: Spritz it over damp or dry hair and air dry it. It automatically scrunches your hair a little, leaving behind nice waves.

3. 40 Proof Salt Spray by Blind Barber 

Sea Salt Sprays for Men | The 10 Best in 2020

The Blind Barber ensures that its products are specially designed for you. Each ingredient infused in this protein-rich mist offers the perfect waves and curls. It boosts your hair and adds volume and texture. The product is water-based, so it works perfectly on dry hair. You can easily wash it off later on. It holds the shape really well, so you get the “just got back from the beach” waves with little effort.

This product does not contain any parabens, sulfates, or artificial dye. You get a matte finish and an enticing smell. It is overpowering for some people because it has a fair amount of chemicals in it. The bold styles you get to recreate makes up for the strong smell, though. Just shake the bottle, spritz the mist, and get textured locks.

  • Provides added volume to your hair.
  • The style you shape remains for a long time on damp hair.
  • Has a strong, overwhelming odor.
  • Contains too many chemicals compared to other products.

How to use it: Spray the mist at the roots on damp or dry hair. It works best on towel-dried hair. Style your hair with your hands and comb, and get an attractive, textured look.

2. Sea Salt Spray by Saltitude West

Sea Salt Spray by Saltitude West

It’s easy to reminisce about those days when your hair was dancing along with the wind on the beach with this product. That windswept look is hard to come by with the wrong hair products. The Sea Salt Spray by Saltitude West allows you to get that effect any time you want to within the confines of your home. Not too bad, huh? If you have long hair, spritz it on your hair and braid it before you sleep. You’ll be surprised by the effect.

The spray is infused with coconut oil which helps repair any damage caused by your surrounding. Coconut oil also helps get rid of frizziness. So, for those of you with curly hair, it is time to show your flair.

Another winning ingredient is aloe vera. This requires no explanations. Aloe vera helps repair the dead skin cells on your scalp and leaves your hair moisturized. Say goodbye to stray dandruff too!

  • Prevents itching on the scalp.
  • Conditions your hair and encourages growth.
  • Improves your scalp too.
  • Has a subtle, soothing smell.
  • Leaves an oily texture after a few hours.
  • Small in size.

How to use it: Don’t go overboard with this product! You only need to spray it on your hair a couple of times for the desired effect. Use your hands to style your hair, but it’s easier to get a blow-dry instead.

1. Sea Salt Spray by Murdock

Sea Salt Spray by Murdock

When it comes to styling your hair, the Sea Salt Spray by Murdock is the one you should turn to. It’s a great way to develop beachy hair and make it look natural in the process because of the matte finish. The product might be limited in size, but it makes up for it with its long list of positives.

You can use this grooming product every day without damaging your hair. It’s cruelty-free and devoid of synthetic dyes. The mist also doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

The texturizing spray is enriched with sea salt that helps create the base for styling your hair. It contains several scented natural oils – you’ll find hints of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and mandarins.

Create elegant styles with this concentrated sea salt mixture. Give your hair a refreshed look without washing it!

  • Prevents your hair from drying out.
  • Retains moisture on your hair and scalp.
  • Creates the most distinct textures and curls.
  • Contains a lovely citrus smell.
  • It costs a pretty penny.
  • Contains a fair amount of chemicals.

How to use it: Spray it on damp hair to get a more defined look. It’s best to use a comb to style it and let it dry naturally.

Final Say

No matter which sea salt spray you pick, the application is a vital step in the entire process. Make sure you use the sea salt spray in a manner that leaves you with the best results. Dampen your hair as it helps with coverage, towel-dry it, comb through your hair with your hands or a brush and remove the tangles. It’ll interfere with your styling otherwise. Then, spray it all over but make sure the bottle is at least a few inches away from your head. Focus on the roots and move towards the tips. Scrunch and style as necessary. Let it dry and voila! You have that perfectly imperfect look! So, go invest in the best sea salt sprays for men to get the perfect beachy waves at home.

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