Shaving Creams: 15 Best of 2020

Simple shaving habits speak volumes about a person. You may have noticed that when you look good; you feel good. Those rough patches of dry skin or unkempt hair in your face can make or break an impression. You are what you put on your skin. So be completely assured in the knowledge that the choice of your shaving cream, will decide every aspect of your shave from user experience to the outcome. Best shaving creams have many uses. In fact, when you learn about them in detail, you will be shocked at how much they truly influence. Your shaving cream decides everything. The ingredients in your shaving product are what you are exposing your skin too. So please don’t use any run of the mill-generic-sketchy shaving cream on yourself. These ingredients are responsible for how your skin feels and behaves after every shave.

That’s not it! These ingredients also dictate how smoothly a razor will glide across your face. Of course, what type of razor you use matters too. But generally, it’s mostly the shaving cream calling the shots. We know, all this sounds a little unbelievable. When you reach the end of this article, we promise that you will be feeling otherwise. The ideal shaving cream is a jack of all trades. It can be flashy and extremely functional at the same time. Their quality controls how you feel about shaving. Essentially, it means that the performance of shaving cream can tilt the scale between you seeing shaving as a chore or a ritual.

Think about every football player or Hollywood actor who is a fashion icon. They are worshipped more for their look than their performance which is quite natural, honestly. A picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.

Sadly, not all of us have the genes to carry off that rugged look of an Irish lumberjack. But beyond that, we know from experience that not all of us choose to carry that look. The same way and for the same reasons one supports FC Barcelona instead of Real Madrid; you may be biased towards Christiano Ronaldo’s sharp clean shave for yourself when compared to Lionel Messi’s recent bearded look. And we encourage nothing more. Be true to who you are. Support whichever look helps you feel your most strong confident self; clean shave, fully bearded, or half and half.

Beards have come back as a style trend in this century, but clean shaves have been one the defining looks of men throughout recorded history. Anyone stumbling across the internet wondering how others do it? Or what the best possible method is to achieve a clean shave? Time to feel excited, as we cover the step by step procedures that lead to your moment.

Get ready to feel gorgeous as we take you through a stroll, amidst the art and act of clean shaving.

First and foremost, please hear what we are screaming down at you. There are two equally important tools that are the mandatory requirements for a good, close shave. Differing from preference, application method, to selection of your tool- your equipment reflects deeply on how you treat your skin and what more can you do to give yourself that extra bit of love.

RAZOR + CREAM = a combination of how you apply these two is what affects your shave and shave quality. While you’re using them both, every component that your facial skin is exposed to plays a part in the long term effects on your skin.

When you finish reading this article, we hope to have educated and made anyone reading this piece familiar with all the basics and details of shaving. Hopefully, you will get an idea of what essential shaving tools to have in your kit, to what the best shaving creams of the year are.

Whatever your grooming choices, you should always come out from each session feeling confident and fresh. Our ultimate goal is to help elevate your overall shaving style and experience. So that you can feel like a brand new man every single day.

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Shaving Creams: the Basics

Why do you need shaving creams?

Those of us who have made the mistake of dry shaving when opting for a clean look, we know about the aftermath and the horrid consequences. Everyone has unique skin. Specific factors like sensitivity, acne, or sebum production must be addressed when catering to them. Dry shaving will not only cause irritation and pain from friction with those sharp razor blades; they can also have inflammatory consequences. Specifically for skins that are prone to ingrown hairs or have a history of acne.

Therefore, you can probably guess which method is appropriate. The opposite-  wet shave is essential to prepare and soften skin. Shaving creams are applied in the opposite direction of hair growth. Alongside acting as a moisturizing and lubricating agent, there is a benefit to how creams are applied. When you go against the grain, tiny hairs of your beard are lifted up making the process of cutting them subsequently easy.

What’s in a Shaving Cream- General Components and Functions

For anyone shaving regularly, or not; pay some real close attention to what comes next.  It is of the essence that you understand, how necessary and important it is to know what exactly is in your product. Honestly, this applies to all cosmetics and skin-related grooming products. For this helps you know what ingredients to look for and what to avoid during a purchase.

You should be aware of substances you are exposing yourself to, and what chemicals you are putting on your skin. There are sub-par chemicals out in the world. Much like knockoff brands, while these chemicals may be okay at their job, they are not the best. Good shaving creams are like successful relationships. They are about bringing together ingredients with a little bit of chemistry involved.

Shaving is a regular activity for most, so knowing the components and functions of these products is essential information.  This will help you throughout a lifetime. And as we mentioned earlier, they will come in extremely handy in the purchase of any type of self-care or skin and grooming product.

So what does it take to make a shaving cream? Let’s take a closer look:

Stearic acid:

A base component, the source of stearic acids as we know it, is from animals and vegetable oils. They act as cleansing and emulsifying agents for our hair and skin. We must remember that our skin is exposed to a lot, on an everyday basis.

Natural oil, dust, and impurities are usually stuck between your beard hairs and on your skin. Before each cut, it is very important that all foreign particles be washed from your face and beard, cleaning it.

The stearic acid also acts as an emulsifying layer between your skin and the blade, protecting it from the harshness of friction between sharp blades and thin sensitive skin. This helps you in your battle against ingrown hairs and acne production.


Glycerin has 2 completely different methods of production. They can be extracted naturally from organic sources such as soybeans, cane, and corn syrup. Or, they can be manufactured synthetically in factories.

This ingredient makes up almost 10% of any general shaving product. It provides your skin and beard with smoothness and lubrication. These features contribute to an easy cut during the shave, and have a resounding after effect on both hair and skin.

We’re talking sheen and skin texture. Don’t even try to deny it; we know you secretly want that Robert Pattinson Twilight glow. Not the creepy glittery scenes from the movies, not that! We’re talking about that natural clean shaved red-carpet Pattinson glow; a result of using only the best and safest shaving creams for shaving!

Laureth 23:

The purpose of the chemically synthesized Laureth 23 is to help clean skin and hair. They achieve this by allowing water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be washed away.

We have mentioned it before, and truthfully, no matter how many times we mention it, or even if a 90s Brad Pitt from Fight Club has it tattooed across his body; it will not reflect even nearly enough on the importance of cleaning your skin and your beard; especially before you shave.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate:

SLES, also written as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate. Do not confuse it with SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

SLES is an acceptable chemical, SLS is not. SLES is basically ethoxylated alcohol salt; a mild detergent and surfactant. Which means it is an inexpensive, yet effective foaming agent that is used to clean and emulsify your skin.


Fragrance in shaving creams is added for completely psychological reasons. We don’t actively notice it, but fragrance can be a big factor in enhancing user experience. They are also known to have a positive effect on the psyche.

Humans tend to associate memories through sensory categorization. Ergo, fragrance can create strong associations for the identity of a product. Don’t believe us? Johnson’s Baby Lotion! Through prolonged use, it can even associate the identity of a person through smell. Remember that friend you can smell from a mile away after every time he had a clean shave?

You may not really understand how particularly fragrances fulfill the valuable emotional requirements-through the establishment of allure, self-esteem, well-being, and freshness; until you imagine or use a product that has zero smell. Weird? We know.


What makes your hand glide across your cheeks after a good shave? It’s a man-made polymer called Dimethicone.

What does it do, you ask? It has unique fluid properties and acts as an anti-foaming, skin protectant, skin conditioning, and hair conditioning agent. When applied onto skin; all you feel is that beautifully smooth and silky texture.


This particular ingredient is derived from vitamin B5. The function of this component is to lubricate the skin surface. Additionally, it can also aid in improving hair quality.

We’re talking volume, we’re talking suppleness, we’re talking about a full-on the enhancement of the hair body.


Triethanolamine or TEA, when used in shaving creams; acts as a solvent that helps blend water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients. This is done so that emulsification can take place. If desired so, TEA may also be used to control the pH of a product.

Botanical ingredients:

Plants have natural biological properties. Specific chemical components of which can be used for a variety of applications.

Such as using oils to provide fragrance or cleaning and moisturizing. Many components can be a solid help in the treatment of various skin conditions; and can even be used as natural coloring agents.

The human skin is especially sensitive. They also have to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Consumers now focus on what ingredients are used on any skin-care related product. To aid in skin nourishment, companies nowadays have a habit of trying to attract customers by using natural additives that enhance the overall quality of the skin.

Color Additives:

Colors are added for the sole purpose of decoration. The primary and only goal they have is to make a shaving cream more attractive and appealing to customers. Companies try and hope that if they manage to establish a visual impression for the product, this might lead to more sales.


Do we really need to explain why water is used? Forever the universal solvent, water essentially acts as the primary liquid body in which other substances are dissolved.

Types of Shaving Creams: the Up-High and the Down-Low

There are generally 3 main categories of shaving products with further sub-divisions among them based on their types. For the purpose of this article, we are going to simply explain how shaving creams are labeled. They may come in a tube, in containers or in metal cans; but essentially shaving creams are of 3 types:

Aerosol Shaving Cream- These come in a can and are otherwise known as aerosol shaving foams. Here, propellant gases are used which turn creams into foams during the expulsion. Because of their final physical properties, these fall under one of the main branches of shaving products, otherwise known as shaving foams.

Latherless Shaving Cream:

Not everyone likes this soapy foaming quality of shaving creams. Creams tend to have a foaming quality to them after application, reducing surface visibility and making it harder to see hair or the skin surface underneath.

When or if you have a skin condition or a particular skin patch that you wish to avoid during shaving in order to prevent it from further irritation; latherless shaving creams are best suitable for your choices.  These are known as brushless shaving cream or non-aerosol shaving creams and they came about as a result of meeting consumer demands.

Lathering Shaving Cream:

The traditional shaving creams come in tubes or containers. They can be applied through brushes or even through the hand. The description of the product lies within its name. These creams bring about a soaplike foaming texture to them after application and massage on the face.

Canned shaving products, in our eyes, should remain as that distant acquaintance or relative that you only meet at a funeral, just because you have to. They have a mix of chemicals and ingredients that leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Users have been known to complain about pain and harshness of skin quality after use.

This is why we advise you to invest in the good old traditional shaving creams that come in tubes or containers. Why has a list of extra chemicals turn this very cream into foam (in their canned versions) and expose your skin to such atrocity?

Would you really risk your skin feeling chalky, rough, or even to the possibilities of a burning sensation? PLEASE DON’T! Thus, our choices involve only cream-based formulas when it comes to shaving.

Lathering Shaving Creams

Traditional high-quality shaving creams give you total control. They must be mixed in a bowl before application with a brush. This means you can control the moisture and density of your lather. The process of lathering is a bit time-consuming.

Though it requires additional tools such as brushes and bowls for mixing your cream; they give the most consistent and reliable performances. Shaving brushes are considered by many to be a good and proper method for applying shaving cream. They allow you to spread the shaving cream over your face evenly; during which the hairs in brushes lift facial hair up. Which in turn opts for a shave with fewer grazes and cuts, helping your skin be free of pain or irritation.

Creams of this genre come from companies that have been around for a hundred years or even more. Perfect for individuals who choose to spend extra time and care during their shave.

Latherless Shaving Creams

These are the modern uptake on the traditionally soaping creams. Latherless shaving creams are clear and foamless. This means you have the privilege of a clear vision. You can see the surface on which you have applied the cream, and your beard hair while you are shaving. These creams are mostly oil-water emulsions which provide a slick lubricated base when applied onto the skin surface. Their thickness varies from product to product. All of them will still, successfully provide you with a fast, smooth, irritation-free shave.

Called brushless shaving creams, they allow application on to anybody’s surface for shaving, via simply the hand. If you have a routine where you are on the go constantly and can’t afford the luxury of using a brush for applying shaving cream; latherless shaving creams are perfect for you.

Your choice to use this brushless product may also stem from the fact that brushes require a lot of maintenance. As you age, continuous shaving causes your skin to become more sensitive and thinner. The hairs in brushes may cause your facial skin a significant amount of irritation at any age. Latherless creams are composed of a unique and concentrated formula. You are benefited from the requirement of a very little amount of product during each use.

These features make latherless shaving creams not just time-saving; but also cheaper with longer-lasting time spans during use making your shaving process quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Understanding Shaving: Application and Execution

Skin type, Routine, PreferenceKnow thyself! We cannot give you advice more quintessential than this. Understand first and foremost, your skin type. Sensitive skin pertains to special treatment. So does different types of facial hair. Using incorrect products for your skin classification will lead to many adverse effects. Before you attempt to educate yourself about grooming products, you must be fittingly familiar and aware of your own predicaments. Only then can you pass an informed judgment!

For dry skin, choose products with a glycerin base. This will help you smoothly glide your blade over skin surfaces. If your skin is oily, it is probably best that you use creams that can prevent your pores from clogging. Creams with astringent reduce the amount of surface oil residing over your pores. Sensitive skin on the other hand may be of a few different types. They may be susceptible to extra sensitivity in general or flare-ups can happen when the skin comes in contact with unfavorable substances.

Ingredients to Avoid

All that glitter is not gold. Products are marketed in a deceptive manner. Flashy packaging or misguided advertisements can bring about your demise. This can be easily avoided. When you go through the ingredients listed on your shaving cream container, keep a wary eye out for chemicals that are red-flags.

Responsible for an array of unpleasant conditions, ingredients that should be avoided are:


Paraben is a preservative used to prevent the growth of bacteria within the shaving cream. Present in substantial amounts, this synthetic chemical can cause cellular damage. It is linked to life-threatening illnesses such as skin cancer and breast cancer. The chemical is also known to bring about allergic reactions in the skin, as well as reproductive issues.


The full form of SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Though its function is defined as a cleansing agent and surfactant, SLS is known to be harsh on the skin, causing irritation.

It can lead to clogged pores, acne formation, and detrimental repercussions in sensitive skin. Labeled as a harsh chemical, SLS can stay in the human body for a considerable time period.

This is a scary chemical. It has been known to cause cancer, neurotoxicity, and organ toxicity. Avoid at any cost. In fact, we suggest running in the opposite direction if you come across a shaving cream containing SLS.

Simple or non-fatty alcohols:

Complex alcohols like Benzyl are used in shaving products because of their antibacterial properties. But simple alcohols like Isopropyl or Methanol affect the skin badly. It strips the skin of hydration, making it dry and prone to irritation.


Don’t be fooled by the scent of a product no matter how enticing. Simply listing ‘Fragrance’ as a chemical component is a roundabout shady way of saying that ‘any one or a combination of almost 3000 different chemicals is present in this item’.

Hence, try to avoid merchandise that lists Fragrance or Parfum and opt for substitutes comprising scented natural essential oils.

Synthetic Colorants:

These are chemically engineered entities. They can be accurately expressed as being hazardous to your skin and health. If you find yourself leaning towards a colored shaving cream, make sure to check out the back to see if the additive is naturally sourced or manufactured.

Ingredients to Look for

As you attempt to protect yourself from unknown dangers present amid a cauldron of chemicals, know your safety net. Use elements that account in the welfare of your skin and hair. Having flawless skin at all times is a key factor in making you look attractive too, well, everyone. It does you a solid in making you feel good about yourself too.

Natural Ingredients:

Natural ingredients tend to have hydrating or soothing potential to them. Any ingredient sourced naturally is a terrific substitute to synthesized sources.

Jojoba Oil:

Oils like these are rich in natural moisturizing characteristics. Companies now are increasingly upping the number of natural sources for elements used in shaving cream formulas. They help your skin feel refreshed, vibrant, and leave you with a comfortable feeling aftershave.

Almond and Essential Oils:

The sebaceous glands on our skins produce oil constantly. Using chemicals on our skin may leave them stripped of their natural condition. Always try to look for creams based on natural ingredients. These essential oils are generally very mild in nature.

The Process of Shaving

Hydrate Face:

Dry shaving is a complete No! Even if you are using a trimmer or electric razor. Before shaving, or even applying the shaving cream, it is essential to hydrate your face. Why? Using a hot towel or shower to moisten your face pre-shave ensures that the pores of your skin open up and soften your facial hair. Wetting your face also helps in the shaving cream to lather.


Many of us make the mistake of underestimating the usefulness of exfoliators. Exfoliation must be done on a regular basis. Deep exfoliation makes sure that dead skin cells and excess oils are removed. Otherwise, when stuck within hair follicles, these dead skin cells and oils lead to the development of ingrown facial hair or acne.

Shaving Cream:

Always purchase a product that adheres to the condition of your skin. Dry skins require more hydration. While sensitive skins operate best when natural and mild products are used on them. Never forget that every skin is unique. So make sure that you always understand the requirements of your skin, understand the ingredients of your product; and choose an item befitting to your parameters.

Shaving Brushes:

Some shaving creams require a shaving brush for the application while many do not. If you do use a shaving brush, you should know a few things about them. Shaving brushes are mostly made of any type of animal hair. They help in lifting the hair on your skin alongside giving it some gentle exfoliation. Shaving brushes are considered by many to be the optimum method of lathering shaving cream evenly across your face.

Before each use, always soak your brush in warm water for a couple of minutes to let the moisture seep into the brush hairs.


If you are opting for a clean shave, your tool of choice is going to be a razor. Not electric razors or trimmers. They can never really give you that close clean shave that razors can. A number of different razor types exist in the market.

This categorization exists purely based on the needs and choices of the customers. Take into account that all razors deliver a different performance than the other. Hence, one man’s friend can easily turn out to be another man’s greatest enemy.

Different Razor Types

Disposable Razors:

There are no hidden meanings here. The function of this razor is as simple as the name. They are designed for limited use and last 3-10 shaves. After that, the blades become dull. Another issue with these razors is clogging. Which is why they are replaced after a limited number of uses. This property makes disposable razors perfect for travel and single-use.

Cartridge Razors:

Cartridge razors come with blades that can be replaced. Packs of blades can be purchased, which are then replaced by taking the ‘cartridge’ of the previous razors out and substituting them with the new one. These razors give you the advantage of having fresh blades regularly.,

Safety Razors:

Safety razors are perfect for individuals who enjoy their shaving rituals. The razors are generally made of metal, with double-edged razor blades designed alongside a protective guard. This helps protect the skin from accidental cuts or nicks. Safety razors work best with traditional and thicker creams as it gives skin flexibility; bending it to safety razor blades.

Straight Razors:

The godfather of all razors. Most men tend to stay away from straight razors and let barbers or other professions be the ones handling them. The most traditional of all razors, straight razors give you the cleanest shave achievable.

Aftershave is Essential:

After you shave, please don’t just wash your face and leave the bathroom. No! The process isn’t over yet! Always apply aftershave or post-shave balm to calm your skin down and reduce puffiness. After all, it did just go through an ordeal. Additional features include your feeling and smelling like a dream all day long. Please note that if your aftershave burns, you are doing the shaving thing completely wrong.


Choose Quality over Quantity

We understand that not everyone feels the same towards shaving. So you may or may not be willing to devote a lot of your time in seeking out shaving merchandise.

Nevertheless, we urge you that during purchase, your primary aim be in securing the quality of the item. You will experience firsthand the benefits of choosing a quality product rather than picking out one which may last a longer duration. If used correctly with the appropriate shaving techniques, you may find that the same item lasts much longer than you expected.

Cherish your skin. Treasure it. Give it the same treatment you would give a significant other. They may never thank you, but your skin will.

Invest in Your Grooming Product

Not all good commodities come cheap. Yes, choosing the best of the best can be heavy on the wallet. But we all know that when you invest wisely, the rewards always outweigh the drawbacks. Quality assurance can also aid in the longevity of the product.

Your skin reflects the treatment it gets. If you must spend on skincare, why not spend a little bit more on one fantastic item rather than splitting the cost on multiple ones?

Pick What’s Best Suited for You

Focus on what functions best for you. Take into account your skin type and routine. To find something best suited to your needs, you might have to experiment around a bit. If you have a lifestyle that is fast-paced, always keeping you on the move; a shaving cream or razor with intensive maintenance is your enemy. The Key is in always reminding you that every individual has their own set of requirements.

Popularity varies based on user experience, lifestyle, and comfort. What suits your friend may not be in line with your needs. Therefore, always go through the components of your shaving cream. Merge your necessities with your specifications, and always pick out something that serves you the best. Keep channeling that fresh vibe 24/7.

Know Your Product

Knowing and understanding the components of ingredients will save you a long ordeal. When you know what your skin needs, you can make a faster decision with greater accuracy. When manufacturing any commodity, a great number of chemicals are used in their production.

Don’t make a snap judgment. Unbeknownst to you, harsh chemicals present in your creams can even turn out to be life-threatening. Not to mention that prolonged use of inferior products will lead to the gradual deterioration of your facial hair and skin quality.

Awareness is prevention. Instead of being negligent and going through a long trial and error process, using solid data and information to make a choice will be cost and time-effective for anyone. Take your time; as the age-old proverb says, “The slow and steady, wins the race.”

15 Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

We put together a list of the amazing shaving creams out in the market to help you out!

1. Molle Brushless Shaving Creams by Lucky Tiger

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

Lucky Tiger has been around for almost a century now. First conceived in 1920, by an American barber, this brand has been popular among barbers and customers throughout this entire time.

Over the past hundred years, Lucky Tiger has perfected its products like the Molle Brushless shaving cream to bring the most complete experience to a man’s grooming needs.

Molle Brushless shave cream is one of the first truly brushless shaving creams that came onto the markets. Harkening back to the 1920s and 1930s, the cream comes in a white tub. It is packed with minerals and lanolin. The posture the skin, making it possible to perform a clean smooth shave.

It is instructed that the cream should be applied to the wet face, using one’s fingertips. This leaves a very thin coat of shaving cream on the face, allowing that close shave that was promised. The product uniquely has a neutral, almost bland smell; which is perfect for men who do not like the smell of shaving cream following the hour’s aftershave.

  • Gives a very close shave
  • Cutting and irritation is almost non-existent
  • Very wallet-friendly
  • Considering how little of the product one needs to apply for a singular shave, the product lasts a while
  • The cream is a little sticky or waxy. This clogs the razors frequently, making the shaving experience bothersome.

2. White Eagle Ultimate Brushless Shaving Creams by Kiehl 

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

The Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream, called White Eagle, first made an appearance in the 1970s. The company Kiehl has truly done a great job in making sure why it is the success it is.  The packaging of the product comes in the form of a blue tube. The present-day packaging provides proof of evolution the company has gone through since its inception. It looks sleek and easy to carry.

This product is imbued with Aloe, Menthol, and Camphor to provide cooling of the skin ensuring little to no irritation. Kiehl’s recommends this product for men with a thick and coarse beard or anyone who experiences a lot of irritation while shaving.  A thin coating and no water is required for the actual shaving. People who appreciate this product the most are ones with sensitive irritable skin.

  • Leaves your skin feeling soft
  • People with painful shaving burns appreciate the cooling feeling the cream leaves on the skin after use
  • A very low amount of product is needed for each shave
  • Has a long life
  • Packaging of the cream affects the ease of use (the tube makes it difficult to extract the correct amount of shaving cream required, often squeezing out more than needed. While this product does also come in the form of a tub, it is often out of stock and hard to find)
  • A little high on the price range.

3. Ernest Supplies Cooling Shaving Cream 

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

Ernest Supplies has a nice array of grooming products but it almost seems unnecessary to browse through any other when one has the Ernest Supplies Cooling Shaving cream. This amazing all-rounded shaving cream is perfect for a great shave and an even greater shaving experience. The shaving cream is formulated to do all the work of pre-and post-shave products. It conditions like pre-shave oil and then has a cooling aftershave effect at the very end.

This is moisture-rich shaving cream of the non-foamy type and allows for precision shaving which is so sought after these days. The creamy lather actually paves the way for the ultimate smoothness.

  • The cooling after-shave effect takes care of redness and razor burns during the process of shaving
  • Complete nature-inspired formula with absolutely zero traces of parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates.
  • Their packaging style uses a gym/travel-friendly “TechPouch” which actually uses 75% less plastic than normal plastic containers. Talk about an environment-friendly shaving experience!

4. Blind Barber’s Watermint Gin Shaving Creams

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

The Blind Barber’s Watermint Gin shave cream is considered to be a truly natural experience. Blind Barber is an old-fashioned men’s barbershop slash cocktail lounge in New York City. This extraordinary shaving cream hails from this establishment.

The cream is palm applicable. This means that no brush is required to apply it. You can simply use your hands! It creates a rich protective lather, that is warm.  Able to make that quintessential razor to the skin gap, this helps avoid skin irritation and razor burns, in turn leaving a well moisturized smooth skin at the end of the shave.

This exceptional product is also infused with items such as Juniper berry extracts. They function in the most beneficial ways, making the cream extremely healthy in the most natural way possible. Juniper berries are known for their cleansing properties. Also part of this cream is the watermint scent that is loved by men and adored by the ladies.

  • The cream is highly reputed for all skin types
  • Leaves a soft skin as end result
  • Is absolutely free of artificial dyes, sulfates, and paraben?
  • Has many suitable botanical extracts infused into the shaving cream?

5. Anthony Shaving Creams

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020 

Developed by founder Anthony Sosnick, the brand has built up a reputation of integrating natural ingredients and the latest tech to deliver its products- whether it is an SPF cream, conditioning oil or shave creams. Based out of NYC, Anthony shave cream is a part of solution-oriented skincare and grooming products for both men and women under the brand name ” Anthony Skincare”

The shave cream has key natural ingredients such as comments and eucalyptus oil. They allow the skin to breathe but also guarantees a great shaving experience. Rosemary extracts are also present, which act as a natural antiseptic. The use of elements such as Squalene and HOPS aims to soothe the skin after a shave, relaxing the skin and stopping it from feeling irritated from raz

or burns. It is advised by the skincare company to follow up a clean and smooth shave with the application of an Anthony shave balm or Anthony moisturizer.

Another factor that will intrigue you to opt for Anthony shave cream is a portion of all Anthony proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations in the USA that are working against Prostate Cancer.

  • The item is suited to all types of skin
  • It is also paraben-free, and Benzocaine free
  • Every shave leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and fresh.
  • Comprised heavily of natural ingredients

6. Proraso Shaving Creams

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

Their authenticity, and specialist approach to serving all customer bases and needs, is what makes Proraso one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of shaving creams.

Proraso is a reputed brand based in Florence, Italy. The Proraso shaving creams deliver a performance like no other. The brand has 4 dedicated lines to cater to the different types of availing skin and hair conditions; and has been the choice of men for over 100 years. The company uses colors to distinguish the categories and is named accordingly. For this piece, we shall only look into the details of the green label- the version dedicated to general use.

The product is championed for the rich creamy lather it produces. Components in it protect your skin and give you the joy of undergoing a comfortable smooth shave. This shaving product is the perfect blend. It is chock-full of the presence of ingredients you desire, with the added benefit of the absence of the ones you may disapprove of.

Examples include nature-based ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil and menthol. The use of Eucalyptus oil and menthol in the cream helps your skin retain a feeling of softness and freshness long after a shave. Eucalyptus oil is also famously known for its ability to purify the skin. It helps the skin tone. The menthol is additionally used to provide a cool calming effect on the skin. Accordingly, this helps the skin to escape razor burns.

The cream has some specifications for an application, instructing you that the application on the face should be done through a brush and not hands. Using a brush lets you have the perfect dense creamy lather for shaving. All types of razors can be used with this shaving cream but you may enjoy the best outcome from using safety razors or straight razors.

  • 95% of Proraso ingredients are all-natural.
  • These tubed shaving creams are very friendly to your wallet
  • They do not contain even the slightest traces of Parabens, Silicones, SLS or additives such as artificial coloring.
  • The lather provides miniaturization and lubrication to aid in razor movements during shaving.

7. Bulldog’s (Skin care for men) Original Shaving Creams

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

Looking for a vegan-friendly skincare brand? Well, look no more as Bulldog brings you just the thing! From a European company, we have this super hydrating shaving cream which achieves a close shave in the most comfortable way possible. Promising to provide the perfect shaving experience, this company creates their original lineup with the will to conquer.

Ingredients include natural aloe vera, camelina oil, green tea, and a blend of eight other essential oils. This cream does not have any artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources making it a prime vegan option.

The refreshing aloevera and green tea actually pave the way for that smooth and close shave which people so eagerly want from good shaving cream.

To find another such well-balanced vegan option as Bulldog’s Original shaving cream is close to impossible.

  • Heavy use of natural ingredients as components
  • The cream is ideal for everyday use on normal skin
  • Easy on the wallet
  • A very well-balanced vegan option.

8. Sandalwood Shaving Cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street 

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

In any inventory of the best shaving creams to ever exist, there is not a single one where the name Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream is not present. This is a very old school shaving cream. Earlier when we mentioned companies that have been manufacturing shaving cream for decades, we were talking about giants like Taylor of Old Bond Street. If this was a transcript of Harry potter, Taylor of Old Bond Street is Godric Gryffindor. Moderate in pricing, this gold star product has been the first pick of men for many decades.

The Sandalwood shaving cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street is the forefather of all consecutive shaving creams, and it acts like one. The cream has a lotion-like consistency. This brings about a signature luxurious lather and a smooth slick feel that you see in all high standard shaving products.

Sandalwood scent of this product is preferred by many for its manly scent- a combination ranging from cedar to slight hints of vanilla. The company also manufactures shaving creams options in scents of almond, lavender, coconut, grapefruits, and peppermint if sandalwood does not fit your liking.

Even though the best results in your shaving method can come from pairing the use of a double-edged safety razor or straight razor; all types of razor blades deliver delightful results. Brushes are necessary for a good lather and application. Using your hand does not simply cut it. Taylor of Old Bond Street has successfully managed to maintain a solid standard of work, making any of its products, worth investing in.

  • Moderate in terms of pricing
  • It leaves you with a smooth and hydrated feeling in your skin.
  • The item comes with a complimentary shaving bowl
  • Their list of ingredients includes a diverse range of botanical extracts.

9. Cremo Original Shaving Cream 

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

Cremo original shaving cream is one of the most highly reviewed shaving creams on this list. It is a true shaving cream which is more focused on creating a slick interface between the razor and the skin. This means the cream is not big on making loads of foamy lather and instead produces a format that gives the ultimate close shave experience as possible.

This particular cream is also high in plant-based sources. The organic ingredients of the product include macadamia seed oil, lemon extract, papaya extract, olive leaf extract, and aloe. These are ingredients proven to have genuinely healthy effects on the skin. Such as, keeping your skin adequately moisturized and irritation-free. The cream scent has a subtle citrus quality.

It can be applied with hand or brush as the ingredients are designed to blend with water. This forms a slick surface on the skin, resulting in fewer shaving related accidents and zero razor burns.

Nonlathering characteristics give you the freedom of using any razor type. Covering everything from safety to cartridge, the Cremo Original Shaving Cream also works perfectly with both disposable and straight razors.

  • Made from completely organic components
  • Is perfect for precision shaving
  • Easy-glide of razor also reduces the chances of skin irritation.
  • This is a complete paraben-free formula
  • Easy to access
  • Extremely wallet-friendly, this is a long-lasting product with great value for money. 

10. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream 

Best Shaving Creams to Use in 2020

This is one heck of an amazing product for a great shaving experience. Founded in 1996 by a husband and a wife, The Art of Shaving company creates one of the finest shaving creams known to men. It is clearly a member of the world of luxurious skin products and shaving. This specific sandalwood infused shaving cream is not the usual all in one kind and has its own line up of pre-shave oil and aftershave moisturizer to go with the whole shaving experience.

Glycerin, among other simple ingredients, provides lubrication against razor burns and after shave skin irritation. The shaving cream is applicable via hand or brush and produces a great, rich, and mildly foamy lather. Works well with any and all types of razors like a cartridge, double-sided safety razor, and straight-edge razors.

With a long-lasting sandalwood scent, this cream actually has the beneficial properties of sandalwood. Sandalwood has healing properties which not only works great for minor or major cuts.

  • Other natural ingredients include essential oils like coconut oil
  • The ingredients have an intense moisturizing effect
  • One container is meant to last a significant period of time
  • Slightly above the usual shaving cream cost range.

11. Jack Black’s Beard Lube-Conditioning Shave Cream 

Beard Lube by Jack Black is a high-end latherless shaving cream composed of quality elements. Risk of cuts grazes, and nicks run low as the texture of the cream allows clear visibility for clean, efficient shaving.

Jack Black is responsible for producing a long diverse line of men’s products. The company is known for its extensive use of natural ingredients and the Beard Lube is no exception. It is manufactured from all products vegan and come and highly recommended by dermatologists.

Key ingredients such as the Macadamia nut oil and Jojoba oil provide your skin with lubrication, protecting it. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils present in the cream revitalize your skin. The extraordinary formula of the cream is fatty acid-based, which is responsible for hydrating your skin making it impossible for the skin to feel dry or ill-nourished.

The Jack Black beard lube has triple-tiered functionality. It can operate as a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and conditioner. This multifaceted functionality of the product, along with guaranteed quality makes it a favorite amongst customers. Replacing chemicals with natural products to find healthy alternatives that enhance skin quality, is one of the many reasons Jack Black has managed to establish a stellar reputation for them. Natural carrier oils give the shaving cream a slight tinge of peppermint like smell.

If you prefer shaving creams that have nature-based components, the Beard Lube is a perfect fit for you. No other product can compete with the exceptional quality that this shaving cream possesses. Electric razors are a strict no for this translucent formula. Single, double-edged, or cartridge razors give a fast painless shave when paired with the Beard Lube.

  • Nature-based components to replace chemical ones
  • It moisturizes skin through and through
  • 3 in one product. Eliminates the purchase or pre-and post-shave products.
  • The product abstains from using fragrance, alcohol or chemical colorants as its’ ingredients
  • A little steep in terms of price range

12. C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream for Men


If you visit a barber in Italy to get a shave, it is likely that the shaving cream that will be used is C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave. Manufactured in Italy, the C.O. Bigelow shaves cream has a stellar reputation worldwide, always receiving excellent feedback and compliments from users all over the world.

The product gives a rich creamy lather that aids in a phenomenal shaving experience whilst acting to continuously protect the skin. The shave cream can be applied to your face with a brush or with your hands. C.O. Bigelow shaving cream has a thick creamy lather that has been infused with many ingredients. This ensures a great shave. Additionally, substances used in the formula have features that protect and moisturize the skin, while softening the beard as well.

  • Extremely cheap when it comes to finances
  • Has a cooling attribute of the formula due to the combination of menthol and eucalyptus oil
  • Available in different sizes
  • The cream suitable for all skin types
  • The coconut oil present in the product ensures proper hydration.

13. Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Creams

Ever wondered what it would be like to shave with coffee beans? Pacific Shaving Co. is a company that produces one of the most unique shaving creams in the world. The Pacific Shaving’s caffeinated shaving cream is in one word, outrageous.

This product has a warm and creamy texture to it. The shaving cream helps open up the pores of your skin and softens the hair to create favorable conditions for a smooth effortless shaving experience. The less foamy lather actually helps with precision shaving and an easier razor glide feel.

Naturally extracted caffeine used in this cream is an antioxidant. Meaning, it drastically reduces swelling and irritation after shaving. Many other extremely useful components include natural oil extracts such as shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe, and spearmint extracts. These pave the way for a balanced shaving experience while all of these ingredients are complimented with the role of the caffeine.

  • The cream is an all-natural blend
  • Containing caffeine which is great for skincare
  • Deeply nourishes the skin.

14. Truefitt & Hill Shaving Creams

The widespread acceptance and use of their products is what makes this shaving cream a truly classy experience. Established in 1805 by William Francis Truefitt, this company has served the British Royal Family since George III. This company is an international phenomenon as well with barbershop outlets in almost all major cities. With their phenomenal line of grooming products, they do an amazing job of keeping things simple yet exquisite. The widespread acceptance and use of their products is what makes this shaving cream a truly classy experience

This particular shaving cream is a glycerin-based product. It provides strong protection for the skin. The gliding property of glycerin makes for a satisfying and comfortable shaving experience. Maintaining the legacy of excellence to be given by a historic British company, this shaving cream is truly one of a kind. Superior craftsmanship is felt not only with the product experience but also with the experience of how the product is best presented.

Their shaving creams’ collection of unique scents is a bit traditional. Accepted and widely used by high-end personalities of England, the Truefitt and Hill shaving cream is a product adored by generations of users as it merges luxury and tradition.

  • Cleanses the skin and beard
  • The cream acts as a moisturizing agent
  • Sets you back with its steep cost.

15. Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shaving Creams

An outstanding product by an outstanding company. This shaving cream is a thought-provoking product. They actively work to establish the shaving experience as a stress reliever.  Billy Jealousy’s Hydroplane is a shaving cream that is famous for its ways of forming a well-balanced shaving experience. The company focuses heavily on advanced research which is used to form the product. A combination of 20 or more ingredients is skillfully integrated into the formula.

This cream champions the health and texture of your facial skin. Hands down this is one of the best shaving creams to ever exist. This shaving cream is of non-foamy type, applicable by hand without the need of a brush. It has a unique clear texture formula that helps with a latherless precision shaving experience.

This one product is three in one. It comprises of- shaving cream, pre-shave oil, skin conditioner all blended together in one. The extremely slick formula does a great job of working seamlessly with other well-known shaving products, if and when they are used in unison to Billy Jealousy’s cream.

  • Highly scientifically formulated cream
  • The cream has no traces of Benzocaine, Parabens, Phthalates, or harmful sulfates.
  • Natural fruit oils contribute to added moisturization
  • Reduced razor burn
  • Close to zero skin irritation
  • Added perfumes and alcohol creates a fantastically scented product
  • Natural orange peel oil gives fragrances smelling of mint and citrus.
  • The cream is slightly on the expensive side of the pricing spectrum.

Bottom Line

There you have it, folks! We hope you learned as much about the art of shaving as we did while conducting our research. Applying all this knowledge into your daily shaving routine will make your shaving process easy, quick, and enjoyable. With the added benefit of you looking like an absolute rockstar after each shave!

The perfect shaving cream will help you achieve everything. A perfect shave, a perfect skin! And bestow upon you a perfect dreamlike experience while using it.

Knowledge is power. Instead of making a poor choice and then going through the painstaking process of trying to heal your skin; why not make an informed decision that will help you avoid this in the first place? Always remember, a stitch in time, saves nine!

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