20 Short Beard Styles Every Man Needs to See

Short Beard Styles

Growing facial hair can bring a drastic change to your appearance to the extent that a makeover based on clothing would not. If you are the sort of man who carries an urbane look, short beard styles will enhance your appearance. Every man is not blessed with the genetics of growing a full-fledged beard, and shorter styles are the best alternative. To magnify your suave impression, a beard doesn’t have to belong or bushy.

20 Short Beard Styles

A short beard is smart and neat and can be styled in multiple ways to suit your face shape. Besides, there are essentials grooming tips to be followed to tame even the shortest beard styles. That being said, here’s a rundown of short beard styles that every man needs to check out.

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1. Short Boxed Beard

A short boxed beard refers to the shorter version of a full-fledged beard. It is a great masculine style that can be rocked the best in summer if you are usually used to a full beard. Ideally, it should be a maximum of around three-quarters of an inch. Besides, a short boxed beard is more work-friendly and easier to tame than its longer version. This style covers the majority of the lower part of the face which is also framed on the top with a mustache. The short boxed beard style can be used to accentuate your cheekbones.

2. Full Boxed Beard

The full boxed beard is just a full beard but on the shorter side. This style is ideal for someone who has a naturally thick hair growth as that would be required to portray the fullness of the beard. To achieve this, you must trim the entire beard up to a length of 30 mm, and the mustache and sideburns up to a length of 18 mm. Clean shave the neckline and cheeks, and you’ve got yourself a thick but short full boxed beard style.

3. Short Stubble

Sporting a short stubble look is not only simple but flattering as well. This can be simply achieved by letting your beard grow for a few days after you have clean shaved. To continue keeping short stubble, you need to set your trimmer to the desired grade, preferably less than a centimeter, and trim your beard by keeping a neat neckline and cheek-line. Continue to do so every two to five days depending on your beard growth.

4. Beardstache 

A beard stache is very similar to a short boxed beard but in this, the hair on the jaw, chin, and cheeks are trimmed shorter than the mustache. Besides, it’s achievable by most men as it does not require very thick hair growth. Let your mustache grow till it reaches a length you love, and then use a trimmer to trim the rest of the facial hair. You may also opt for a lower grade on your trimmer to fade the neckline and cheeks.

5. Classic Stache

A classic stache is a timeless look that is achievable by almost all men as it does not require a thick hair growth. To pull this off, let your mustache grow naturally while you clean shave your neck, cheeks, and jawline. Then, trim your mustache in a way that it appears to be slightly above the lip, and stop trimming when you reach the edges of the mouth. There you go! You’ve got yourself a versatile classic stache. However, keep in mind that a man who has faster hair growth has to repeat the above more often.

6. The Classic Goatee

The classic goatee is the most common short beard style and the most crucial part of this style is its width. Based on how narrow or wide it is, your face shape can appear drastically different. While trimming your beard to reach a class goatee you must keep it wide at first and work your way through until you reach the width that suits your face the best. To achieve a manicured look, clean shave the rest of the face regularly based on the hair growth.

7. The Mid-length Goatee

The mid-length goatee looks similar to the classic goatee but differs in a way that the hair on the chin area is kept longer which helps to elongate the face. This beard style does not require regular trimming as the longer it gets the better the short beard style comes to life. However, to still maintain a cleaner look, you must clean shave the cheeks and trim the mustache right above the lip.

8. Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard has obtained its reference from a 17th-century painter, Anthony Van Dyck. It’s a classic option for a playful beard style. Celebrities like Johnny Depp and Pierce Brosnan have sported this beard style for years. It appears to be a goatee without the sides to create a triangular pattern on the chin. Besides, it is a great choice for men who have patchy hair growth as well.

9. The Balbo

This is a two-part short beard style that can be achieved when the facial hair growth is the thickest in the chin and mustache area. This is another beard style that is great for men with patchy hair growth. In this, the beard is disconnected from the mustache and is usually identified by a goatee. Celebrities including Justin Timberlake and Robert Downey Jr have aced this look successfully.

10. The Patchy Goatee

Guess we have another short beard style for men with patchy hair growth. As the name suggests, this beard style will allow you to sport a goatee while you shave off most of the face. To achieve this, leave the facial hair on the cheeks and chin while extending a patch to the chin beard. Modern-day celebrity like Keanu Reeves has sported this short beard style for a long time.

11. Short “N” Tapered

The short “n” tapered beard style requires the facial hair to slowly fade into the sideburns. To do so, use your trimmer an inch above your jawline with a setting shorter than the one for the rest of your beard. Trim an inch towards the sideburns before shortening the blades to trim another inch. Repeat this to create a gradual fade that blends in with the sides of your haircut, and you’ve got yourself a short “n” tapered beard style.

12. The Natural Outline

This short beard style is the easiest to achieve as it’s the most natural out of all. To obtain this, you need to let your beard grow with moderate thickness. As the natural goatee is created, leave it attached to the beard rather than creating a two-part beard.

13. Mutton Chops

This is an old-school beard style dating back to the 19th Century. It’s a unique beard style that extends from the jaw to the sideburns and is attached to the mustache but leaves the chin area bare. Although mutton chops originated as a wild beard style, correct grooming can be done to create a more tidy and stylish version of the look. Throughout the 19th Century, this beard style was to represent masculinity. In the 70s, Elvis Presley made mutton chops popular again. If you want to pursue a bold look, mutton chops are the way to go!

14. The Thin Goatee

This is another type of goatee that is trimmed close to the face while the entire face is kept clean shaved, including the sideburns. Besides, the goatee extends towards the chin. It’s a crisp short beard style that will suit men in their mid-thirties and older.

15. 3-Day Stubble Beard

Stubble is a short beard style that is iconic and easy to achieve. The 3-day stubble beard allows you to obtain a rugged look without having to do much in the process. Go for a trimmer setting as per your preference and trim away all the facial hair. You may also create gradual fading around the edges if you wish to. Moreover, a 3-day stubble beard is a great way to find out if you have any patchy areas on the face as it is a good enough time to portray the parts with less growth. Based on this, you can decide to go for multiple short beard styles that are achievable based on your hair growth.

16. Mustache and Chin Strap

For someone who is unable to grow a full beard, a mustache and chin strap is a great alternative. The look is quite self-explanatory. To achieve this, you must clean shave the whole face while leaving the mustache and the hair along the jawline and the chin. Then, to create an even strap, trim the outline of the jawline.

17. The Anchor

As the name suggests, the outcome of this style looks like an anchor. This is a short beard style that requires a little more effort in comparison to a lot of styles featured in this article. To achieve this, you need to grow a significant amount of stubble with a thicker volume. It’s a disconnected goatee that has a form of symmetry. Celebrities including David Beckham and Christian Bale have sported this look, so you may use their pictures for inspiration and the details covered. Besides, the anchor needs maintenance so a good beard balm may come in handy to sustain the look for a longer period.

18. Royal Beard

A royal beard refers to a combination of a mustache and a chin strip where the chin strip can extend vertically downwards and could be as thin as you want it to be. The rest of the face should be clean shaved for the royal beard to stand out. To form the perfect royal beard, you should maintain the same thickness on the mustache and the chin strip. This short beard style is quite similar to Van Dyke beard and can be fashioned by anyone with a patchier beard growth as well.

19. The Short Shaggy Beard

This is a short beard style that looks effortless and works great even if you have uneven hair growth. However, it requires regular washing and trimming as soon as it gets a bit longer.

20. Chevron

This is a statement ‘stache look that suits almost all face shapes. Popularly sported by Freddie Mercury, this style also portrays the 80’s dad-vibes. To achieve it, you simply need to grow out your mustache to its maximum potential and trim it as you like to suit your appearance the best, while clean shaving the rest of the face.

Suitable Beard Styles Based on Your Face Shape 

If you are blessed with beard-growing powers, glory to you! But not everyone is genetically favored when it comes to it, and surely every beard style isn’t suitable for every face shape. To look your best and make the prominent features stand out, it’s important to go for beard looks that complement your face.

Oval Face Shape 

Oval is considered to be an ideal face shape as it’s meant to be a middle ground to all face shapes with its wider cheekbones and rounded jawline. Although you can get away with any beard style, shorter ones with cleaner lines pop out the facial features the most. As an oval face shape gets the best of both worlds – square and round features, all you need to do is make sure your beard looks the best. If the beard is shorter on the sides while being squared at the chin, it’s supposed to portray the maximum potential of the facial features.

Square Face Shape 

A square shape means you have a defining strong jaw which should be highlighted with beard styles, not exaggerated. Sharp angles would accentuate the square jaw and that’s exactly what you must opt for. Consider rounding off your chin area with a circle beard to soften the look. You may go for a goatee-styled beard to create a chiseled look. This will also help other facial features to stand out such as the eyes or eyebrows. Besides, a great short beard style for square face shape is a Balbo beard.

Rectangle Face Shape 

A rectangular face shape features a longer face with wider jawbones and a squared chin. There are two ways you can accentuate the features of a rectangular face – either by cutting the face vertically by fashioning a strong mustache look or having a full beard look to take the attention away from the length of the face. Moreover, if you’re feeling brave, you can try out Mutton Chops as long as you believe you can pull it off.

Diamond Face Shape 

In a diamond face shape, the cheekbones are the widest and the most prominent feature while the jawline has a symmetrical width. To keep attention off the strong cheekbones, consider going for beard styles that require growing hair on the chin. However, keep in mind that the chin beard shouldn’t be too long otherwise it could just elongate the face more. Besides, you can go for a combination of a chin strap and a mustache.

Round Face Shape 

A round face shape features wide cheekbones and jawline with a short chin. There are multiple ways in which a round face shape can be altered with beard styles. Since the chin is shorter, you should focus on beard styles that incorporate growing more hair on the chin and less on the cheekbones. They would undoubtedly be the most flattering. You could go for beard styles such as a goatee or a Van Dyke. However, stray away from thicker and longer beard styles as they will just make your face look rounder.

The Best Tips for Beard Grooming

Without the help of a professional touch, maintaining beard styles at home can be hard. This is why you must gradually work your way through to achieve the desired look. As a beard trimmer usually comes in 1 to 8-grade settings, start with the highest grade to see your look come to life slowly. When it comes to your nose or lips, use the corner of the trimmer to shape it gently. Besides, the neckline should be trimmed based on a marker on the center and then you can move outwards to create symmetry.

Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver

Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver


This fantastic tool from Panasonic will cover all your grooming needs including shaving, trimming, and any detailing on the facial hair. Besides, it’s quick and easy to maintain and comes with a rechargeable razor trimmer AC adaptor and 2 comb attachments.

  • Smart shave sensor that recognizes the natural differences in the beard thickness
  • Efficiency ensured by the 13,000 CPM motor drive
  • Sharp and durable blades for precise trims
  • 3-blade cutting with an optimum 30-degree angle
  • An ultra-thin outer foil that ensures a smooth result

How to Clean Your Beard 

The amount of time and effort you put to achieve a beard style should be portrayed in your cleaning skills as well, and that does not mean using your shampoo to clean the facial hair! This is because they will dry out your facial hair. To clean your beard, you must use products that are solely made for that purpose. Since beard cleaning products are mildly acidic, they flatten the cuticles and shrink the diameter of the hair that results in the shiny and fine beard.

Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand

Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand

This is an all-natural beard wash that will not strip your beard of its natural oils as it is extremely mild. Get rid of any frizz or flakes using this beard wash from Mountaineer Brand.

  • Formulated with deep conditioning oils
  • Lightly scented with cedar
  • Void of any chemicals including sodium lauryl sulfate and synthetic dyes
  • Paraben-free
  • Ideal to be used once or twice a week

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm

This beard balm is a leave-in conditioner made of the finest organic ingredients. It will moisturize your beard and leave it feeling healthy and full.

  • Infused with hair strengthening ingredients such as avocado, almond, virgin argan, and more
  • Soften rough facial hair
  • Eliminates beardruff and stops any itchiness
  • Free of any fake fragrance or colorant

How to Apply Beard Oil 

The majority of the beard styles be it on the thinner or thicker side, require a lot of conditioning to balance its hydration naturally, and that’s what beard oils are best at doing. The best time to apply them is right after a shower as the facial hair is the softest then. All you need to do is apply two to three drops of beard oil and massage it through your beard evenly. You may repeat it daily to keep your beard conditioned.

Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

This beard oil contains only 2 ingredients that are 100% organic – Moroccan Argan oil and Jojoba oil. You must use it on a slightly damp beard a few times a week to nourish your beard to its utmost potential.

  • Moisturizes beard and prevents beardruff and itchiness
  • Soaks in quickly while the beard is damp
  • Reduces dark spots under the beard with regular use
  • Acts as a natural beard tamer
  • Must be stored in a dark place to contain the potency of the natural oils
  • Vegan-friendly

If you are new to the facial hair game, short beard styles are a great way to see for yourself what suits you the best. It could simply be overall stubble to create a more rugged appearance, or defined short beard styles such as a goatee or a balbo to alter your facial features altogether. As long as you stick to beard styles that accentuate your features the most, based on your face shape, you’re good to go! But of course, make sure you follow the grooming tips to maintain a healthy beard.

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