Best Socks for Men Who Do It All in 2020

Each man has his own unique sense of fashion. We choose our clothes according to our personality. What we wear reveals the first impression of how we are as an individual. That is why almost every one of us is very careful about what we wear. Proper clothing is not just about fashion, we wear different kinds of clothes fitting for different seasons and conditions. Our clothes offer massive protection from millions of external threats. This is why along with fashion preferences, we also pick our clothes fitting to weather and other conditions. In summer, we pick clothes that protect us from the heat. In winter, we pick clothes that protect us from the cold and snow. Similarly, our clothing preference also serves to protect us from rain, dust, smoke, and a whole lot more. For example Socks for Men…..

Because of all the crucial and sometimes vital significance clothing have on our lives, all people pay a lot of attention to what they wear. We men are no different either. We collect the best assortment of t-shirts, we have a dedicated rack for our finest suits, stockpiles of the most comfortable underwear, curated the most trending jeans, and organized the perfect rack for our best shoes. The one thing that does not get worthy attention from us is socks.

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Socks are really underappreciated, gents. We hardly ever care about the style, type, or quality of the socks we wear every day. But socks play a very important part of our overall attire and our health. Our choice in socks can either complement or ruin our complete getup and it protects our feet all day long. If you have been neglecting your sock drawer for all this time then this is just the article for you.

Here, we will discuss how socks can be the one thing that completes your fashion preference and how it can keep your feet dry, stank free, and healthy. Then, we will talk about the important features to look out for in a pair of socks that help you choose the right ones for yourself. After that we will review some of the most popular socks in the market and finally, we will give you some pointers on how to take good care of your socks so that they can last longer and provide you with the best performance. Let’s dive in.

Why Are Socks So Important!

Let’s assume you will be wearing closed-toe shoes with no socks. Well, that basically means you are inviting in germs, bacteria, and blisters on the soles of your feet. Wearing shoes barefoot can also cause sweat buildup and blood clusters on your soles which can permanently stain them. The sweat buildup will further result in Bromodosis or smelly feet. Trust us when we say, people will run away from you and “Stinkfeet” is not a nickname you want to be stuck with. In serious cases, it can cause severe foot problems like “Athlete’s Foot”. So, you should definitely wear socks with closed-toe shoes no matter what.

Sweat buildup is very common in feet especially since they enclosed in shoes for almost entire days. A good quality sock helps control the moisture and gives your feet room to breathe. Thus, making the sweat manageable, socks keep your feet dry and healthy and leaves you comfortable all day long.

Feet have soft and sensitive tissues that can irritate against the harsh materials in shoes and the pressure from the ground. The soft fabric of socks can provide a protective cushion from the rough lining of the shoes and keep your feet harm-free and relaxed.

The inside of a shoe is a dark, damp, and moist place. Which is perfect for fungal growth. Excessive moisture can cause foot fungus and that is the most annoying thing you can get. It is better to wear socks and keep your feet moisture-free to avoid fungus.

For athletes, socks provide extra protection on your feet from the sudden and regular impacts that can cause severe injuries. Purpose made socks can absorb some of the damage during games and keep you at your peak performance.

Sweat doesn’t only affect the feet. Excessive sweating can also damage your shoes by decaying the inner lining and producing fungus on it. Socks absorb the sweat and keep the shoes safe from germs and stains caused by sweat and moisture.

Socks may be the most overlooked item in our closets, but they can often take up a lot of our monthly expenses. Knowing the right type of socks that best suit our fashion choices and health can keep us one step ahead in both style and stamina.

Our feet are responsible for a large part of our overall well-being. Neglecting proper foot hygiene can lead to further, more severe health problems. Socks are the simplest most effective means of protecting our feet, which is why we should not be underestimating the importance of a good pair of socks.

How to Choose the Right Socks for Yourself

Since we have been mostly neglecting the impacts of socks, we may have also been shopping for them wrong. Though, shopping for socks seems simple, getting the right pair of socks can take a lot of detailed checking. There are a number of factors to consider before choosing your socks. These considerations can make sure that you get the socks that can add to your fashion statement while keeping your feet dry and healthy for repeated long term uses. Let’s look at those now:


Socks mostly have three kinds of uses, dress, casual and athletic. Each type requires a different texture, lifespan, and durability. Depending on the use, socks are made of different kinds of material. The most used materials in making socks are cotton, wool, silk, elastane, and polyester. Getting familiar with each kind of material will help you understand the pair of socks you need to get. Below we explain a little bit about each of these materials.

Cotton and Cotton Blends

This material is a very common fabric in clothing items. Cotton socks are sweat absorbent and allow your feet room to breathe. This breathability can prevent odors and keep your feet fresh for the whole day. Cotton socks are good on any occasion but best for gym sessions and hectic days. They also provide soothing comfort.

Wool and Woolen Blends

Woolen socks have many qualities. These are great insulators, which make them the most reliable during the winter. like cotton socks wool and woolen blends also have moisture absorbing qualities. The woolen fabric has a natural softness and elasticity that allows it to expand to differing girths. Woolen socks don’t feel too tight on the skin, rather some wools feel like you don’t have any socks on at all. Some types of wool-like merino have odor neutralizing qualities. With all that put together, woolen socks can be used for a few days before the next wash.


Silk socks have incredible ventilation. These somehow make your feet warm during cold days and cool during summers. Wearing silk socks always gives you a cool sensation on the feet. However, these are very delicate and expensive which is why these are preferred for occasional uses. They go perfectly with formal attires and black-tie events.

Elastane and Spandex

Elastane and Spandex fibers can be natural or synthetic. A very low percentage of these materials are used in the overall composition. These are what give your socks that flexibility and allows it to fit perfectly.

Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon

These synthetic materials might seem like nasty elements for socks, but these are the ones that give them rigidity. These are comparatively thinner than cotton or wool and they are mainly blended with other fabrics. A tiny proportion of these materials in the mix ensures a longer lifespan and wicking qualities on the socks.

Height and Type

Socks of different heights and cuts are more suited to different uses. Just as dress socks cannot wear with shorts, each sock type is practical in situations it can provide the most satisfaction. Here are some of the common sock types.

Dress Socks

Dress socks are best worn with formal clothes and dress shoes. They can also be worn with nice casual and semi-casual attire. They come in almost all colors, though darker colors are the more popular choice for fancy occasions. Dress socks also come in many different materials so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Athletic Performance Socks

As the name suggests these socks are specialized for athletes. These are designed to provide comfort while letting you give your best performance. The main features of these socks are their sweat-wicking and moisture absorbing qualities. Athletic performance socks range from cotton tube socks to low-cut running socks. There are even some ski socks with heat-trapping qualities.

Casual Socks

Casual socks are designed with one thing in mind. Comfort. They are mostly made of cotton, which is why almost all casual socks are very breathable and offer great ventilation. These are intended for everyday use. However, rough uses like running and gym might shorten their lifespan and also cause blisters on your sole. So be careful not to overuse them.

No Show/Liner socks

Shoes with no socks are a popular fashion choice among many men. It gives a casual laid-back vibe which many people admire. If you like wearing shoes with no sock but still want to keep your feet dry, these are the socks for you. These socks are cut to match the lining of your shoe’s opening, giving the impression of no socks. They are best worn with shorts and sneakers or tennis shoes. Casual suits and low-cut loafers are also a great match with these. Before buying no show socks, it is better to try them on to make sure they match the size of your feet. If the sock cut is too high, it will look bad and if it is too low, it can slip off or curl up at your toes.

Ankle Socks

These go a little higher than no show socks. They reach up to the ankle. These go well with ankle-high sneakers and hiking boots. These offer some versatility in casual and athletic uses. In many stores, these are marketed as no show socks. Therefore, before buying these socks, it is better to try them on or see picture references if you are shopping online.

Quarter or Mid-Calf Socks

Height falls in the mid-range for these socks as it is between crew socks and ankle socks. These go great with work shoes, chukkas, and high tops. They generally come with a little extra padding which can prevent that irritating scratching on the back of your ankle with the top of the shoe. Quarter socks provide great comfort on casual and athletic use.

Over the Calf/Crew Socks

As the name suggests, these socks go over the calf, all the way up to the knee. They are also called “Knee Socks”.

These socks can cover it all, literally and figuratively. They cover the whole lower leg, keeping it warm and they can be worn with any attire from casual to athletic. Let’s say you have soccer practice in the morning, office throughout the rest of the day, and a fancy dinner in the evening. You can attend all of that with the same pair of crew socks. They are especially preferred for the ability to cover your leg if somehow your pants lift up.

These socks have some health benefits too. They can enhance your blood circulation with their compression capabilities.


In the case of socks, size does matter. Sock sizes are a little different than shoe sizes. Here’s a chart of US men’s shoe sizes:

  • Small        3” – 6”
  • Medium    5” – 8.5”
  • Large        9” – 12”
  • X-Large    13” – 16”

Best Socks for Men in 2020

Well, now do you see complicated socks are? All this variety of materials and sizes can seem overwhelming to some people. That is why we decided to ease the stress and shortlist some of the best socks for men available in the stores right now. We will also share our opinion on each pair. Go through the list below to find out the best pair of socks for yourself or for your loved ones.

19. Ealco low cut socks for Men

Ealco low cut socks for Men

These are premium fabric no show socks. These are perfect for both active and lazy days. They provide equal comfort with all kinds of shoes, though they are best matched with loafers or boat shoes. You can wear these at home, school, or work and stay comfortable all day long.

These socks are designed with cushioned soles to provide impact protection. The strategy-designed cushions do not take up much space. They also feel great without shoes, making them safe to wear at home. The arch support provides added stability for rough uses. You can maintain your best speed while running without worrying about your soles. The reinforced heel and toe ensure durable protection inside hard shoes like dry leather or hiking boots. These are one of the most multi-purpose socks at a low price.

  • Super strong fabric with 95% polyester.
  • Cushioned soles for athletic use and added protection from friction.
  • Purpose designed heel tabs to prevent blisters and chafing in the back of your ankle.
  • Moisture absorbing fabric to keep the feet sweat-free and dry during heavy work and running sessions.
  • Comes with a 30-day return policy for unsatisfactory work.

18. Akoeny Men’s Performance Socks

Akoeny Men’s Performance Socks

These are sport focused socks, best for training and exercises. These socks maintain air regulation with their mesh ventilating fabric. These are good for long and heated workout or practice sessions. These are the best step against blisters. With their versatile use in work runs, practice, training, and casual wears, these will be your favorite socks in no time

These socks are the most reliable feet protection for athletes or heavy workers. The prime focus of these socks is to keep the feet protected. They have reinforced heel and toe for durable uses. The breathable mesh reduces heat and keeps the feet fresh. The moisture-wicking fabric of these socks keeps the sweat away from your feet.

  • Strong polyester fabric for elasticity, durability, and shape retention.
  • Enhanced arch support for structured feet and added comfort.
  • The soft and appropriate fabric is suitable for all seasons. for all seasons.
  • Elastic rib-top prevents the sock from sliding down.

17. Burlington Comfort Power socks

aBurlington Comfort Power socks

Burlington socks ensure next-level comfort with their cushion comfort and reinforced heel and toe seals. These socks are super moisture absorbent and super durable. The elastic material in the fabric ensures lasting shape retention.

These are quarter socks that are available in different sizes. The fabric is made of 80% cotton with 11% nylon, 7% rayon, and the rest is spandex and polyester. The fun blend of multiple fibers gives these socks strong durability and enough elasticity to retain shape for many years. The fabric is strong enough to endure sports activities.

    • Fabric is made of a strong combination of multiple fibers.
    • Superior moisture control for dry and fresh feet.
    • Available on different sizes and color options.
    • Elastic, Stay-up top keeps the socks from slipping off.

16. JourNow Men’s Cotton Crew Socks

JourNow Men’s Cotton Crew Socks

JOURNOW socks are high-quality cotton blend socks that are very comfortable to0 wear. These can be equally relaxing for all-purpose. You can wear these socks to work, practice, gym, or casual parties. They have a heavy cushion to make the soles comfortable and relaxed. And the elastic fiber keeps it robust for long periods of time.

This model is a pair of crew socks made with 80% cotton with 15% polyester and some nylon and spandex. The cushioned floor keeps the feet comfortable and relaxed. The reinforced heel and toe seal keep enhancing durability. It keeps the feet dry with its moisture-wicking fabric.

  • Comfortable cotton blend fabric.
  • Designed with ribbed leg and close stitched toe seals.
  • Suitable for machine wash.
  • Can use for work, sports, gym and outdoor.

15. Fun Toes Merino Wool Crew Socks

Fun Toes Merino Wool Crew Socks

This is a soft merino wool sock. It is comfortable enough for any season and all-purpose. This pair of sleek socks have an extra cushion that provides arch support and reinforced toes and heels. The woolen fabric is naturally breathable with anti-bacterial qualities to sustain heat on your skin. This fabric is able to keep your feet warm during winters and cool during the hotter days. These can withstand hundreds of wears whether for everyday use, hiking, trekking, or climbing.

These socks are designed in New York by creative and talented designers. They are made with 50% – 70% merino wool and 1% spandex to maintain a perfect fit for all comfort requirements. They are diversely designed for all-season uses, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. Sewed with advanced double cylinder low needle machine for full cushioned softness. These socks have moisture-wicking properties to keep the feet dry and fresh in all seasons, both in and out.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly production.
  • Versatile color and size options for all requirements.
  • Strong arch and toe support for day-long comfort.
  • Multiple thickness options for different weathers.
  • Easy to wash and care for.

14. Thorlox XJ Max Crew Socks

Thorlox XJ Max Crew Socks

These padded socks are perfect for running and other sports activities. These are purpose designed with clinically tested padding to support the heel and ball for maximum impact and friction. They are made from superior fabrics with anti-blister cushion support. The acrylic fiber has moister wicking and drying properties for sweat-free and dry feet.

These socks are produced in the US with exclusive thor-long fibers. These are primary athletic socks. These socks are designed to prove blister-free high-performance comfort and natural moisture absorbent features. The carefully designed padding is clinically proven to reduce pain, moisture, blisters, and pressure. These socks are the best choice for morning runs and basketball practices.

  • Acrylic material with 2% elastane.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Maximum comfort padding offers protective cushion in athletic use.
  • Exclusive thoron fibers ensure maximum performance and durability for years.
  • Anatomical designs promote a perfect fit.

13. Under Armour Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks

Under Armour Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks

Under Armour has been a trusted brand in the athletic department for a long time. The resistor 3.0 from AU is designed for unflinching performance boost in gym sessions and intense sprints. The unique polyester fiber blend features a slip-resistant technology and allows better traction inside the shoe. Like most high-performance socks, these have moisture-wicking and quick evaporation technology.

These socks are designed by a leading sports brand to keep you on your best performance. They have a unique fiber combination of 98% polyester and 2% spandex for perfect fit and elasticity. Dry and moisture-wicking properties keep your feet comfortable and irritation-free for hours on end.

  • Dynamic arch support helps in reducing foot fatigue.
  • Half cushion construction ensures comfort and flexibility.
  • Seamless toe design reduces irritation.
  • Anti-odor technology maintains freshness in day-long use.

12. WANDER Men’s Crew Socks

WANDER Men’s Crew Socks

These socks are exceptionally comfortable with high-quality cotton fabric. These provide lasting freshness for daily use and gyms. Thick padding makes for blister-free soles during long hikes and trails. These socks can be perfect for all kinds of use.

The designer of these socks is to fit every purpose from everyday use to athletic. With the breathable extra-long-staple cotton, it provides the most comfort. The fabric is also lighter and softer under the soles with tougher elasticity and moisture absorber. The scientific fiber composition enhances durability and stronger resistance against friction. these socks are sewed in high density 200 needle technology for maximum flexibility.

  • Fully cushioned, moisture control padding.
  • 93% cotton and 7% polyester ensure natural comfort and elasticity.
  • Comes with a 2-year service warranty.
  • Strong elasticity prevents loosening and irritation.

11. Wrangler Men’s Boot Socks

Wrangler Men’s Boot Socks

These crew socks from wrangler are the all-purpose socks. They feature half cushion technology with a smooth toe seam and arch support. They come in multi-packs of different numbers of pairs. The ultra-spun polyester cool, dry, and moisture-wicking comfort for all uses.

These socks provide half cushion support that provides the padded footing for extra support and comfort. The padded footing also reduces impact and improves active performance. The elastic fit design form up on the feet and legs for optimal comfort with boots. Equally effective for work, outdoors, and everyday use.

  • Made in the US.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric, knit with ribbed legs and half cushioned footing.
  • The elastic fabric stays up the leg and does not curl or bunch.
  • 80% polyester fabric with 17% nylon and 3% spandex.
  • The smooth toe seams reduce irritation and provide a seamless feel.

10. Hanes Men’s X-Temp Crew Socks

Hanes Men’s X-Temp Crew Socks

One of America’s most trusted clothing brands, Hanes brings these adjustable socks for men of all works. These are low-key, simple, and trusty socks for whole days’ worth of wears. Perfect for everyday use, although satisfactory with intense and rough uses too.

These socks are designed for multi-use purposes. They are made with cotton blend fabrics with x-temp cooling technology to adapt to body temperature and activity. This technology works to reduce sweat and moisture with quick evaporation and leaves with a cool comfortable sensation that lasts the entire day.

These socks also come with Fresh IQ odor protection technology to attack the odor-causing bacteria and leave you fresh for lasting hours.

  • Tough fabric with a strong combination of cotton, polyester, rayon, spandex, and more.
  • Dry and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Easy to maintain and machine washable.
  • Advanced cooling technology for temperature regulation and sweat control.
  • Advanced odor control technology for lasting freshness.

9. Adidas Athletic Socks

Adidas Athletic Socks

Another popular sports brand, Adidas have a long line of quality athletic socks. These are long-lasting polyester socks with cushioned footing for rough endurance and high-performance comfort. If you are looking for everyday socks with high arch compression and secure fit, then these are the pair for you.

These socks range mostly in quarter and crew designs. They are made from synthetic fabric with a combination of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. They have moisture-wicking qualities for dry and lasting comfort. The arch compression design ensures a secure fit.

  • Polyester fabric for elasticity and durability.
  • Moisture-wicking yarn keeps feet free from sweat.
  • Climalite fabric keeps sweeps sweat from your feet.
  • Cushioned footing ensures irritation-free comfort.
  • Easy to wash and maintain.

8. Saucony Ventilating No Show Socks

Saucony Ventilating No Show Socks

You are reading this article because you want the best socks for yourself. These here can easily be the best no show socks in the current market. Saucony is a trusted brand for running apparel. These no show socks are a perfect combination of comfort and support. They work equally well in rough training sessions and formal occasions.

These socks are designed with Saucony’s moisture management, ultra-wicking fibers. They reduce moisture to keep your feet dry both at the gym and on the road. The socks have a mesh ventilation system for maximum airflow that keeps the feet cool and dry. The arches are proficient engineered to provide accurate compression for the stable and secure arch.

  • Polyester fabric with 2% spandex.
  • Run dry moisture management for sweat control and freshness.
  • Cushioned sole for impact resistance.
  • no show design is still high enough to protect the heel from rubbing and blisters.
  • Mesh ventilation system regulates airflow.

7. CS CelerSport Ankle Socks

CS CelerSport Ankle Socks

These unisex low-cut socks are great for sports and workouts. They are very thin and comfortable on the feet. Produced in a wide range of colors, these socks are a constant in the gym bag and provide great pressure and impact resistance. CelerSport has been known to give extra attention to athletic apparel so you can trust your guts when you choose these socks for your workout purpose.

These socks are made with combed cotton, polyester blend fabric that can endure regular rough pressure from gym routines. The unique part of their design is the small tab behind the ankle that prevents it from slipping off. For enhanced performance and comfort, it has seamless toes, mesh ventilation, and full cushion design.

  • 89 % combed cotton fabric with 10% polyester and 1% spandex.
  • Purpose designed tab to keep itself from slipping off.
  • Arch support for stability and balanced fit.
  • Mesh ventilation regulates the temperature and keeps your feet cool.
  • Available on all men’s sizes.

6. Gold Toe Quarter Socks

Gold Toe Quarter Socks

 They named it after it’s iconic look. These fashionable socks are golden in the toe seam. These socks provide the perfect balance between comfort and durability. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are great for all kinds of occasions. Quarter height, versatile styles, and vibrant colors make these socks perfect for the home, road, and gym.

Gold Toe makes socks of all heights and styles. We chose the quarter socks from them because these are the most eye-catching. These stylish socks are made of cotton with synthetic composition fabrics. These socks protect your feet from rough impacts and long day feet comfort with their cotton cushioned pads and arch compressor. They have moisture-wicking sweat management and strong durability to last for hundreds of rough wears.

  • Made from strong natural fabric with 80% cotton.
  • Easy maintenance and machine washable.
  • AquaFX moisture control technology prevents moisture buildup.
  • Reinforced cushion for day-long comfort.
  • Ribbed cuff for a gentler touch over the skin ensures further comfort.

5. Under Armour 2.0 Crew Socks

Under Armour 2.0 Crew Socks

Our second entry from Under Armour sports a crew design. With a unique cotton blend, it dries better than regular cotton with the same softness and comfort. If you like the no show Adidas socks we reviewed earlier and want the same one only longer, these are the right ones for you.

These unisex socks are designed to withstand daily abuse. They are the perfect companion for men with a busy daily schedule. These crew socks are made with cotton, polyester, and spandex fabric to withstand the harshness of the everyday rush. The crew height and the ribbed design works well with all shoes and pants.

  • 76% cotton, 22% polyester, and 2% spandex.
  • Sweat-wicking material and fast-drying technology.
  • Anti-odor technology maintains long term freshness.
  • Thick padded underfoot cushion delivers flexibility.

4. Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Crew Socks

Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Crew Socks

These are the most durable socks on our list. Fruit of the Loom crew socks can endure the toughest work conditions and is perfect for men who perform heavy works on foot. These mainly boot socks with thick cotton construction and reinforced sole. They deliver stability and all-day-long comfort inside your work shoes.

These socks are made with soft cotton and polyester blend for long-lasting comfort. The elastic spandex knit ensures an accurate fit and retains shape after multiple washes. The fabric contains antibacterial fiber that fights odor and keeps the feet fresh through the toughest workdays.

  • Fabric composition is 76% cotton, 22% polyester, 1% lycra spandex ad others.
  • Reinforced sole and cushioned footing fight foot fatigue.
  • The heavy-duty athletic build makes these perfect for work boots.
  • The breathable ventilation system and moisture-wicking technology keep your feet and boot dry and fresh during the long days.

3. Gold Toe Men’s Crew Socks

Gold Toe Men’s Crew Socks

We know we added Gold Toe socks twice here. But are just that good! With their high quality, long-lasting fabrics, Gold Toe socks are not only our favorite but also widely popular among men of all preferences.

Like their quarter socks, these are also made with a cotton and synthetic combination. With the same cotton-padded protection and arch stability. These socks take it a little higher with their more versatile using options. These socks go equally well in work boots, sneakers, sports, and formal parties.

  • Natural cotton fabric with differing synthetic composition gives added endurance for versatile use.
  • Easy and machine washable.
  • Made in the USA
  • Wide range of bargains on the price.

2. Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

It would be incomplete if we did not add a compression sock on the list. So, we chose the most efficient and popular one. Compression socks offer everything regular socks do and more. These socks can increase blood flow, warm your muscles before heavy work, prevent injuries from accidents, and many more. We recommended these sock for workers who spend a lot of time on their foot like doctors, nurses, security workers, soccer and football players, and even pregnant moms. Among many compression socks, physix gear compression socks reportedly show the fastest results in maintaining stamina and rehabilitating performance. On top of everything, these also sport a sparked-up look.

These nylon, spandex socks immediately adjust around your skin, effecting blood circulation within and warming your muscles. The double-stitched fabric retains comfort on the outer skin while boosting performance within. These socks provide instant relief from compressed calves, swelling and soothes the varicose veins. You will be able to tell these are working while on duty, warm-up, cycling, skiing what have you.

  • The fabric consists of 70% nylon and 30% spandex.
  • Comfortable design with careful construction. No stitch bumps stick up to press down on your skin.
  • Supporting cuffs in the opening prevents rolling down.
  • Moisture-wicking material provides breathability and muscle pain relief.

1. Dickies Dri-Tech Crew Socks

Dickies Dri-Tech Crew Socks

Among all the variant uses socks to have on our daily life, the most important use may be the simplest one. That is everyday use. So, it is evident that for our number 1 entry we will add a pair of socks that are simply unbeatable in daily use. Dickies dri-tech socks are without a doubt the most loved socks for men who do it all. With their unique dri-tech fabric they don’t just draw moisture away but also withstand any daily life troubles thrown at them.

The material of this sock is 78% cotton, 19% polyester, and a little mixture of nylon and spandex for elasticity. The softness of the fabrics will take good care of your feet, leaving you more focused on your daily tasks. With ventilated breathing and evaporating qualities, it provides further comfort throughout the day. The durability of these socks also has your back with reports of them lasting over a year without any tears or holes.

  • 78% cotton fabric is gentle on the skin.
  • Available on all sizes.
  • Soft and breathable fibers maintain moisture.
  • Amazingly durable through everyday use.

How to Take Care of Your Socks to Maintain Quality?

Now that you have chosen and bought the right pairs of socks, you would want to use them for a significant amount of time before updating your stock. With the right treatment and proper care, your socks will stay perfect as long as you need them. Here are some of the ways you can care for your socks.

Before we begin, we should say that the best way to take care of your socks is to follow the instructions behind the pack. Since you didn’t do that, here are a few general tips on how you can take care of them.

  • Machine Wash Them Gently

Set the machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and use mild detergents to wash your socks. Though a lot of the sock manufacturers say it is washable with bleach, it is better not to. Bleach is an incredibly harsh substance, which can damage the fiber irreparably.

After the wash you should hang dry them, the fabric concentration is usually lighter and more delicate than other clothes and heat drying can stress the fiver out, draining its elasticity. If you can’t hang dry them, dry on a low heat setting.

  • Wash Them Inside Out

The inside of your socks collects lots of dirt, sand, and debris from your daily use. To clean your socks off all that critical particles it is best to wash the socks inside out.

  • Trim Your Toe Nails

One of the frequent problems with socks is tears and holes in the toes and heels. Regularly trimming your toenails will prevent ripping holes on your socks.

  • Use a Washer Bag

Socks are very tiny comparing to the washing compartment of the machine. The reckless thrashing and spinning of the machine almost always throw one or a few of the socks in an unreachable corner that opens to a different portal. Which is why you lose one of your socks in the machine every time you wash them.

Washer bags store all your socks together while being tossed around the machine and brings them out all accounted for. A cheap zippered laundry bag would be good enough.

Is It Okay to Go Sockless? 

In all honesty, No. the inside of a shoe is a damp, airtight space that allows no ventilation. Such a condition is not good for either your foot or your shoe. Going sockless will definitely cause your feet to sweat, which in turn will damage your shoes’ interior lining and allow bacteria to form in the corners of your toes. If you want permanently smelly feet. Ditching socks is the right way. Though they say loafers and boat shoes are fine on bare feet, they actually are not. Loafers only seem to be unaffected by feet sweat for short bursts of time. But wearing them sockless long enough will cause the basic moisture and bacterial issues.

If you absolutely have to ditch socks, take some precautionary steps first.

Wash and scrub your feet violently and line the inners of your shoes with anti-bacterial powders. This will somewhat prevent odor formation.

Always wear slim-fit pants and jeans if not wearing socks. Loose bottomed pants flailing around your bare ankles is a style killer.

Break-in new shoes before putting your bare feet in them. The harsh and tight insides of new shoes will harm your feet and cause blisters.

Make sure that your pants finish just above your ankle.

Above all, we have explained how important socks can be in our daily lives and how paying a little attention to the sock drawer can have large impacts on multiple points. We separated the impacts socks have on fashion and our overall getup and also on our health and lifestyle.

Talking about many different types of socks and how they are unique in their own way. We also explained how choosing the right type of socks can keep you healthy and feeling good by keeping your feet fresh and dry. Then we explained which types of socks go better with each apparel.

The main focus of the article was to review some of the best sock available in the stores right now. Go through the reviews and find the socks that are perfect for your needs. Put them on and knock the socks off everyone around you.

Finally, we hope our advice on taking care of your socks has helped you maintain your socks and kept you from wasting any more money on the wrong socks. Remember gents, happy feet make for a happy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Should Socks Cost?

Answer: The cost of socks like anything else, depends on a lot of factors. The fabric, brand, use, purpose, and quality being some of them. Though the average pair of everyday socks should be around 6$ to 12$.

  •  What Are Crew Socks?

Answer: Socks that reach up to the bottom of your knee are known as crew socks or over the calf socks. These are the most popular kind of socks as they go with all kinds of attire and also able to withstand everyday use.

  • How Do You Measure Your Sock Size?

Answer: Sock sizes measure a little different than shoe sizes. Sock size focuses on the length of your feet. You can measure it regarding shoe sizes. Common sock sizes come in small, medium, large. X-small and X-large are also available. The measurement of these sizes should be displayed in every shoe store or sock shelves. We have also included one in this article (check above).

  • What Are the Best socks?

Answer: There are no particular best socks. That would’ve made a lot of things easier. What you should look for is the best sock that fit for your need. If you need everyday socks, go for quarter length socks with good moisture control. If you need warm socks, go for woolen ones. For athletic and heavy-duty use, get some synthetic, durable socks. And for health purposes go, for compression socks that regulate blood flow. Formal, black tie suits are also available if you are looking for something fancy.

  • Should I Wear socks In Bed?

Answer: Sleeping with your socks on has a lot of benefits. A lot of guys spend sleepless nights because of cold feet. When your feet get cold, it causes lower blood circulation which stresses the brain and ruins sleep. Getting your feet warm is a good way to relax and give your brain a clear sleep signal. The best way to warm your feet is to put on socks. So, sleeping with your socks on can cause deep and undisturbed sleep.

Sleeping with your socks also helps regulate your core body temperature and keep your heels from drying out.

Wearing socks to bed proves that the chances of Raynaud’s attack decreasing. That is when areas of the skin lose blood circulation and start to swell and throb. Usually, the most affected areas are fingers and toes.

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