20 Best Wallets for Men to Buy in 2020

Back in the day, everyone used wallets to store cards and cash. However, times have quickly changed and with it, the perception about wallets. Slim wallets for men help to speak to a man’s character. Most importantly, a good wallet is a statement piece that represents the style.

When you bring it out to pay the bill or hand out a card, people will be looking at it. These people can be your boss or a beautiful woman out on a first date with you. So, if your wallet looks subpar, then chances are that they will see you differently for it. On the other hand, if the wallet looks great, you are going to get respect for sight.

You may be looking at the wallet right now and thinking if it’s the right time for an upgrade. Well, the answer is yes and even more so if it is about an attachment issue. If your last girlfriend bought that for you, then it is going to be hard to let go. So, instead of letting go, you can just retire it and invest in a wallet that suits your personality.

As for the wallet itself, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. You may need a wallet to keep some cards or those slim wallets for men with a serious organization. No matter what the case is, there is a wallet out there for everybody. You need to remember that the best wallets for men are timeless accessories.

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Before you go looking for one, you need to be sure about the items that are going inside it. When you know what you are going to keep inside the wallet, it will become easier to look for one.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Wallet?

As mentioned above, there are quite a few options available when it comes to wallets. So, let’s have a look at some factors that you should consider when looking for the best wallets:


At first, you need to consider what will be inside the wallet itself and how you will carry it. You will come across wallets that can be used to store cards along with folded bills. Some slim wallets for men are best placed in your back pocket or the front pocket.

In the case of wallets that men use to carry cards, well they are small and compact. These wallets arrive with standard features. As for wallets that you put inside the front pocket, they resemble card wallets. You are also going to come across small bi-fold models that are perfect for keeping folded bills.

One of the most popular and common wallets are the ones for back pockets. These models are bigger than most other versions and are suitable for keeping your hard-earned cash.


The most ideal sizes for wallets are small, thin, and compact ones. You can find standard features on them. So you will only get to carry the most precious items on you. In a case like this, you can carry some travel cards, credit cards to go with a few bills. Nowadays, cards replaced cash so you will not have to worry about carrying too much money.


This factor relies on what you prefer in a wallet. The most common types of materials in use are leather, stainless steel, polyester, etc.


These days, every wallet comes with some different features to boast off. The most popular wallets contain integrated coin pocket, RFID protection among others. You can also buy one that has a lanyard attachment point.

Which is the Most Popular Type of Wallet?

There is no straight answer to that. Every wallet brings something to the table that is built to make your life convenient. While some wallets may serve all the needs you have, others have an extra feature that may not feel attractive. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of wallets:

Minimalist Wallet

This wallet was originally known as a cardholder. As the name suggests, these wallets keep a low profile. They come with multiple slots for credit cards. You can put them in your front pocket.

Money Clips

The name alone makes it clear that this wallet type is optimal for men with a ton of wealth. More importantly, it is optimal for those who want to flaunt that wealth in an elegant manner. However, these wallets are limited when it comes to capacity.

Bi-fold Wallet

This type of wallet is perfect for money management. It provides clear access to all of the essential items. Whether you are reaching inside for your credit card or a folded bill, it will take a few short seconds. As for the design of this wallet, it is quite conventional.

In addition, these wallets for men weight very little. So, you can carry them to your office or a date without the wallet slowing you down.

Travel Wallet

This wallet type resembles a passport wallet. As such, you are going to get a lot of space inside. You can secure every travel necessity a person can ever have. Most guys normally secure passports, foreign currencies, and receipts inside them.

20 Best Wallets of 2020

These are some of the most popular options among wallets in the market. However, there are a lot more options available in the market. So, here is a list of the 20 best wallets for men for you to choose from:

20. Bellroy Leather Elements

Bellroy Leather Elements - Wallets for Men

This is a fantastic take on billfold and it is good at hiding multiple compartments. You are going to come across a number of different sleeves inside the wallet. There is a useful micro travel pen that comes along with the wallet itself. This pen can help you will filling in departure cards.

Bellroy’s wallet comes with a smooth design that is responsible for hiding all those compartments. On top of that, there is a brand hallmark similar to the owl logo that makes it classy.

  • Contains a secret storage section
  • Made with water-resistant leather
  • Can fit as much as eight cards and cash
  • Can be used to store passport

19. Dorras Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Dorras Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men

Dorras knows that bulky sleeves are hard to carry when you travel. For that very reason, they have come up with a wallet that is super convenient for modern travelers. You can say goodbye to overstuffed jeans with this fantastic wallet. Most importantly, it solves the problem of having that unsightly bulge when you are wearing jeans.

This wallet is designed to look like a smooth fashion accessory. In addition, it can reduce the load while it protects all of your essential items.

  • A couple of clear window slots with finger glide
  • Contains four slots to store credit cards, debit cards and more
  • Provides two side-slip pockets to store business and membership cards

18. DASH Co. Slim Bifold Wallets for Men

DASH Co. Slim Bifold - Wallets for Men

This is easily one of the best slim wallets for men that is simply hard to resist. Since it is slim, you can put it inside any pocket in the pant. Despite the “lack of thickness” on this wallet, it can still fit in 8-10 cards. You can use it when you are traveling or in your daily life activities.

These slim wallets for men are made with eco-friendly material. The body is quite durable because it includes PU canvas leather. In addition, they contain precision oiled boundaries that make them sturdy.

  • Contains a three-compartment system for organizing items
  • Easy to categorize all the belongings
  • Weighs less than an ounce making it portable
  • Provides quick front access to the cards

17. Distil Union Slim Wallets for Men

Distil Union Slim Wallets for Men

This wallet is a bigger version of a micro wallet. It contains bifold closure. Distill’s slim wallets for men come with smart stay-tight pockets. They will stay secure even if you have to carry a lesser number of cards.

These wallets feature color-coding for an easy organization. You can store as many as 14 cards inside without making it look bulky.

There are hand-rolled edges on these wallets that reflect the excellent quality and dedication of the craftsmen. On top of that, they come with the money clip design that helps you look professional.

  • Made of supple full-grain leather
  • Contains two slots inside to provide quick access to cards
  • Comes with auto-retracting Wally Pull-Tabs

16. Mokzer Men’s Wallet

Mokzer Men’s Wallets for Men

If you are looking for a minimalist wallet to match your lifestyle, this can be a fine option. These slim wallets for men come with a lifetime warranty. They are so slim and little that it will be hard for you to feel their presence. In fact, these wallets can quickly replace all the bulky wallets of old.

You will feel comfortable as soon as you touch one of these wallets from Moser. The primary reason for that is its use of full-grain cowhide leather. Each of these wallets also represents years of RFID techniques.

  • Contain thumb holes that make it easy to pull out cards
  • Comprises of a detachable money clip
  • Made of oil wax processing to give it durability
  • Contains RFID barrier materials
  • Blocks out RFID signals as high as 13.56 MHz

15. YBONNE Minimalist Wallets for Men

YBONNE Minimalist Wallets for Men

YBONNE’s wallets are here to replace the bulky wallets. This wallet can make unpleasant wallet-in-pocket experiences disappear. It is a slim fit that takes sleekness to a completely new level. There are a number of tiny details on this wallet that makes it look cool.

“Identity theft is not a joke!!!” were the exact words of Dwight to Jim in “The Office”. These manufacturers feel the same way and they have decided to add some RFID blocking properties. There is a silver coating on these slim wallets for men that prevent cyber harassment. In addition, these wallets can prevent identity theft.

YBONNE’s wallets have a fantastic design that is meant to provide maximum satisfaction. Each of these wallets is made using crazy horse leather. This leather is responsible for giving the wallets a vintage look.

  • Comes with three quick-access pockets
  • Contains seven compartments for storing items easily
  • Can block frequency signals up to 13.56 MHz

14. Amazon Essentials Men’s Minimalist Wallet

Amazon Essentials Men’s Minimalist Wallet

A lot of brands are stepping up to the game and manufacturing RFID blocking wallets. Amazon Essentials competes with these brands by enhancing their wallet with RFID in-built lining. The primary job of this wallet is to block out radio frequencies. So, it insulates the owner from electronic pickpocketing.

All of these wallets contain a great size that fits into your pocket with ease. In addition, you will never have to worry about pocket bulging out with this wallet inside.

If you like the conventional look in wallets then this is a fine product for you. It is smooth and has been crafted with top quality substance. On top of that, the craftsmen pay a lot of attention to the details while making them. The outcome is a stylish looking wallet that represents your refined taste in materials.

  • Provides three card pockets and two slip pockets
  • Comes with an ID window
  • Made with 28% polyurethane and 36% polyester

13. Magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet

Magpul DAKA Everyday Wallets for Men

 Magpul offers a lot of functionality with these new slim wallets for men. This version of the wallet is an upgrade from its predecessors. It excels at providing that little extra space you need at any odd occasion.

If you like to maintain a low profile then this wallet can truly help with that. This wallet eradicates printing. On top of that, it is versatile because you use for every day carry and even travel with it.

Every Magpul wallet is made to withstand rough use. It contains a welded construction. As such, you will find everlasting impenetrable seals on them.

  • Offers an ID window
  • Stores between 3-7 cards with ease
  • Provides center divider pocket
  • Ideal for storing bills and notes
  • Made with a fortified polymer substance

12. Magpul DAKA Bi-fold Wallets for Men

Magpul DAKA Bi-fold Wallets for Men

This wallet from Magpul is made while paying respect to the original wallets. So, you are going to find traces of the original model while also maintaining the contemporary design. Magpuls’ wallet is made of polymer-infused substance and is super thin.

The design makes these wallets spacious. It is non-hygroscopic and contains rounded corners. So, it should be easy for you to access the items inside of your wallet.

  • Contains anti-slip texture to secure the wallet inside pockets
  • Comes with impenetrable seals
  • Made with RF-welded construction

11. Kinzd Slim Minimalist Wallets for Men

Kinzd Slim Minimalist Wallets for Men

Kinzd’s slim wallets for men are made with genuine leather. It is going to feel soft when you pick the wallet up. In addition, this wallet is breathable.

The wallet provides an opportunity to organize all of your cards in place. There is a clear finger glide as well for an ID window. It helps to draw the ID card out quickly when you need it most. These wallets come with a super slim design. The design makes it easier for you to slide the wallet inside the front or back pocket. It is great for storing credit cards, debit cards, and your driving license.

  • Comes with two functional card spots
  • Stores the thin business cards safely
  • Consists of RFID Blocking technology to block signals
  • Prevents cyber harassment

10. Montblanc Men’s Meisterstuck Wallet

Montblanc Men’s Meisterstuck Wallet

The name Montblanc itself represents the class. As for the wallet, it is made with smooth textured leather. It is the perfect option for a guy who likes to carry a high number of credit cards

These slim wallets for men arrive with flap closure. They have a standard design but, manage to stand out for the logo itself.

  • Offers up to six card slots
  • Contains two currency slots
  • Can be carried around for everyday use

9. RUNBOX Minimalist Slim Wallets for Men 

RUNBOX Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

RUNBOX’s slim wallets for men are feature-rich and help you look professional. The overall shape for this wallet is maintained by selecting refined cardboard from Japan. In addition, all of the wallets have super strong edges than can compete with international brands. Of course, there is a specific reason why the manufacturers have included strong edges.

Some manufacturers cut the edges off from the woven fabrics. It is done to create smooth edges. However, this makes the wallets easy to tear and cannot withstand rough use.

These slim wallets for men have been designed to be used for casual daily use. On top of that, the wallets are deceptively strong thanks to their design.

  • Contains thumb boles to draw out cards
  • Consists of special metal composites
  • Made with modern RFID security technology

8. Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallets for Men

Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet

Bellroy’s slim wallets for men are best for those who are looking to maintain a slim profile. These wallets have been made of eco-friendly leather and come with a three-year warranty. The Hide and Seek wallets are also well-known for their conventional looks. However, these wallets are just as popular for their existing aesthetics.

You can fit any international bill inside these wallets because of how they are designed. In fact, you can rely on the wallet to keep those bills crisp and good as new. The production process for these wallets includes a few smart tricks to slim them down.

  • Provides a secured compartment for business cards
  • Contains four fast access card openings
  • Provides a hidden coin pouch for storing extra cash
  • Offers RFID protection

7. Travelambo Genuine Leather Wallets for Men

Travelambo Genuine Leather Wallets for Men

Travelambo is a unique brand that produces slim wallets for men. While they normally use two different types of leather to produce wallets, this version uses Napa leather. The Napa leather is conventional and has been used for centuries to make wallets. This leather guarantees that the wallet is going to feel soft.

On top of that, you will hardly feel its presence inside the pocket since it’s so comfortable.

These wallets are handmade instead of machine production. They are made in this way for reducing the rate of leather getting stretch. The only part of the production process that uses the machine is when the wallets are being sewn.

  • Each slot fits two cards at a time
  • Contains nine card slots in total
  • Comes with bi-fold closure

6. Saddleback Leather Co. Wallet

Saddleback Leather Co. Wallet

Saddleback’s slim wallets for men are made with a piece of full-grain leather that is overlapped. The process continues with the leather being sewn on its sides. You can tale the wallet out on a formal night out. However, this wallet is also a fine product for a minimalist person.

As for the leather, it is quite thick. In fact, the leather feels a lot more heavy-duty than standard grade leather.

These wallets can withstand rough use and feature a simple sleeve design. On top of that, they will keep looking better with each use. In addition, the leather will become softer with age, getting supple.

  • Includes marine-grade polyester thread for stitching
  • The slot can stretch and hold as much as 12 cards
  • Contains zipper closure

5. VASA Midnight Vertical Wallets for Men

VASA Midnight Vertical Wallet

At first glance, VASA’s slim wallets for men will seem quite ordinary. However, you will be surprised by the number of details on this wallet upon close inspection. It is handcraft with full-grain leather by Spanish leather craftsmen.

VASA is also known for using RFID technology to provide the highest protection to your belongings.

You may find the design for this wallet to be unique given its external pocket. However, the pocket is more useful than it looks by saving your time to pull out any card.

  • Provides twelve internal slots
  • Contains a couple of ID windows
  • Obstructs signals and protects personal information
  • Maintains the conventional look

4. Saddleback Leather Co. Bifold Wallets for Men

Saddleback Leather Co. Bifold Wallet

As the name suggests, Saddleback’s slim wallets for men come with bifold closure. These wallets have been made with full-grain leather to make them durable. As such, they can withstand rough use. In fact, full-grain leather is much thicker than standard leather.

So, the more you use this wallet the softer its leather gets.

These wallets contain marine-grade polyester thread as part of the stitching process. In addition, there is pigskin leather involved in making the credit card sleeve.

  • Contains two slots each for vertical and horizontal sides
  • Comes with an additional pocket behind the card section
  • Resists salt water and UV rays

3. HOJ Co. SKULL Wallets for Men

HOJ Co. SKULL Wallet

HOJ CO.’s wallets contain bifold closure and have an embossed skull designed on the body itself. These slim wallets for men are good enough to carry the standard items such as some cards, and ID, etc.

The design allows you to carry it with a metal money clip. It takes on a vintage look and gets better with each use. On top of that, the wallet is going to develop a rich patina with the passage of time.

These wallets have a slim-card construction. As such, it will look good even when you use all of the eight slots in the wallet.

  • Made with full-grain leather
  • Contains three interior and exterior card slots each
  • Comes with a thumbhole cut-out to easily put out license

2. Trayvax Element Wallets for Men

20 Best Wallets for Men to Buy in 2020

Trayvax is a well-known brand that makes slim wallets for men. These wallets are made of top-grain oil-tanned leather. You will also be impressed with its rugged construction because it can withstand rough use. On top of that, these wallets have a connected money clip that fits as much as five folded bills.

The wallets comprise a slim design but they can pack quite a punch. In fact, it is so slim that you can fit it inside any pocket no matter how tight it is. The final look of these wallets resembles the conventional leather wallets. In addition, the stainless steel plate on its body makes the wallet look tougher.

  • Offers RFID protection
  • Can easily fit 3-10 card
  • Comes with a bottle opener
  • Provides an attachment point

1. HOJ Co. SKULL Men’s Leather Wallet

20 Best Wallets for Men to Buy in 2020

Jack’s Skull Bifold wallet represents the attitude and will definitely make you look cool. The wallet is handcraft and uses full-grain leather for the production process. When it comes to functionality there are few wallets that can compete with it. Of course, it has a Flip ID construction to increase the functionality.

The best part about these wallets is that no two wallets will ever look the same. Color shading accompanied by grain variance play a huge role in making every wallet look unique.

These slim wallets for men have been designed in a way that represents your hardcore persona. It is similar to other wallets of the brand because of the multi-card construction. So, you can use all ten card slots without having to worry about looking awkward.

  • Offers eight interior card slides
  • Provides thumbhole cut-out on the ID windows
  • Develops a rich patina with heavy use

If you treasure your new wallet, it will be really hard to let it go. So, you need to take good care of it, if you want it to last long.

How Can You Make Wallets Last Longer?

The secret to making a wallet last long is to maintain it. It is very common for wallets to go through wear and tear. This goes for all types of wallets no matter what leather you used. At one point in time, the wallet is going to show signs of being shoved.

There are many instances of wallets being bumped around with some other object. So, there is no need to suddenly feel down when your wallet looks torn. After all, there are many people who are not familiar with cleaning out wallets. In fact, a select few never seem to clean it at all.

According to experts, the cleaning and maintenance process lasts for a very short amount of time. So, here is your chance to give your favorite wallet a few extra years to live:

Maintain the Wallet for Preventing Damage

Since a wallet is so small, people don’t pay as much attention to cleaning it. In fact, everyone likes to clean their cars or refrigerators even more. The problem starts when you overstuff the wallet. It is the quickest route you can take to make the wallet look old and ruin it.

So, the very first thing you should do is, take out the old and useless receipts. After that, you should take the business cards that are never going to come in handy. If you do it once every 3-4 months then it can feel like a boring process.

You can instead go through the wallet periodically. In this way, there will be fewer old coupons and receipts to remove each time.

The next thing to avoid is sitting on a wallet. It does not matter if your peers do it because you absolutely should not. According to multiple experts, if you sit on a fat wallet, it can cause back pain.

If you place the wallet in your back pocket, that can spell disaster for you. In this case, the wallet sits exactly in the middle of the hip joint and sciatic nerve. This can create an impact by pinching of your sciatic nerve. With time, this pinching leads to hip pain.

On top of that, when you sit on your wallet, it starts to compromise the grain of its leather. As such, the wallet starts to distort.

If you are outside and traveling somewhere while it rains, the outcome is never good. Since a lot of people tend to put the wallet in their back pocket, it gets wet quickly. When they reach home, these people tend to leave the wallet open to dry. It is the biggest reason why wallets lose their shape.

If you ever come across this situation, get yourself a soft towel quickly. Now, you need to blot the wallet dry with this towel. After that, let the wallet air dry by keeping it in a closed stance. However, there are a few people who blowdry their wallets to speed up the process.

It is not a great idea to blowdry wallets or even apply heat to them. The problem with that is it forms moisture on the leather. After that, the moisture causes mold or mildew to form on wallets.

There is another common mistake that you need to avoid: keeping the wallet under sunlight. When you place it directly under sunlight, the leather starts fading. In short, the wallet looks bad.

Clean the Wallet

Cleaning your valuable items is a healthy habit to have. So, you need to take up a damp cloth and clean the wallet on a weekly basis. It is natural for dust, dirt, and lint to form on wallets if you don’t clean it regularly. There will probably be times when you will need to put in extra effort to clean the wallet.

When the time comes, you should buy a proper leather cleaner. There are these cleaners that are suitable for cleaning standard cowhide. However, you should test the leather cleaner at first. You can take the cleaner and wipe the inside of your wallet with it.

This is a very small part of the wallet. So, if there is an error in the cleaner, then your wallet will not show it to the public. In the case of exotic leather wallets, it is actually best not to use this standard cleaner. There are other cleaning products that you can use for the occasion.

As for standard wallets, you can still use the usual leather cleaner with ease. You need to start the cleaning process by using a tiny amount of leather cleaner on the clean cloth. Now, rub the cloth along the surface of the wallet in a gentle manner. In most cases, it is enough to clean all the dust and dirt away.

However, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of cleaning tough stains. Now, if you finished cleaning the whole surface, rub the leather cleaner off. You have to use a dry cloth for that.

Conditioning the Wallet

When you use a cleaning product on your skin, it removes the dirt and grime. However, it can also eliminate the natural oils from the skin. This very same situation develops when you use a cleaning product on the wallet. While you can recover the moisture on your skin, the same can’t be said for leather wallets.

The only way out of this situation is to buy a leather conditioner. You will have to use the conditioner right after you apply the leather cleaner. If the conditioner is of good quality then it will be able to restore the important moisture of the wallet. After all, the moisture is necessary to keep a wallet supple.

Now, you think it is a good idea to apply the conditioner right away. However, in practice that actually is bad. So, you will need to test the conditioner in the same way that you did with the leather cleaner. Once you have taken the mandatory test, it is time to use the conditioner with a clean cloth.

You have to let the wallet soak in for nearly five minutes. When the five minutes come to an end, you should buff the conditioner away using a dry cloth. If you thoroughly clean the wallet twice a year at the very least then you can prolong its life.

When you decide to buy a wallet, your mind may be filled with a few common questions. It is best to have these questions answered beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, wallets have become more reliable with the inclusion of new features. With that said, the wallets on this list should be able to satisfy all your needs.


  1. Is my credit card going to be safe?

Ans: If the magnetic straps do not come in touch then your credit cards will be fine. There is no problem with stacking up credit cards. After all, they will not demagnetize. However, it will be troublesome if the cards are reversed somehow.

In this case, there is always a chance that the magnetic strips end up touching. So, you have to make sure that the cards do not get reversed.

  1. Why are some wallets more expensive than others?

Ans: The quality of materials being used to make wallets decide the price. On top of that, brand value plays a huge role in determining the price as well.

  1. Why do cheap wallets perish quickly?

Ans: There is nothing wrong with using a cheap wallet. However, as they are machine-made, it makes them less durable when you compare them to handcrafted wallets.

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